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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life, although it only makes up less than a fifth of student at UConn, is very visible on campus. Fraternity parties to make up a large chunk of the party culture at UConn. Athletic events are very popular. Basketball games always sell out. Dormitories are very inviting freshman year but then generally people find their niche and stick with those people, often originating from people they met their freshman year. There isn't much traditional dating going on a UConn. it's very much a hookup culture. If you're awake at 2AM on a tuesday you could very well be at a bar night or in the library finishing a paper. People party every weekend, usually at least two nights a week. UConn has lots of fun activities and performers that they bring to campus to encourage students to do things besides drink. If you want to get off campus Boston and New york city are accessible.


1) Basketball 2) Physics club 3) Some do, not all 4) Very popular 5) Not really a dating scene 6) Met most of my friends because they lived on my floor or I took a class with them 7) Studying 8) I don't know 9) A fair amount but not excessively 10) Not overly important but are popular 11) Spent entire weekend preparing for three midterms 12) Late night or go to see a movie 13) Nothing, it is all farm land


There are over 100 clubs and organizations to join, so there's something for everyone. I've been involved with various clubs including the Photography club, as well as Community Outreach (tutoring middle school kids) and Husky Ambassadors (giving personal 1 on 1 tours with high school students). Athletic events are very popular, and there's always other events throughout the semester including guest speakers, theater performances, etc. Partying is popular since there is not much else to do on the weekends. There's "Late Night" at the student union on Friday nights, where there is karaoke, activities, and a movie, but there's even less on Saturday nights. People who don't party usually hang out with friends, watch a movie, order food, etc. The dating scene is tough in my opinion. A lot of people just want hookups, although there's people who do want relationships if you're into them. The LGBT dating scene is even more difficult, but still possible.


Intramural sports are so popular that a lot of students can't even get on teams. They run out of spots very quickly so you need to sign up right away. Depending on what building you live in, students will leave their door open and unlocked. Freshman dominant buildings always have their doors open. Athletic events are huge, especially when the basketball games are played on campus in Gampel Pavilion. People here don't date, they hook up. You can find a party regardless of what night it is. If you want to party you will, and if you don't there are plenty of people who will hang out for the night in the dorm.


The most popular student groups are probably the ones that are formed in the cultural centers. We have cultural centers ranging from those for Asian Americans to Puerto Rican and Latin Americans to African Americans, as well as centers for LGBT students, women and international students. Centers like ASACC (asian american cultural center) have a lot of related clubs, such as Japanese Students Association and Korean Student's association (open to anyone interested, not just people of those ethnicities).


I think the largetst organization on campus right now is the ski and snow boarding club. I am personally involved with the African Students Association, some volunteering groups, a member of the National Society of collegiate scholars uconn chapter and also the president of the Nubian Foxes dance group; There are so many events that take place from comedy shows to games to internship fairs and motivational speakers.


Greek life, varsity, club, and intramural sports, clubs, volunteering, and the student government as well as its various committees are very popular on campus. I don't think I've met someone who isn't involved in one of the things above. As you can expect, athletic events are HUGE on campus, particularly football and basketball games. The Student Government always has comedians and guest speakers (this week we had Billy Joel!) so if that's more your speed there are events for you! On the weekends, you'll see students heading over to Carriage Apartments, Huskies Bar, Ted's Bar, or Thirsty's Bar. if you aren't into going out, the Student Union has a late night every friday that has free giveaways and karaoke; it's actually really popular! Basically, a UConn student works hard during the week then parties hard Thursday-Saturday.


Club sports are definitely the most popular groups on campus. I'm involved with rugby, and it's a lot of fun. I work with the women's basketball team as a job opportunity, and it is the best thing about UConn. I'm a member of the Equine Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, a UConn honor society, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the National Society of Leadership and Success. Needless to say, I'm always busy. In lower class men dorms, the doors are always open. Upper class man suites are more like hotels, and significantly less social. Athletic events always draw huge crowds. Guest speakers are amazing; yesterday we had BILLY JOEL. He spoke, answered questions, and performed six or seven songs. There are always plays, as UConn co-ops with the CT Rep. Theatre. I'm not super familiar with the dating scene, as I've been in a relationship from my senior year of high school. I met my closest friends through a friend from home who also goes to UConn. Spring Weekend will hopefully be happening this year again. People party regularly, but it depends on the person really. Some people go to the bar every night, some people only go out on weekends, and some people don't go out at all. Fraternities and sororities are a big part of UConn. I rushed this semester and I unfortunately had to drop the sorority I received a bid from due to cost and time commitment. I wish I had stuck with it. If you don't drink, Late Night at the Union always offers fun programs on Friday nights. Also, the Union Theatre has movies, both old and new, Thursday through Sunday nights.


