University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I loved how non-traditional it was. It may not be incredibly renowned for its theatre department, but I learned far more about theatre in the real world than you will at most other institutions. I learned about how to get grant money, how to pull a project off out of thin air, perseverance, and about being a part of something so much larger than yourself. It's not just about who is the better performer, it's about who is a harder worker and will actually succeed where many others fail.


When I tell my friends about my school I boast most about a few things. I brag about how close the mountains are and how gorgeous the view of them is. I brag about our diversity on campus and the fact that it is located downtown; there's lots to do in downtown Denver. I talk about How great some of their programs are and the availability of classes.


When I tell my friends about my school, I usually brag about the location and how commuting to and from all of the classes is so easy. Being downtown in the city limits and being able to walk anywhere that you need to get is great. Also being able to walk to classes that are all right there on campus is convenient. I love being able to leave one class and not have to be rushed to make it to my next class because it is just a few buildings away from my last class.


The success of the school and how difficult it can be at times. It really prepares you for the real world and graduate school as well.


Our great Ethnic Studies department!


When I brag to my friends about my school, I usually mention how great my professors are. I think they are very undervalued. A lot of students at my school aren't very academically-minded and complain about workloads or strictness, but the professors are top-notch! They are all very friendly, accessible, and helpful. I'm so glad that it's so easy for me to get in touch with my teachers.


The location of the school is convenient and beautiful. You can ride the bus wherever you need to go, or simply walk. You are located in the center of Denver so it makes it easy to go places. Also, the campus is beautiful and the counselors and teachers are extremely helpful.


I brag about how The University of Colorado Denver is widely known for having one of the best research facilities in the country. The college is also known for being heavily connected to the medical school located in Denver, Colorado called the Anschutz Medical Campus.


the thing i brag about most when i tell my friends abouot my school is the diversity and comfortability of UCD


I tell them about what I acomplished in my department (Art). This year I won a compitition for a scene in a play. We built the props in a 3D animation program and it was displayed in a play in a planitarium. This had been the frist time that this has been done in the world. The props where scenes in this dome shaped room where it was projected through six seperate projectors. The scences had to be formated and spliced to fit this venue. The whole process was awsome and inovative.


I brag about the opportunites given at my school. The Career Center provides a great deal of information about jobs and internships, and the Financial Aid office makes it easy to get any student the funding they need for a proper education.


We're right in the heart of downtown. You can meet study groups in interesting places instead of just the library. You can dine and study somewhere other than the cafeteria.


It is among the ten best Nursing Schools in the country.


The location is amazing. It is in downtown Denver and so centrally located. I can walk to downtown from my campus!


I brag most about the metropolitan setting that the University of Colorado Denver is in.


I tell my friends that the professors here are nice and the campus is fun to be on.


The University is centrally-located in downtown Denver; the public transportation accessibility is phenomenal. Every professor I have had, genuinely cares about the welfare of each student, and hopes they will succeed in life. The campus is nice, and the available technology is top-notch. The cost of attending school is appropriate; I'm glad to say that I will receive my degree from this school.


There were three schools on campus, so much diversity, in the middle of downtown denver