University of Connecticut Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Only two people from my high school got into this school so it was a pretty big deal. I think it's best known for being hard to get into, and a great place to go. They are also known for focusing on SAT scores a lot. You can have a great GPA but SAT scores get you in here. This was my reach school so once I got accepted, I felt so honored.


Definitely strong school spirit and of course sports, especially basketball. The school used to be much more of a party school, however, this has become more controlled. My school is great at preparing the students for their future careers and also great with internships and graduate programs.


Women's basketball


UConn is best known for its diverse student population and sports activites. Basketball and Football are the major sports that recieve a lot of attention from people outside of UConn.


The University of Connecticut has an extremely wide variety of well-respected majors as well as an array of very competitive athletics. Many of the colleges and programs at the university are very challenging and produce very well studied, and respected graduates. At the same time the the academics are outstanding, the university also breeds some of the most amazing athletes, as well as a awesome amount of school spirit.


My favorite campus tradition is the simple UConn chant. Everyone knows the UConn chant (they teach it at freshman orientation) and it's not uncommon at all to hear people yelling it whenever spirits are high. Whether you'e at a bar watching the game, walking across campus, or just somewhere with a lot of Huskies, unrelated to athletics, you know what to do when someone starts, "UCONNNNNNNNN...."


UConn Basketball! Go Huskies!


I would say our school is best known for its enginneering and business programs. Aside from the academic standpoint, notice I said "our" instead if "my school", which hints that it is a very sprited school, where students, although many unacquainted, cheer as one with Husky pride. The students are extremely loyal to the university and proud to be Uconn Huskies!


UConn is best known for its school spirit, rigorous academic load, and the sucess of its athletic programs. Since coming to UConn in 2008, I have witnessed THREE national championships in basketball, several big east championships in basketball, soccer, baseball, and football, and numerous other athletic achievements. UConn also continues to improve its academic rank year after year.


My school is best known for their athletics programs, division 1 boys and girls basketball teams, and partying. That's about it.


Going to basketball games, or events at Jorgensen.


The school is best known for its sports orienetation. The UConn Basketball team is one of the best teams in the nation. The students provide a great deal of school spirirt, as well as other sports such as soccer, football, etc. Also, students easily have access to the games and it can be affordable, even on a college student's budget. The games make you feel involved, part of a community, fill you up with excitement, and make you feel proud to be a part of the school. Even if you aren't into sports, you really get into it!


After my first year as a Husky, it has become extremely clear that my school is best known for its amazing sports teams. This year I was blessed enough to be able to attend the BCS Fiesta Bowl with the UCONN Marching Band for a halftime performance. It was a phenomenal experience and one all true Husky fans will remember forever. Also, with the help of Kemba Walker, everyone tuned in this winter to see the Men's team win the National Championship. UCONN is much more than a stellar sports' school; however, it makes student life extremely exciting.


Is best known for its men's and women's basketball team and its party environment.


To most outsiders it seems to be a party school, which can be the case. There isn't much to do around, especially with not being able to have your car until Junior year. Therefore, many individuals do go out an party on the weekend. Academically UConn is definitely know for its sciences. As a Biology major, this school is excellent in what it can provide for me.


At this time U-Conn is best known for its sports programs because of the nationwide attention and notoriety the championships have brought them.


Without a doubt, we are best known for our basketball, both women's and men's teams. However, academically, our Neag School of Education and our Kinesiology department are nationally ranked.


Very well rounded


Spring Weekend!! Also for being the top university in New England


School spirit, great academics, large exciting campus with great resources.


Well as a divison 1 school Uconn is known for its sports and its national championships in basketball. However, the best aspect is that Uconn is known as the top public university in New England. That title alone illstruates greatness! Uconn is also very affordable and has a wonderful campus. It is also known for the different on campus activites and majors to choose from. f Uconn doesnt have the major you want we are allowed to create a mean one. I like that aspect because it allows people to explore the areas that interest them the best.


The University of Connecticut is best known for basketball. Ask anyone of any age, and chances are they associate UConn with it's championsip Men's and Women's basketball teams and charismatic coaches, Jim Calhoun and Geno Auriemma. As a member of the Basketball pep band it has been an amazing experience to be part of the world of UConn basketball.


UConn is best known for its athletics and academics. The women's basketball team was the 2009 NCAA champion with an undefeated season. They are so far undefeated in the current season. The men's basketball team went to the 2009 NCAA final four. This sport is just one among others that do very well in at UConn. The University of Connecticut is also known for its academics. Many of the schools, like Business and Education, are very competitive to get into and most students to very well academically here.


My school is known for the very good women's and men's basketball programs as well as for being located in the middle of farmville.


My school is best known for its sports team, the UConn Huskies who have won numerous basketball championships. UConn is also well known for its agricultural programs.






sports and research mainly, but also unfortunately partying. i would like for the school to begin to pull away from this reputation, as i am not a drinker at all and many of my friends dont drink either. dont be dissuaded from attending if you think uconn is a 'party school' and you arent a partier, it isnt only about that and lots of people here think that partying is a waste of time just like i do and you might.


UCONN used to be known for it's drinking and parties, but the school has really cleaned up and is becoming more student centered with respect to activities and programs. It's also best known for it's basketball program.


My school is best known for its sports programs, it's amazing research facilities and faculty, and its unbelievable school spirit.


I used to think my school was best known for its strong sports programs like the Men's and Women's basketball teams. However, since I've been here, I've learned that most of the professors here are experts in their field of study and have written or contributed to most of the textbooks that we use here, and other students use at other universities. I now believe UConn is one of the best research universities in the country. I think that UConn should absolutely be recognized for its academic excellence as well as their elite athletics.


Uconn is best known for its atheletics (mainly basketball and football) and also for its great size and population. In every season there are atheletic events to attend. And at these events one finds themself surrounded by many extremely high spirited fans and supporters. It is a wonderful enviornment to be in. The size of the campus is also remarkable. Something that at first repelled me, but shortly after my freshman year began, I understood that this greater size/population is a valuable resource. Along with high numbers of pople comes many oppertunities and perspectives.




Basketball, and now football. And unfortunately Spring weekend. But I guess you could say that our all-around spirit of fun is what makes us unique. But don't get me wrong, UConn has many very prestigious academic programs, like our science programs, our business program, and our school of education. The school is also research-based, so the proffessors really are experts in their fields. Most of them have made major breakthroughs in their areas of study.


Sportswise the school is best known for its mens and womens basketball. Academically it has an excelent business school and the school of ag is suppost to be one of the best.


We are best known for our championship basketball team.


UCONN is best known for its sports, particularly basketball, its agriculutural department, and its emphasis on research.


My school is best known for their student involvement, school spirit, challenging acedemics, and student diversity.


Our great sports teams, unfortunate weather, and of course parties.


UCONN is probably known best for its men's and women's basketball programs. They have won many national chapionships and have top notch coaches. Its allowed funding and exposure to flow through the school, including into the football team, which is making a splash nationally.




Outside of Connecticut it is probably best known for basketball, but withen CT its best known for being the best public university in New England.


partying and varsity sports


Uconn is best know for sports. We have a great women?s basketball team and sometimes our men?s team is good. Our soccer team was number one in America for a while and our football team is climbing up there too.


Sports-especially basketball!