University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The lack of food variety.


Parking has to be the most frustrating aspect of campus. Parking can range from $2–$10 depending on how close you are to downtown. This is a price point that hits students hardest, especially commuter students. Most students commute to work as housing is expensive, only to face the unfairness of parking and its prices. With more buildings set to be constructed on campus and the elimination of current lots, it will be interesting to see if management has any potential solutions for this issue.




Honestly I haven't found anything frustrating yet.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost, although the school is great the cost of attendance is really high and i can't really afford it.


One of the most frustrating things about my school is that we have three schools in the same area, so we are not connected as a school. A lot of people live off campus, because to live in the small campus dorms costs a lot of money, and we have no sports teams. So I do not feel connected to the people around me; I feel like I am alone.


There is nothing that I can think of that is the most frustrating about my school. The academics, activities, clubs, facutly, and students are perfect the way that it is currently. The academics are rigorous and and very challenging. The activities and clubs help students to participate, socialize, and engage in academic opportunities. The faculty are very professional and help their students to do the best that they can do so they can not only succeed in the future, but also to also have an impact on other people's lives.


Clinical placements are very unpredictable. What you choose is not what you get.


The only frustrating thing is how the professors handle their grades sometimes. Some professors take too long to grade things and then you are uncertain about your grade in the class throughout the semester. Some professors do not have a definitive grade to give you, which also makes you uncertain about your grade in the class throughout the semester. But that is the only frustrating thing about my school.


The division between areas of study is very aggravating. I only ever met nursing students, and in situations where mingling could occur, everyone remained fairly well segregated. This limits social interaction, as well as cohesiveness and possibilities for developing a strong community.


The most frustrating thing at this school is the inability of most of the teachers to actually teach; they rather push liberal thought down peoples throat while they punish and ridicule students who have a any type of independent thought that crosses the conservative spectrum.


The lack of explanation to what classes need to be taken for a major and the lack of explanation of what needs to be done to get financial aid in time


The lack of school housing but beyond that nothing.


The expensive housing in the LoDo area!


I definitely feel that the availability issues for some required courses is the most frustrating aspect at this school.