There are so many clubs on campus, I wouldn't even know where to begin describing them. If you can think of it, there is a club for it. If there isn't, you can make your own! I am part of an acapella group and I teach exercise classes for our gym. Depending on the time of day, where you live, and how much studying there is to do, people leave their doors open. Athletic events are very popular. There are many guest speakers/performers/shows/concerts going on here. I met my closest friends in the dorm, because as a freshman many people are willing to meet new friends and leave their doors open. My friends and I go out once or twice a week. Some people never go out and some people go out almost every night. Fraternities and sororities are present on campus but not too important. UConn offers alternatives to going out every weekend at late night. There is a bunch of free stuff/crafts. We have a movie theater with free or two dollar movies. They also offer bus trips to malls and NYC and Boston.


whether it is going to games, or parties, or "late night" at the union


UConn has over 500 different clubs and organizations on campus. Like I said before, you can find every type of activity or interest in these clubs. I think that all the clubs and organizations here are incredibly successful and get the amount of members necessary to go about what they want to do. I'm involved with a few different groups here, including the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Community Outreach (CO). Last year in USG, I was the Freshman Class Senator and Deputy Speaker of the Senate. I am now the chairperson of the Retention and Recruitment Committee, where I focus on strengthening USG from the inside-out, while encouraging students to join. It's an incredible organization, and has a lot of influence on this campus. My other group, which I am most passionate about, is Community Outreach. I volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, where I mentor 5th and 6th grade students in low-income areas throughout the year. I also am apart of the Alternative Spring Breaks in CO. Last year, I went to New Orleans for spring break, and plan on going to the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma this spring. It's an incredible experience to be apart of! You can also get involved with the cultural centers or Greek life here. Greek life is not a big factor at UConn, but those who do get involved absolutely love it. It really depends on what you're interested in! The Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts is a great place on campus. There is always a show here, and I've seen some great performances! Ray Allen, the creator of "Post Secret", Billy Joel, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Ludacris... they have everyone! The Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) puts on a lot of these shows, and also host the Union Late Nights on weekends. They are a big part of all the fun things on campus, and are always coming up with great ideas for the students!


a cappella group performs "A Space Between"


great time in this area. I was a member of a fraternity here and I saw alot of cool stuff over the last 4 yrs. The campus provides alot of activities to do, sports to play, and a few bars to party at too. I recommend TKE fraternity to really make the most of your time here, but other frsternities sororities and orgs. will do the trick.


there is something to do on campus every single day of every semester- at the gym, theater, student union ect.


Greek life is the biggest thing on the social scene. Parties are legit, you can find some real good parties. Sometimes it is hard for guys to get it but usually i go to at least 2 a week.


The most popular team is quite obviously the basketball team. Simple as that. The only thing I am involved in at Storrs is the Northwest Dining Hall (part of the freshman dorms), where I have worked since freshman year. Getting involved in an on-campus job is a great way to make friends. Every year you make new ones. My previous group of friends, I had met through the dining hall and previous roommates. My newer group of friends is my new roommates and friends from working this past year. If you are awake at 2am on a Tuesday, you are probably studying or writing a paper. If not, then it is a holiday, aka St. Patty's Day, Valentine's Day etc. In the dorms, students often have their doors open when they are around and often people wander from room to room.


Ballroom dancing is more prevalent. I'm in Global House, a learning community of international students and those who are interested in other cultures. Some leave their doors open, some don't. Athletics are VERY VERY popular. So are most guest speakers, concerts, theater, etc. People try out more things as far as dating goes. Most seem to keep dates quiet until they decide that, yes, it can work out as a long-term relationship. There's also been some hookups I know of. I met my closest friend in middle school, and she goes to Uconn too. If I'm awake at 2am on Tuesday, I'm swamped by work. There are a lot of parties, most just in dorms.


involved with husky ambassadors- we run the open houses and have a program called Husky for a Day in which prospective students shadow us to see what being at uconn is like, people party every weekend, athletic events are pretty popular


There is something going on on campus no matter what day it is. We have had may famous authors, comedians, poets, musical artisits, activists, & actors come to campus. There are too many to name. Social life all depends on the person & what they like to do. Students usually hang out with their close friends during the week & hang out in larger groups on the weekend. I cannot speak for all students because everyone likes to do different things that is why this campus is so diverse. However, because in a rural area, there is not much to do outside campus.


