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It's huge but that's what makes it so great. There are all different types of people here so you will find a crowd. The best part is, you won't even have just one crowd. College is about different groups of people coming together. You can be friends with all types of people.


I believe everyone at UCONN is genuie and down to earth, they truely want to succeed and further their education. The professors want everyone to reach their potential and then more. The people I have met here are some of the most motivated and dedicated students. I wanted a school where everyone had the same values as me: to work hard and succeed. I found that here at UCONN.


The school has strong connections with the industries of the state.


The University of Connecticut is unique in various ways. The amophere is like no other, with the amount of pride that surrounds the campus. I feel that everyone is proud to say that they are a UCONN Husky. With the title of a Husky, you carry the values of the univeristy which includes commitment to excellence, ethical action, and inclusiveness. The phrase "Students today, Huskies forever" is one that we as students will always carry with us.


As a freshman from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, I transferred to University of Connecticut as an incoming sophomore. I left a prestigious, small, private engineering collge for a large public research university. The transfer was the right move for my personality. If you enjoy a challenging curriculum, coupled with a vibrant campus life, UConn will be a good fit for you. UConn offers a wide diversity of curriculums if you are undecided about career choice. In addition, if you are a sports enthusist, UConn has varsity and club sports for everything you could possibly imagine. I will never be bored here.


Everything I could need or want is here on campus. For example, UCONN boasts the Jorgensen (and award winning theater). I gte to listen to live classical music there for free. The dining facilities are well stocked, and there are buses to take you to any corner of the campus you desire.


There are so many opportunities that many schools do not possess from the varity of majors to the many extra curricular activites. This leads to the diverse student population. It's great to be so diverse because you are able to meet so many different kinds of people and hear their views on life.


The teachers and most TA's are great, and very hands-on. If you take the time to visit them during office hours, they will help. If you make your case, most can work around their schedules to help students. Teachers will also recommend internships and jobs if they see that you're a dedicated worker. Internship opportunities, especially for engineering majors, are abundant, and there are oppertunities to talk to grad students on campus to find out whether or not a major is for you.


Being a public school it is relatively cheap compared to other schools in the state. Though I would have preferred to attend a school with better academic merits, the Univeristy of Connecticut is an adequate school because it is cheaper.


The University of Connecticut offered a sense of community and a sense of pride that I didnt see in the other schools that I applied. People all round you are willing to help, answer questions, or just hold the door for you into a building. The professors are some of the most approachable that I have seen in an institution like this. Even in my freshman year I have multiple close relationships with professors that allow me to ask advice, gain help, and have a more personal experience in such a large school.


Despite the campus surroundings, there is so much to do on campus, and you have virtually no reason to leave! It is very convienient and student-oriented. No one could ever feel out of place, because the school is so diverse! It provides for a very comfortable and balanced learning enviroment, and social life.


The advantage to studinig at the university of connecticut is the fact that I have the oppertunity to attend the best public school in Connecticut and attain multiple degrees in a four-five year span.


The thing that is most unique about the University of Connecticut compared to the other schools I applied to was the vast amout of professional programs offered. Also, there was a large majority of major and minor options to discover and consider.


I know I'll be able to get a good job and get into good grad schools coming from UConn.


I have to admit that I applied to UConn because it wasn't exactly unique: it was a large, out-of-state school with great sports teams and a wide range of academic offerings. UConn's rural location is a bit unique, but we're really close to NYC and Boston, and there are tons of ways to get off campus. Everyone can find their niche at UConn, both academically and socially. Plus our mascot is adorable yet fierce.


I did not consider others


The environment at this school is one that had a great influence on my decision in coming here. The people at this school create a welcoming environment and you can truly see the Husky pride in each and every one of them. Everyone sports their UCONN gear all year round and are full of pride in their school when it comes to their sports games. Everyone is supportive of the sports that they have here and it is exciting to see them show off this support and pride at the games.


Again, I would say the animal facilities. I know of few other schools with as many animals as we have. As I stated above our research and teaching uses of the animals really helps learning.


They had a variety of majors and it was located in a rural setting.


The school is very big yet you are able to find people in the major and other areas around campus that have a lot of school pride and are very friendly.


UConn stands out from the other school I considered in its quality of education and dedication to the students. UConn is ranked, deservedly, as the top public university in the Northeast. The university staff and students help contribute to important research and to answer questions with far-reaching consequences. At the same time, the student experience is not left behind. UConn essentially is the city of Storrs, Connecticut; there's not much else. But UConn goes a long way toward making the living, dining, entertainment, and financial situations as favorable as possible to its students. I regret nothing.


We have so much school spirit its almost too much. the unity amongst students is amazing. the uconn student body is a family, and i cant say that goes for a lot of other schools as much as ours


It's close to home and a good value.


This school was very close to home. It was also a great value for the money that I am paying. I received some scholarships and financial aid and I've also been able to pay about half of it out of pocket so that I don't rack up a mountain of student loans when I graduate.


