University of Connecticut-Stamford Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is a white concrete and glass creation filled with students of all different backgrounds and speaking all different languages.


UConn Stamford has a very diverse faculty and student body, and focuses on different cultures which allows every single person who walks through the doors feel welcomed.


UConn Stamford offers quality education, small class sizes, and professors who want to see their students excel.


My school works great with every student who needs assistance on any question that you may have, there are professers that are willing to help you out if you may need it and it's great recieving induviual help when needed.


The University of Connecticut - Stamford Connecticut Campus is a regional campus and it tries its best to provide the same opportunities that the main campus would provide.


An environment and university intended to better the future of those enrolled by sharing knowledge between students and teachers.


Diverse opportunities you won't find anywhere else


Wonderful school that allows you to be yourself and takes you where you want to go in life.


This school is should be called the University of Stamford, rather than a UCONN branch.


People are very focused on school and work making them very hard workers.