All of the athletics are very popular. Parties right off campus are very popular although there is sober alternatives in Late Night on Fridays. My floor left their doors open although it really depends on the floor. People are very friendly and I know I hung out with my floor all the time.


the student body of uconn is pretty crazy, i mean that in a good way. everyone is always doing something- whether it be filling the local college bars, playing bastketball all night at the gym, or getting ready for the infamous uconn frat parties, the students are never lame. if the party scene isnt for you however, there are plenty of school organized activities at uconn's brand new student union center, ranging from discounted movies in the theater to a great food court to live music and the list continues. the library is a poppin place too! a lot of kids will be there 'studying', and if you like coffee, you will make bookworms a second home for you. lets not forget about spring weekend!!! every night has a different even planned, and by different event i mean a different location for all 20,000 uconn students + all their friends from other schools to drink accessive amounts of alcohol. aside from the boozing, there are comedy shows that take places, which have included lewis black and dane cook, and the spring weekend concert which has included fabolous, oar, 50 cent, and the list continues. the uconn students look forward to this one weekend all year...


Party! Party! Party! Spring Weekend was my favorite part of UConn for the entire year! But other than that, intramural sports are very popular and so are frats and sororities. We also have Late Night at UConn and they sound like there's a lot of interesting things that go on, but I personally have never been to one. The varsity sports are like professional games- I definitely suggest getting tickets to any sports that you can, especially football and basketball. I hated my roommate in the beginning of my first semester there and the Hall Directors were great about getting me out of a bad situation right away. It was less than a week from when I put the complaint in to when I got my new room.


Getting involved is probably the best thing you can do at UConn. It allows you to meet people, find your interests, and build your resume. I work at the student-run television on campus. I met some of my best friends working there, and it also helped me establish a career path for the future. There are so many ways to get involved at UConn, whether it be through a club or intramural sports team, a club, cultural center, volunteer program, or paying job. Going out and drinking is fun and there is plenty of that, but it is not your only option.


Students are very open freshman year-leaving their doors open, conversing with whoever is passing in the hallway. Once you move to upperclassmen dorms, however, nobody seems to socialize at all.


Guest speakers are not very popular. Partying on the weekends is pretty fun. Spring Weekend is a fun tradition.


There are a lot of things to do at UConn. UConn has activities for people who have different interests. They also have non-alcohol events and alternative events.


GET INVOLVED! You'll hear that phrase so often it'll make you want to scream. But if you truly want to get the most out of your UConn/whole college experience, you really should join a club or at least go for an on-campus job. We get a lot of free shows or cheap shows for students that are worth going to - they're your tuition dollars, so take advantage! Go to late night at the student union and get free stuff!! They like to give out free stuff here. You don't really have to drink to have fun EVERY weekend. And as far as fraternities/sororities go...I never rushed a sorority and had no problem finding friends, but my cousin did and she loves it. It's really all personal preference.


Greek life can make UConn a better experience, not only introduce you make connections with groups on campus but have a tight knit social network on big campus. Spring weekend is overrated and weird people from other schools come but being apart of homecoming and lip sync is great as different cultural centers and greek life get heavily involved in the fall and alumni come back. People party mainly just thurs-sat night and stick to the 2 on campus bars.


the Uconn Basketball and Football teams are life on campus. there is always a party happening and there are plenty of activities offered through the university that don't involve drinking. But beware Uconn takes academics very seriously. I've known many people who have been kicked out of the university due to partying interfering with their studies. Spring Weekend is the even every students looks forward to the most. The campus police are everywhere but they are partaking in the events and have their own beer pong team!


Social activities at UConn are wide ranging. Most students enjoy athletic events such as soccer, football and basketball. Many students enjoy getting out to support the Huskies. Dorms provide the opportunity to make some of the closest friendships at UConn. Many people meet the people they live with and have friendships that last years. Spring Weekend is an event which happens every year which really brings everyone together. Visitors and students alike enjoy Spring Weekend together. Greek life at UConn is a large establishment, although many students are not involved. It is by no means a necessity to having a social life at UConn. There is much to do at UConn which doesn't involve drinking including Late Night held at the Student Union on Friday nights which has free activities for all students. The Student Union Theater plays movies and there are always events such as concerts and guest speakers to attend.


nothing to do but drink on campus because storrs is a dead area.


