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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes, they are all right on.


Yes. At least in my day, the University's mission was to supply state industry with engineers (United Tech, Electric Boat, Perkin Elmer), insurance professionals, nurses and farmers. I actually view this as the correct mission.


somewhat. there are actually alot of cats from log island and jersey


it depends on who you are/what you do- if you belong to a frat or sororitiy you probably have pretty consistent nice parties




It has probably become only about half true lately. Within the last three years, there has been much more enforcement towards underage drinking and overly large parties. We still love to party here, but we're just more careful about it.


1. Yes. Most people seem to drink a bit. 2. No. 3. Some definitely are, some definitely aren't. 4. Quite a few do by the time they graduate, or at least fall out of shape. 5. Some people totally hate it, but really, it's not too terrible. You learn how to be a more discriminatory eater to avoid food poisoning. It also depends on the dining hall. 6. Yes, and it's pretty overwhelming. 7. Yes. There's a Walmart and a couple restaurants you can walk to. But most of your life will be on campus, unless you leave for the weekend. 8. No.


this is not entirely true although every weekend there is quite a bit of partying and spring weekend is, well, spring weekend


Every student does not drink & party every day & go overboard. Every school is a party because they all have parties on campus that have alcohol & drugs, but because UCONN is a bigger campus it seems like we top all other schools. Many students study & try to achieve their best because they learn when its time to have fun & party & when they should calm down & study. There is not a large community of minorities on campus but each year the school tries to reach out to us & offer more culturally diverse events on campus.


No because I know lots of people who are from all over the country and even the world. Also, while the school may be located in a rural area, there are enough people to make up a big town. There is plenty of things to do and it is not far from the mall.


for the most part, yes


Yes and no, but in reality, all school's are party schools.


Well, we like to have a good time, but that isn't all that UConn has to offer. We are known for being crazy on Spring Weekend, but the majority of arrests are actually people who are just visiting UConn. As for the rest of the year, we work hard and play hard.




Not at all. UConn is an extremely prestigious school. And while the social life is great, it is far from just a "party school".


Not for everyone. You can find that if that's what you're in to but you don't have to. Most of that happens off-campus and staying on-campus can be pretty quiet, depending on where you are.




1. Although the drinking on campus, especially on Spring Weekend, can get out of control, a student can find others who have the same values and actually go to class and don't drink. 2. Most of the times I think that they only care about building big buildings and not doing much for the students. There needs to be more student centered initiatives, and the millions they spend on building, should go to scholarships.


The cow country part is, and it's true that a lot of students go drinking on weekends because they THINK there's nothing else to do - but that's true of any college across the entire US.


i'd say so


There are a lot of students dedicated to schoolwork, not all from CT..there are a lot of big drinkers though because theres not much else to do


Pretty much. Playboy "The University of Connecticut is no longer rated in our annual top ten party school list because we feel that it is unfair to include professionals in a list full of amateurs"


Absolutely not




Some of them are. UConn is pretty big on drinking, but it's a dry campus so parties on campus are way more of a hassle than off-campus parties. Alot of UConn students are rich and spoiled, but not too many of them are snobby. Nobody gets raped on the rape trail anymore. Spring weekend is awesome.


UCONN is only crazy during Spring Weekend. You are able to find a party every weekend, but I wouldn't consider UCONN to be a party school. I will agree that UCONN is not that diverse. As a minority student, I find myself being the only black student out of fifty students. But this makes the bond between the minority students even closer, you get to know everyone that is just like you.


The drinking stereotype isn't true from my experiences (except on spring weekend). We're a basketball school only when the basketball team is winning cuz they've had a lousy past few years. Whether or not there's anything to do depends on the perspective you take and whether or not you want to try new things. And although it's funny to talk about, the cow-tipping one is completely wrong.


People call UConn a "party school," when in reality, college is what you make of it. If you're here to party, you'll party. But if you're here to learn (and maybe party a little), you're going to get your money's worth.


completely TRUE! it's no good...


It all depends. People do party here, but if you do not drink, it is easy to find other people who don't as well. Everyone here is very friendly. UConn in recent years has become a much better university, academic-wise. It is excellent, and I highly recommend it.


Not really, no. Like any university, many kids party, but many kids don't as well.


to a degree. There's so many people, there are those that go out every night. But there are the studious type, too, and everything in between.


They certainly are.


No. To be at UConn you have to work hard to get in, work hard to stay in , and if you do mess up academically you're only given a semester to make sure you can stay. It's a tough school with some really hardcore majors (engineering, physics, math, english, education, history, chemistry, most sciences and maths actually) and you need to be on top of your stuff to be able to stay.


yes, but not everyone parties


for the most part


No. While there are parties on campus, this occurs at every college. The school has really knuckled down on the drinking. For example, if you caught with alcohol in your room and your under 21, you lose your housing.


Parties are good here but not over the top. Sports play a big role but there is a lot more to do here than sports.


Like almost every college, there are parties as Uconn. However, the negative press that Uconn gets, especially during Spring Weekend, is an exaggeration of the party-scene. Uconn students work hard in school, and also have fun. Activities include sports, volunteer work, and yes sometimes parties. Uconn is not the only college that has parties, and these activities should not overshadow all of the other things that Uconn has to offer.


no but yes to lots of people being from ct


Although, many of us students like to drink & have a good time its not what all of UConn is about. Getting into this school has become more competitive and there are a lot of smart people at this school. We know how to study hard & party hard. There are parties and drinking at every college, but UConn is a huge campus and its well known and I think that adds to the stereotype. UConn is also great at offering alternatives to drinking on the weekends for the people who don't drink or others who need a break from the party scene.


Somewhat...we do support the teams and I have been witness to a mob in the streets after winning a big game my freshman year, but I don't think we're anymore crazy than other colleges with great teams; and besides, I don't drink.


Yes, the campus is large, but within the first two weeks you will know your way around. There are alos large maps at every turn to dirrect you if you are lost. Upperclass students are also very helpful in giving dirrections if you ask. It is also true that Uconn is a big party school, every weekend you hear of multiple parties, and if you dont hear of one, you can walk to the appartment complexes and usually find one. There are also two bars on campus that are open every night for students over the age of 21. Uconn does however offer many non alcoholic acitivies at the student union. There is late night every friday and things on saturday too. They also have a movie theater with movies running every weekend from thursday through sunday and lectures and comidians as well




i think uconn students take pride in the reputation they've earned as a party school, but not even close to everyone participates in the partying. there are many other things to do here other than get drunk.


This stereotype is false, students stay at school as much as possible in many cases. There is always so much to do that I feel like I miss out if I go home. My parents come visit me here!


Nooootttt really. I have seen my share of pals go crazy, and have met some of the crazed sports fanatics first hand, but honestly most of the people i know are very chill. Everyones relaxed, and for the most part anti-social : )


Uconn is not a party school. Certainly, if you want you to party, you can find one. There are many fun parties to go to. However, the average student is very studious. While many are from CT, there are a great deal of students from New Jersey, New York, Massachusets, and other states.


I feel they are to a certain extent.


This is almost fairly accurate. While there is some diversity, everyone pretty much dresses the same. It's your typical Uggs/North Face school.