University of Connecticut Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How nice the campus is and how the classes aren't too long and my schedule works put nicely.


When I tell people about my experience in college, I mainly brag about all the amazing people I’ve met. The value of my education is worth bragging about and so are our athletic teams, but nothing compares to the friends I’ve made. Being an in-state student at UConn, I already have a lot of friends, but it’s the friends I’ve made from other towns or states who complete my circle. College is an opportunity to meet people from a larger pool; it is more likely that you discover more people with similar interests as you.


When I talk about UConn I brag most about the school spirit. The division one sports teams make campus life really exciting at times. The UConn Men's basketball team won the national championship both my Freshman and Senior year. It was a great platform to bond with other students and celebrate our school pride.


Uconn has such amazing school spirit. When it comes to supporting athletic games- events put on by clubs and organizations the student body of uconn really comes out and supports every one. I love to brag to people about that.


The number of research opportunities available on campus.


I say i go to one of the top schools in connecticut and our sports team are awsome. I tell them we have an awsome women center.


First, I brag about being NCAA men's basketball champs. Other than that I talk about the size. How it is big where there are plenty of things to do, but not too big where you feel lost. Also, classes are pretty easy to get enrolled in, if they are in high demand they will usually open more sections to accomodate students. Lastly, I talk about the social life. There is always something to do on the weekends whether or not your drink. And I always brag about my sorority.


When I tell my friends about my school, I most often brag about its dedicated faculty members and its extracurricular activities. Although they are very busy with research projects and other courses, most faculty members will make every effort to clarify course material and give you advice on how to succeed. All you have to do is approach them. Attend their office hours, or speak to them after class. In terms of extracurricular activities, there truly is something for everyone. If by chance there is not an extracurricular activity for you, you can start your own club.


I brag mostly about the fact that I am going to UCONN. I also like to mention that I got good grades and made the Dean's List.


The campus is like a mini city. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from one end of the campus to the other, which I find very agreeable because students do not feel restricted to an education-based environment. There are many buildings and lounges that I have yet to discover, which is always exciting because there is always a chance to learn something new about the campus, unlike smaller campuses where students may become very bored with their similar daily surroundings. For those that make use of everything the campus has to offer, they will find it very rewarding!


The places I got to go with the marching band for our football team and its reputation for being a high-quality research facility


The main thing that I brag about when talking about UConn is the sports program. Since I played basketball and baseball in high school I love supporting the mens basketball team and the baseball team. The basketball team won the national championship last season and the baseball team made a long run in the college world series. So when people ask about UConn, one of the first things I tell them about is how much fun it is being a fan of the sports teams.


That I am taking classes that have strict teachers with lots of homework and chapters to read per night.


Basketball teams


The University of Connecticut has great prestige and is a great research university. The on-campus activies are very relaxing and give a break to students from their daily lives.


When I am recommending the UCONN Torrington campus I like to tell people that the campus is small and personal, every body knows everybody. The class size is small, and the Professors are always willing and availabe to help students. The campus regularly hosts local writers and artist events, and the Student Government is always offering trips and hosting campus and community events. It is a great place for students, no matter how old you are, you will build lasting relationships with people of all ages.


The thing that I brag about most when I talked about having attended the University of Connecticut is their Business School and the small classes that made it more of a one on one learning experience I got with the professors. The sports program at my college was also amazing and attending all of the sporting events such as Basketball, Football, and Soccor made my experience at UConn even more amazing.


I like to brag about the country wide recognition that our program has received. I have watched the program grow over the years since I am a Connecticut native.


The basketball team and the beautiful campus and scenery!


What I brag about the most about my school is our athletic department. UConn is number 1 in women's basketball and top 25 in men's basketball. We have one of the best athletic programs in the nation. The games in our basketball arena are amazing. Gampel Arena is a household name in Men's and Women's basketball for how loud it gets. This is a major reason why I came to UConn and why most students went to UConn, for it's sports.


Academics, atmosphere and all the great perks of being a student such as fitness classes and parties.


I brag about all of the really nice people i have met, all of the activites that I have had the opportunity to participate in as well as uconn basketball!!


I usually like to brag about its academic facilities and our Women's Basketball Team.