Fraternities and Sororities are the easiest way to make good social connections and get invited to some of the best parties. They all tend to be the same type of people, though. People get involved-ish with clubs, it depends on how lazy they are.. most people I know are too lazy to go to club meetings all the time. Intramural and Club sports are pretty competitive and fun, and athletic events are alot of fun to go to because people get really into the school spirit thing. Partying starts thursday night and dies down after saturday night. If you want to go to a good party, wait until people with off-campus apartments throw one, or sometimes Frats will throw a party at their house, or you could try some of the on-campus suites for a more small-scale party. The weekends consist of drinking and, in certain groups of friends, smoking alot of weed. If you have nothing to do and you're a freshman, you walk down the rape trail to Celeron and Carriage house and hope to wander your way into an upperclassmen party.


There are a lot of musical groups on campus. I am on the step team. Everyone loves the basketball and football team. There is a lot of things to do because its such a big campus. There is greek life on campus, and there are a lot of parties.


Okay, so to get tickets to a basketball game you have to be one of the luckiest people in the world. Last year they used a lottery system with ...interesting... results. The major performing arts theater of campus, Jorgensen, usually has something interesting to go to and it holds everything from pop or rock concerts to ballet. In my dorm, almost everybody kept their doors open; it was just a really nice atmosphere and no one felt threatened in any way. I have a few very close friends, one of whom is my roomate who I did not meet until move-in day. People are, for the msot part, remarkably nice and understand that college is a new experience for every incoming freshman. There's a section of campus called Husky Village (behind Towers) and it's a bunch of new buildings that are fraternity and sorority houses. Most of the greek life is there, and it's not very prominent at all in the grand scheme of things on campus.


I haven't gotten to know too many other floors besides my own, so I may be a bit biased. But I firmly believe that I live on the best floor ever to exist on a college campus. Anywhere. Ever. Someone's door (ususally more than just one someone) is always open, and everyone is welcome. From routine chats in the hallway to uncoordinated but incredibly successful pow wows, my floor has become one big family. We are all so close and so friendly, sometimes it's hard to remember where one roommate ends and the other begins. Granted not everything is perfect 24/7, but we work through everything together and I can honestly say that I will sincerely miss everyone next year.


drinking, that's all. There is fake activism - but the people aren't really into it.


I highly recommend joining the Agents of Improv. They are amazing.


I'm glad the Greek life isn't that all-encompassing. There's other stuff going on besides frat parties, while those can be fun. After doing sports all during high school, joining rugby was the best choice I've made so far in college, keeping me in shape, giving me something to structure my day with besides classes, getting that feeling of being part of a team back, having great drinkups/ friends to go out with later on the weekends. There's so many people, once you're out of the freshman dorms people have their groups and don't leave their doors open, but everyone's friendly. It's easy to make friends. You just have to go a little more out of your way.


Uconn is hard because it is so isolated from any civilization and it is forced to become really its own cultural and social center. Really, the only things to do, places to eat, things to see are run by uconn on campus. Parties might be at off campus apartments, but that is really the only social activity that is accesable off campus with out a 20 minute drive. Parties are VERY important to uconn and it is expected, by both the students and administartos, that everyones drinks. There is really not anything to do off campus. The student Union is very nice, but only can provide so much for what is lacking from the rural location.


If I'm up at 2am on a tuesday, I'm most likely hanging out with some of my insomniac friends, playing a video game, or puttering around the internet.


active campus good random activities throughout the semester on fairfield way


Most popular sport--basketball. Football may be on the rise, but basketball is still #1. People clamour and wait in ridiculous lines to get basketball tickets, paying whatever it costs. The dating scene is cute in the fact that when the some comes out, the couples come out, basking in the sun, in each others arms. Its quite a sight. Fraternities and sororities are really not a big deal at all here. The people in them take them seriously, but no one outside that community does. It's an attitude of "Oh, youre in a sorority/frat? That sucks." You'd be hard pressed to find something to do on the weekend on campus that didnt include drinking, but if you choose not to drink, you're still welcome to dance and hang out with friends.


There is always something to do on campus. Every Friday night the student union hosts Late Night and they have different activities such as karaoke, mechanical bull riding, bungee run, oxygen bars, get your picture on a chocolate lolipop, and many more. Also there is a theater on campus and the movies they play are fairly new.


