University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


As far as the theatre department goes, those who are of the "diva" mentality, or "primadonnas" should avoid this school. It's not glitz and glamor. There is hard work involved and you are expected to learn about ALL aspects of the theatre world, not just performance. You are required to be behind the scenes in at least one area, which I think is invaluable experience. But if you are not interested in learning about how to support yourself in theatre altogether, which means cross-discipline work, then this is not the place for you.


Someone who wants the experience of living in a tightknit college town. Someone who'd rather live on campus than commute in.


Anyone who doesn't like diversity should not join this school, as well as anyone who doesn't like fast paced atmospheres.


The application process for the University of Colorado College of Nursing is extremely competitive. Anyone who is not sure that nursing is their desired profession or anyone who does not have a solid academic background may wish to look elsewhere.


People who are committed to learning and want to make new friends. Its a diverse campus so everyone who attends this school fits in one way or the other. The school spirit is strong so you will feel like you belong. The teachers really care about the students and as long as they want help the teachers will be willing to help.


A non - existent person is the only possible candidate to not be part of the University of Colorado at Denver. Every person of any possible kind is highly welcomed and strongly appreciated here with us.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school includes an individual who is lazy and unwilling to work hard in order to create a great future.


Someone who is looking for a party school or whom doesn't enjoy cold weather.


Someone who is looking for a quieter smaller school, this school shares a campus with two other colleges, so there are very many students on campus. Someone who isn't very accepting on diversity, this school is extremely diverse. Someone who is not academically focused, in order to suceed you must be able to push yourself and put in the effort to get far. Someone who is not independent.


A person that expects the 'traditional' college experiance


A person who is closed minded.


You shouldn't attend this school if you are looking for somewhere to party. This is not a party school. It is a focused school.


There is no one that should feel that they are unable to attend this school. The only exception is people who are uninterested in trying the best they can and ultimately wasting spots for students who want to be in school.


Someone who would like a "classic" college experience. This is a commuter campus, most students are also working while attending school, and are supporting themselves. Those who want a frat-party 4 years will not find that here. There is not too much socializing on campus, many students come just for class then leave.


I think my school is open to all types of people no matter what gender, race, personality type, etc.


Someone who takes academices very seriously. Also, someone who is looking for strong alumni connections to help them after college. Students who are looking for a "classic" college experience, this is a commuter school with little community. People come to school, then leave right after class. Not easy to make friends/connections. Not for students who want to live in a college town, school right next to downtown Denver. Not for college sports fans, not large stadiums or interest in spots programs. Not for students who want small class size, campus is overcrowded.