Uconn is a huge school with a lot to brag about. Number one would be our athletes and Husky pride. Uconn gear is like a uniform here. I came from a high school that had no pride so it?s great to see people rooting for white and blue. I memorized the Husky Pride song before move in day. Being in the Uconn Business School is also worth bragging about. It has grown into a very prestigious and competitive program and is rising in the ranks. I?m lucky to have these opportunities.


The fun parties and good sports


Mostly I brag about my job on campus! I am a Pathobiology major at UConn, and I work at the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, where I assist in Necropsies (animal autopsies) . My job consists of searching for the cause of an animal's death. I work with the Veterinarian, and search the body for any sign of illness, or disease, or injury. I love this part because I love to explore and put things together in my mind, and to me it is a big puzzle that I have to piece together!


There is an amazing sense of comradery here. There is also always something to do; whether it be seeing a movie at the Student Union, seeing a comedian at the Jorgensen, watching a sports game (basketball, football, soccer), playing intramural sports, etc.


There's always something to do. You can never be bored and the professors are really interesting.


My friends, I finally found people who make me a better person unline my friends in high school. The campus is so diverse your pracitically garunteed to find the perfect people that compliment your personality and morals.


The diversity of the student body at Uconn. I have met students from countries such as Germany, France, China, and India. Interacting with individuals from such different backgrounds has given me a much wider breadth of understanding that I would not have experienced at a smaller private school. Such interactions have truly made me much more knowlegable and tolerant of different ethnicities, and has encouraged me to apply to the study abroad program which will enable me to deepen such interactions.


The school has a good name for itself already, so when I mention my school I tell my friends how much fun and an honor it is to be a 'Husky'. Being on campus gives everyone, regardless of whether they go to the school or not, a sense of belonging in this warm and welcoming community where everyone can be themselves.


The quality of teachers and the campus is beautiful the food is pretty good too. They have vegan and vegetarian choices along with the nutrition information on display. Theres tons of clubs to join and cultural centers.


I brag about how much there is to do on campus and how easy it is to meet people. Friends who come from smaller schools run into the same people everyday, but it's not uncommon for me to meet new people on a day to day basis. Also, although about 15% of my graduating class attends the same school as me now, I don't find myself running into them all the time as my friends from smaller instate schools do.


The thing that I brag the most about to my friends about UCONN is the strong school spirit that it has as well as all of the activities there are to do there.


Its academic is one of the most competitive school in the nation, most known for it's research opportunities


The basketball team and the amazing sporting events


How happy of a time it was. I look back and I can't believe its over and i loved every second of it from the campus (rural), to the students, to the was all amazing. Everyone in the world should feel the way i felt about Uconn. I particularly loved my classes in my major which was psychology-they interested me. They were smaller than the classes i took my first 2 years so i was able to interact more. I loved the Co-op- a little bookstore that seemed to have everything i ever needed!


We have good sports teams and school spirit. There are many good looking girls that go here and a lot of people to make friends with. Sometimes there are sweet parties.


basketball, great campus, good food,


There is nothing outstanding that I could say about this school. I usually joke about how much of a party school this university is.


I tell them i can take classes for just about anything.


UConn has amazing school spirit. I am incredibly proud to be a student here. We have the best of the best in terms of athletics, academics and freindliness. All of my classes are taught by professors whom I look up to and are very well known in their field. They give me something to strive to be. I am proud to be a Husky :)


I tell my friends that i got accepted into a school which is highly recognized for its business school in new england, and that i was one of the 2000 accepted, from the 20,000 applicants.


The amount of opportunities and new people to meet.


that it is a good school


How comfterable I am attending UCONN. I feel like UCONN was definitely the best fit for me, even though it wasn't my first choice. Everything is so accessable, and it just feels so right for me to be a student at UCONN.


Wonderful professors, great activities around campus, and an overall fantastic college experience.


Our sports teams tend to garner a lot of national spotlight from basketball to football, even to soccer. Though I mostly brag about my own experiences as part of UConn's wrestling team, and the contagiously heterogeneous group of people that comprise it. Aside from sports, however, I find myself gloating about how difficult it is to pass general chemistry....the rumor on campus was that the whole department was on probation because almost half of the students had failing grades, while many others had D's. Thanksfully, I escaped with an A!!!!