Plenty to do here. You name it, there's a club here for it. That's definitely one of the most underrated aspects of Uconn. The amazing social network.


Uconn is a big sport school. A large amount of students participate in either varsity, club, or intramural sports. They're great to play and watch. There's always events on campus. The Univerisity does it's best to bring concerts, comedy shows, and other events to campus. The student population is so diverse and the University does its best to meet the needs of every student.


Almost all students enjoy or support the sports teams here. Social life is pretty active here in general. The freshman dorms are the most active and leave their doors open mostly. I had a great experience with my roomie and we were put randomly together freshman year and it worked out and now we are best also really close with others who lived on my floor freshman year. One downside is that the dating scene here SUCKS...i'm not sure what it is but no one just dates here....As far as parties are concerned its pretty great here. Being in a frat/sorority helps cuz they have themed parties which are always fun but im not in one and i have still had a great time. UConn is also well known for its spring weekend which is absolute craziness here on campus for one weekened in the spring. There are lots of activities in general that don't involve drinking if you don't want to. Each weekend they have late night at the student union which are all non drinking fun events like kareoke, movies, build a bear, make your own t-shirt/hats etc. There is not much stuff off campus however...this campus is kinda inthe middle of nowhere.


When I lived in a dorm freshmen year all of the girls on the floor left their doors open. It was like living in a house & we would visit each other's rooms all the time. It was a bit different sophomore year because the people weren't as friendly & the make-up of the dorm was different. I think the fact that the dorm was co-ed made a difference too. A lot of people love the athletic events and they are a popular thing to attend, especially basketball. There are guest speakers all the time. I met my closest friends at work and in my all- girl dorm (which I at first didn't want to live in) freshmen year. At 2 a.m. on a tuesday I am writing a paper... or procrastinating writing a paper & online & watching t.v. My roommate and I are always up very late. The biggest and best tradition that happens every year is Spring Weekend. It the weekend before finals start & it consists of 3 different nights. Practically the whole school travels to one spot ( a different one each night) to party and drink and let loose before having to study for finals. I usually party on the weekend, as well as many other people. If you don't want to drink though there is always late night at the student union where they have fun & free activities. There is also the student union movie theater where one can go to watch movies that aren't out on DVD yet.


We have a lot of speakers come to campus. This year, Spike Lee came to Jorgenson to give a presentation and La India, the Princess of Salsa, performed at our yearly event, Latin Fest. They were both amazing. This Spring Weekend-the last weekend you can have fun before finals- T-pain and Flo Rida are the performers for our annual Spring Weekend concert. We also have Gospel Fest with performers like Vickie Winans, and Tye Tribbett even came to campus my freshman year. The Cultural Centers have lots of programs and they are always cool to just chill in. My personal favorite is the AACC-African American Cultural Center. Frat boys and Sorority girls are everywhere, but this year, the Divine Nine really came out!!! Iota Phi Theta is showing up strong and they always roll deep. Lastly, you can't forget about the athletes. You can always tell when practice gets out, that's when you see the most black guys on campus!! just playin...but really. But be careful, don't get stuck behind two seven footers walking down the hall at Arjona. They're fast on the court, but slow getting everywhere else. Like elephants, but they can dunk.


I am involved with GUARD dogs. It is a university run no questions asked safe ride program offered on Fridays and Saturdays. It is volunteer, and in order to participate you must attend a training session. Then you sign up to eather be a dispatcher, ride along, or driver. The dispatcher answers calls from the student body, many of whom are at partys and are intoxicated and want safe rides home. The dispatcher then calls the ride along with information such as the students name, where they want to be picked up and dropped off too, and their phone number. The ride along tells the driving and both go and pick up the student and bring them safely home. We drive vans that are rented from enterprise and collect tips. It is a fun way to volunteer bcaus eyou get to interact with many people and you usually come away with many stories. I leave my room door open. Not only does it allow you to meet new people, it airs out the rooms which tend to get extremely hot. Some people dont like keeping their doors open for multiple other reasons. Its definatly easier to start conersation if the door is open, but it is not hard to meet people if your door is normally closed either. Athletic events are very popular, especially soccer, basketball and football. Student tickets are available at a discounted price, but there is a lottery for basketball tickets since not all students can fit in Gample. Football tickets are generally available to everyone who wants them and will be located in the student section.


Plenty of group and clubs to join and participate