It was a perfect balance. The only thing that was affected was my involvement in sports but I can join club sports or intramurals which i plan on doing. The school is not too big nor too small. I like the class sizes. I can pick which classes I rather be known by the professor or not. As long as you do well in your classes, better housing pick is guarenteed. There are a lot of opportunities for those who search. I love the environment there although the work load, depending on your major and learning style, can be challenging.


It was a full college experience. Storrs in a small rural town that is made up mostly of the thousands of students who attend U-Conn. The college experience there was more than just college classes you were surrounded by peripheral activity making it a complete college experience. There is huskies sports teams, theater, music and other enrichment/entertainment that made my college experience fun and helped me to be successful.


I only applied to UConn and never seriously considered applyin to other schools.


It gives great financial aid--that was very important to me when I chose a school. And I got more financial aid experience than I ever expected--I work in the UConn Office of Student Financial Aid Services, and I love it! Also, the diversity is impressive. And not just racial diversity, though it is there, but diversity in terms of everything that is available to me here. There are people of every background, classes for any interest, and a club for everyone! The opportunities are diverse too--UConn makes it easier to find a job, research position, or internship.


It's big, has courses fit for my major, great food, great gym, overall good student body and campus.


It was closest to home


UConn offers a 5 year master program in Education, and the Special Education program is nationally ranked.


UConn is very school spirited. I didn't come across any other schools in my search that was as involved and excited about school, the campus, and especially the sports, than this one. It is a lot of fun to attend a sporting event and know that thousands of other people are cheering on the team and want nothing more than a victory that night. It is impossible to walk around campus on any given day and not pass tons of people sporting UConn apparel. It really is one, big community that sticks together through everything.


The size of the university allows for many options of activities and clubs to join. There are so many different things for people to do, from cultural groups, sports clubs and sororities and fraternaties. There is always something to do, and always someone new to meet. The university cares very much school spirit, and the students are proud to be Huskies. During sporting events, mostly everyone on campus joins in cheering and supporting their team.


UConn is extremely full of school spirit, everyone wants to be a Husky! Our basketball teams and other sports teams are seen on ESPN and other sport stations.


One of the great things about the University of Connecticut is that one can apply as an undecided major. In contrast, some of the other schools I considered require applicants to declare a major at the time they apply to the school. I am very fortunate that the University of Connecticut allows applicants to apply as undecided majors becasue I honestly have no idea what I want to major in at this point. Moreover, the University of Connnecticut offers more majors to choose from than the schools I considered. Finally, UConn is ranked the best public university in New England.


It is isolated from everything else; it is a town of its own. That is, nothing but farms and open land surround my school. There is not much to do around campus besides party on the weekends if you have no car on campus.


UCONN has one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. You can find just about everything you need right here on campus. The campus is like it's own town. UCONN has the best Women's college basketball team and a really good men's basketball team.


My school is unique in that you can do almost anything you want to do. You can do research; extracurriculars; independent studies; and pursue a dream that doesn't even exist at this time. There is support for whatever you want to do.


I didn't consider any other school. I knew I wanted to go to UCONN and I loved it.


it is bigger and has a good reputation


UCONN is such a large school, so it is extremely easy to interact with a very diverse group of people; different ethnicities, work-motivated, personalities, what they do in their free time and extra curricular activities, among many other things. One thing I can say, that can't be said about other schools, is that one can't generalize a student at UCONN. Also, all of the sports programs and the diversity of activities on campus brings a sense of pride to the campus, everyone is very proud and honored to attend the university.


There is a surprising number of opportunities to work with horses. These opportunities include studying horses in class, joining a horse-related club, learning to ride or getting a job at the barn. The University does an excellent job at accommodating everyone ranging from beginner to experienced. Traditional riding disciplines are taught, such as English and Western, but UConn also offers lessons in Dressage, Saddle Seat, Polo, Driving and even Vaulting.


My school is unique because it caters to everyone's needs. Even though w are all very diverse we all feel at home.


Since Uconn is a school that is seemingly it's own town, we develop a great sense of community unlike any other school I visited. It is as if someone thought it'd be a great experiment to just drop a city full of college aged people into the middle of nowhere and watch how theyd live. We have our own little world and a great deal of school spirit. Not to mention we make our ice cream since we began as an agricultural school in 1881 and have continued the tradition ever since.


University of Connecticut is unique because it is a huge school with a wide variety of students and backgrounds. There is virtually every major possible and the ability to take classes that interest you but do not necessarily attain to your major is always guaranteed.


The University of Connecticut interested me because every student was excited to go there. Everyone had found a home in the school. When I arrived on campus for a visit, something told me that this school could also be my home. Going to college is what you make of it. I'm already about to become a junior and I can still remember freshman orientation like it was yesterday. This school puts in an effort to make you feel welcomed.


I did not consider any other schools


The school spirit is intense and everyone is friendly.


it's very diverse and there are many opportunites on campus.


I think that University Of Connecticut is unique , beacause as a child I watched Husky sports faithfully and have always dreamed og become a HUsky student. I considered 2 other colleges in Connecticut so that I can be close to home and work so I can help my parents with the expenses of college. My parents are unable to afford to send me to college but we just take a semester at a time and try not to obtain too mant loans because we have to then worry about paying them back in the end.