University of Connecticut-Stamford Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Responsible. active, knowing what he/she wants to do in the future.


A person who can and wants to complete their academic career in Stamford. Storrs is very big, far away from urban life, and surrounded by cows & fields. A person who likes city life, a small school, and doesn't care to be snowed in most of the time, should attend my school. New York City is just 45 minutes away and Stamford is a lively city as well. Also people who have a place to live in Stamford or can pay housing should attend UCONN Stamford.


UConn is totally diverse. You'll get the most out of your education there, if you are hard-working, if you are willing to go out of your way and take advantage of everything this school has to offer from student resources (library, computer lab, etc.) to the excellent counselors' advice.


I think that anyone could fit in at UConn because there is such diversity. There will always be a class or a club or some other form of extra-curricular activity for everyone; all you need to do is put yourself out there. UConn is definitely a place for outgoing people, but I think that UConn is very accepting of differences, and does not make anyone feel unwanted. I would recommend anyone to apply to UConn, because as I mentioned, there really is something for everyone.


Anyone who wants to pursue his/her bachelor, masters, etc.


A person who enjoys smaller class sizes with more personal attention from teachers should definitely attend the University of Connecticut, Stamford branch. Not only are you able to establish a one-on-one relationship from each and every professor, but you also find a tighter web of peer help to branch out to. At UConn Stamford, you're not just another name on a paper. The faculty and staff truely care about you, so it would be ideal for someone who gets easily overwhelmed in larger settings.


An ambitious, educated, eager student that has goals and is friendly. Someone who will take advantage of the ability to know and ask for help from your professors.


If you are looking for a school that is not too small, but not to large - in addition to being in an area where this is stuff to do outside of campus - this would be the school to go to. There are small class sizes and excellent teachers to assist students with whatever goals they desire to complete.


Any kind of people no matter race or gender but with inspirations of having a better future and giving 110% to education is welcome. Since its a regional campus we have small classes which helps to have more interaction with professors and get the help needed to persue your degree. its a very friendly environment among students,faculty, staff and meet new corporations and instutions. NO matter if your shy or have dissabilities this college welcomes everyone.