University of Connecticut Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing about the school is the communication between the high up faculty and the students. From a students perspective it seems as if certain things have been completely neglected or over looked, like the grass getting replaced instead of better showers, or the lack of decent plowing on a timely manner. This also leads to seem like the sports players are favorited.


The intese crackdown on parties / drinking. I get it, that's not the image the school wants, it was us to be safe. But it's crossed the line, it's angered the student body, and causes us to be only more reckless in efforts to have fun. We work hard throughout the week, why can't we have a little fun? College is supposed to be the times of our lives but if we're kept being told "no" how can it be?


The worst thing about my school has to be the amount of money that tution costs. I think that it is a bit expensive and that many students go into debt taking out loans in order for them to attend. If i could change one thing is for the school to give more financial aid or for tuition to go down.


The excessive drinking not only by underage persons but by legal persons as well. The common theme I've noticed is "I skipped class to drink" or "10am? time for a shot".


I hate to consider it, but I live in a more rural campus, where the building have not been renovated and rather they are falling apart. If Uconn would pay more attention to other campus rather than the main one. The reason why I hate this because of the integrity of the school will go down if you go to local campuses when it is the same education.


The worst thing about UConn when I was attending, was the lack of amenities. For example, the work out facilities were very small in comparison to the size of the campus population and the parking situation was terrible for students and very expensive. However, over the four years I attended school there the administration listened to students concerns regarding these issues and are working on making changes such as more parking and a state of the art gym.


I do not have any previous experiences in my school, therefore, I can not consider anything to be the worst thing about my school.


If you are unmotivated to learn it is easy to "get by". In my opinion this is a waste of money and the school should pay more attention to the students who do little or no work and just manage to pass classes. This type of student is not good for the school and it is not good for the student either. Other options should be explored and encouraged.


There is nothing bad about my school


The worst thing about my school is that they do not care if you fail. I guess that's how every college is, but I get that feeling here more than I should. Some teachers do not care about your grade, and will even unfairly test you on problems or situations you were not taught how to handle in lecture.


The worst would be not reveiving enough financial aid so that students don't have to worry about paying for school instead they can focus on their academics. And also some of the dormings are relly old and in a bad condition, for the money that we are paying the least we can get is a building in somewhat a decent condition. Parking is the worst also, it takes such a long time to find a parking here, instead of having the option to park behind the building I have to park on the other side of campus.


Having professors or teacher assistants not abling to communicate well with students due to language barrier. Students who cannot understand the professor well have a hard time concentrating and understanding in a classroom. I could not get help in Chemistry because the teacher assistant could not express what he did in words and cannot explain the materials in English.


I'm worried that I will not be able to pay for my education need to recieve my nursing license. I am scared that i cannot afford all 4 years of college.


Terrible academic advising. Professors who are unknowledgable in their field. Few scholarship opportunities. Underrepresentation of Fine Arts. Over emphasis of sports. Very stringent police. Hiking prices every year. Huge campus, hard to walk through several times a day.


It's hard to say what is bad about my school, I don't really spend a lot of time there, due to working full time. I basically arrive at campus for the start of my class and leave right after because it is late by the end. I guess I would have to say the worse part about it is the lack of night classes. I am struggling to find the last 6 classes that will fill the slots I need for my Bachelor's Major and Minor. They don't seem to cater enough to students who work.


Parking. There are not enough parking spots. I usually have to go to the paid parking garage instead of the commuter parking lots even though I have a parking permit.


The worst thing about the University of Connecticut is that it is isolated. Though there is almost everything you could need on campus, you need to drive usually 10 or 15 minutes to reach wnything outside of campus. This is made problematic for new students as you cannot have a car on campus until you have standing as a junior.


I think that the worse thing about my school is I feel like I do not a have access to tutoring in certain areas while in other subjects there are more than enough support.


I didn't actually feel a connection to the school even though the school created lots of programs to attempt to do so. I admit, I was so frustrated with bills it made it difficult to graduate with any school spirit whatsoever.


The worst thing about the University of Connecticut would be that the campus is located in the middle of no where. The University of Connecticut is like its own town/city within Storrs. It would be nice to have a lot more shops and places of entertainment in the surrounding areas. It would be great if Storrs was converted into a college town, with a wide range of activities for students and visiting friends as well as family members.


The thing that I consider worse about my school is its tuition. The tuition is very expensive, especially for out of state students. The financial aid received is very low for students, especially those who are from out of state. I believe that alot more people would be interested in this school if the financial obligations were not so high. I belive that more financial aid should be giving to children who are from out of state and even within the state. I also feel that The University of Connecticut should stop increasing its tuition every year.


