University of Connecticut Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Athletes, greeks, and geeks




state school with only ct residents


That we are a party school- i am unsure if this idea has faded out over the last few years with the increase of police monitoring at celeron and carriage. we are not a party school- except for spring weekend it is hard to find a decent party! if you want a party school- Uconn is not it, if you want a middle of the road school with some parties but not all the time- uconn works


The basketball players are looked at as gods


The biggest stereo type for UConn is that we are a major party school.


1. Most people drink 2. Most people drink a lot 3. The guys are hot 4. The guys become fat 5. The food is terrible 6. There are lots of activities 7. There's nothing to do near campus 8. Freshman 15 is inevitable


party school


Party School. Some stereotypes about students are they drinking entirely too much, party too much, & never study. It is also known not to have a large community of minority students, including African Americans, Latinos, Asian American, etc. Does not offer much besides sports.


They are all from Connecticut and that it is a boring school because it is in rural CT.


drunk dmb and oar listening, pot smoking, partying white kids


One stereotype is that UConn is a huge party school. It's true that we like to party, but we work hard and then play hard, so it's a way of letting off some steam from a week's worth of hard work and studying.


We are wild and our partying gets out of hand.


UConn is challenging, we party often, there is nothing to do around the campus


That UConn is just a state school and that all we do is party.


Everyone is a huge drinker.


UConn Students are viewed pretty highly by other schools.


1. They are all raging drunks, that only like to party. 2. They University only cares about their image.


That they're a bunch of hicks in cow country, and all anyone does on the weekends is party because that's all there is to do.


to outsiders the programs are really good and a degree from uconn makes you look good, to students it is impossible to get the classes you want and applying for housing is always full of anxiety, it used to be a wicked fun party school, but it's not the same as it was 5 years or so ago, basically the school and esp the basketball teams are the pride of Connecticut, if you say UConn in CT everyone knows what you're talking about


Big drinkers, slutty overly tan girls, the jocks, party people from CT high schools who came to college for everything but the learning experience


Partying. They say all that Uconn students do is Party.


That UConn students aren't smart


new englanders are awful people. rude, inconsiderate, too "busy" with their unfulfilling lives to care about anyone else. they also have more money than sense.


There's the stereotype that UConn is a big party/drinking school, that UConn students are spoiled/rich/snobby, that UConn is the default college for all CT high school students, that girls get raped on the "rape trail" to off-campus apartments, that Spring Weekend is a crazy rager.


Some big stereotypes is that UCONN is a party school and has no types of diversity. People think that the school is mostly filled with preppy white kids.


I've heard that it's supposed to be a drinking school, that we're a basketball school, that there's nothing to do, and that we go cow-tipping for fun.


Most UConn stereotypes surround drinking and partying.


big partiers, drinkers, sports obsessed jocks, un-worldly, apathetic, unconcerned about world events, wrapped up in the lives of idiots on laguna beach, etc., etc.


Drinking is prevalent, and UConn is a party school, not very focused on academics.


That we party a lot


drink a lot, party a lot


They party a lot, they drink a lot. They are all from CT and preppy, or bro-dudes.


A lot of people think that UConn is a party school filled with stupid kids that just want to drink. We actually work hard and there are a lot of groups of people that are more concerned with the betterment of the college than with going out to carriage (one of the local drinking spots) to get wasted. Of course, there are people who don't want to do anything but party, and they're quickly rooted out from the system.


partiers, bad academic advisors


preppy, unsportmenlike conduct during sporting events, drunks, hicks


Major Party School, all students drink, the only reason students chose to come here is to party


Uconn students have the craziest parties. Generally a sports and party school.


Uconn is often labeled as a party school.


rich and from ct or new jersey


That all the students are crazy drinkers that only care about parties.


We are all crazed Husky basketball fans!!!! who love to party and don't mind flipping a car over every once in a while after winning a big game.


UConn is a big school, let alone a big party school.


very smart students/ hard working and very stressed over doing their best


uconn is a big party school and if you go to uconn you drink a lot.


Many people think that UConn is a suitcase school and that people go home on the weekends.


Some stereotypes right off the top of my head is that all UConn students like to party, they are loud, watch and know the names of each basketball and football players. And that they are all crazy on the weekends.


Some people think of Uconn as a party school where only Uconn students go.


That UCONN is a very popular school for partying, and many of the students in the fraternities and sororities are only in them to party.


A common stereotype is that everyone at UConn is rich, white, and from New England.