University of Connecticut-Stamford Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Technology is everywhere, in the classrooms, library, and overall. The classrooms are small, my largest class was of about 35 people. Husky CT tells me HW, allows me to view resources needed for the class, and my grades. My school is in the middle of the city of Stamford, so everything that I need and like is close, like the Ferguson Library and the mall. There is only one building, its new, comfortable, & pretty. This helps in the winter for I don't have to walk in the cold.


How easy it is to balance with work and personal life


Small classrooms. Great teachers. Flexibility offered through wide range of class scheduling. Good communication process, even for part-time folk like me. Good online course offerings.


The quality that UCONN offers. Not only does the University have renowned programs of study (i.e. Dental School), it also gives students the ability (and flexibility) to choose their career paths with a great degree of precision. The University focuses on developing students to help them reach their greatest potential. My personal friend studied biomedical engineer at UCONN and flourished so much that he earned himself a scholarship for graduate studies at Columbia. This is only one of the many more success stories that complement reputation of the University. Having a great basketball team doesn't hurt either.


The Student Government Association has completely opened my eyes to what a commuter campus can be like. From getting involved with activities on and off campus to meeting new people of all ages and majors, I know my college experience would not be the same had I not gotten involved with the organization. It has given me a sense of leadership, responsibility, and respect (for both myself and others). The SGA has helped me adjust to college life from high school life, and I find myself excited to go to school, every day.


I have the best of both worlds, I get smaller classes with one on one opportunities with professors and i am still attending a great universtity. I am recieving a great education for a great price. I truly enjoy all of my professors.