One of the worst things about UCONN is that a lot of majors are underrepresented. Some students don't know the importance of internships when they are freshmen and sophomores. They find out when they are juniors and are encouraged to do things then. There also should be better dining services.


The cost-its crazy!


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it is fairly far away from any cities, stores, malls, restaurants, etc. that are not affiliated with the school.


The size of this university, although it has its benefits, is often seen as its negative aspect. Many classes are large, impersonal lectures and some students cannot function successfully like that. Also, with such a large population comes many different backrounds. It is hard to find the people who you get along with best because you are exposed to so many people on campus.


I think the worst thing about my school is the emphasize or attention that is given to fraternity and sororities. They play a major role in the university and impact many of the surrounding clubs and organizations. I think the push for "brotherhood" or "sisterhood" on this campus is too much.


The worst thing about my school would have to be its size. I really enjoy sitting in lecture halls and being a part of a big class, however, sometimes having to travel so far to get to class is not pleasant. Also, buses are often very crowded and make it hard to take that form of transportation comfortably. There are almost 20,000 undergraduates here, and sometimes it gets very overwhelming and there are too many things going on to be able to keep track.


I would consider the worst thing about my school to be its size. The fact that the campus is so large can hinder students from getting to know one another and also serve as a security risk. People who do not attend the school are free to roam around the campus.


The worst thing about the University of Connecticut would have to be the location. When deciding upon which college to attend this was the only quality that made my decision tough. Located in Storrs, Connecticut, Uconn is in a very rural area without a major city nearby. I originally wanted to attend college in a city as to have many opportunities around me. This is something that Uconn lacks, though it is still a very great school.


I consider that worst thing being the large lecture class size of 100-300 students. I also dislike the fact that I have to have 54 credits to apply to the Business School. I dislike this because I will most likely not be able to apply until the end of my sophomore year, therefore I will not declare a major until junior year, even though I know that I want to be a Marketing Major. I wish that the business school could have a higher acceptance rate towards incoming freshmen.


The huge size can sometimes be a downside. you dont get a whole lot of individual attention and sometimes are merely a number to your professors. depending on your major this might change in your junior and senior year as you begin to take more major-specific courses but for some majors this continues to be the trend throughout your entire time at uconn.


There is nothing bad about this school.


The hills, the older dorms, and the dining rooms on a bad day.


the cold, its freezing cold at UConn


The worst thing is that there are not many stores around campus.


I don't enjoy the weather in the winter (it is so windy and cold!). The dorms are extremely small .


Majority of the weekends consist of drinking so if you're not into that stuff, you may not find much to do. Also, the surrounding area is extremely rural so there is no fun city life.


The worst thing about the school is perhaps the long walk to get anywhere. Some dorms are really far from the central academic buildings, and "off-campus" shops like Subway or Friendly's are really far to walk and you would have to wait for a shuttle. Sometimes, I would have to leave a 50-minute lecture a little bit early, which left no time for one-on-one questions, in order to walk across campus to my next class.


The lack of work ethic in many students I feel brings down the moral of the students that do strive to work hard. This is the worst thing about UConn, the students that choose not to be motivated in their studies.


A lot of the students were fairly closed minded and concerned with only themselves instead of being community focused or interested in the common good.


The people just suck.


The worst part of school is probably the size of most of the classes. Lectures can have upto 300 students, so it is really hard to develop an academic relationship with your professor. So, you have to be willing to take the time to go to office hours and ask for help so your professors know who you are.


A majority of the curriculum is based on traditional ways. I am an agriculture and natural resource student and alot of what we learn about in terms of animal science and horticulter is based on using pesticides and animals for consumption and mass production. I would assume that this would apply to other fields of studie in terms that an alternative view point is often lacking. Though I would say as the years go on, they are becoming a bit more progressive in this sense.


The worst thing about my school is that there is far too much drinking. Every social event revolves around drinking; and not social or casual drinking, but drinking with the goal of getting very drunk. I feel like many students come to the University of Connecticut to drink and party. This is frustrating for me because I chose UCONN because of its impressive academic reputation.


The size is hard to deal with sometimes. Especially when the wind is whipping around and blowing rain/snow in your face during your entire 15 minute walk across campus.


I found it a little difficult to make friends to hang out with ourside of class, only becase we all live in very different directions. In class I could easily talk to people, but being connected with them on a social level with a little more tough.


Is somewhat in the middle of nowhere. There is a lot to do on campus but no very many places to go once you leave the campus.


cafeteria food wasnt great, but it depended on which one you went to


The worst thing about my school would be the weather.


Not too much around the campus.