University of Connecticut-Stamford Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you like a big school, just being in a big crowd of people and also living on campus then I don't suggest this school for you, there are apartments in the area however.


A student who would prefer living on campus rather than commuting. A person who is not dedicated in thier studies, or irresponsible when it comes to assignment deadlines.


People should not attend this school if they don't have a strong work ethic, good study habits, and time management skills. These are three of the keys to succeeding at this campus. Without these basic skills one may find it hard to do well in this school academically. The most important thing for one is to stay focused and not let their evnironment get to them. Just because we are located in an urban area doesn't mean that you have to go out all the time. You need to sit down and do work.


A person who wants to live on campus at a school. Although there are many social aspects here there is no housing. So a person who needs or wants to live on campus should not attend this school.


People who dont like to be around a group of very diverse individuals


The Stamford Campus is a small campus located in urban city in CT. Most of the students live off campus and work full time jobs. This campus is not the not for the student who is looking for real college experience. Most of the students are career-oriented and take advantage of the internship opportunities available in Stamford and the proximity to the New York City. Student who looking for large campus with a lot of extracurricular activities will like Storrs campus better. Living in Stamford area requires student to be fast paced, mature and independent.


If you want to get the real college experience of living in a dorm and going to parties and joining a lot of clubs, then you should not go to this school because there is none of that. They do not offer housing and there are never any parties and the selection of clubs is awful. People do not want to do anything on the campus. Also, the level of education is not good at all. The teachers seem second rate and do not care how well they teach the courses at all.