University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


That the students here aren't as studious and don't care as much about their education. This is not accurate, in fact, I've found that students at UCD are very intelligent and the professors, in my opinion are extremely prestigious.


Honestly, there are so many different types of people at UCD, there aren't any stereotypes. We a major "salad bowl." We have lots of students from the Middle East, students from mountain towns, students from the city, students from Europe, southern USA, etc. Most of our campus is commuter, so you are a minority if you live on campus. There isn't a whole lot of school pride since there are 3 universities on one campus.


Most students at CU Denver seem to be independent thinkers and proponents of environmental conservation. Is this stereotype accurate? I hope so. I've attended freshmen- to junior-level classes covering philosophy, political science, sociology, creative writing, and music in the last two terms. I'm impressed by the intelligence and the independent, creative thought of the students at CU Denver.


There is no true stereotype as the college is extremely diverse compared to a lot of colleges student populations I have dealt with. However, due to the fact that the UC Denver campus is shared with Metro State and Community College of Denver there is some stereotype towards people of those schools being part of a 'lesser' college even though some classes are pooled together of students attending each of these colleges. This is no true as a similar education and experience is given by each one.


I think the stereotype is that of an inner city, less than scholastically capable individual. This is not at all true. Our student population is brilliant and diverse, from all backgrounds and social groups. Our school is welcoming and accepting with an awesome community orientation.