University of Connecticut Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The University of Connecticut is a great school as far as I can tell. Currently, I am a second semester freshmen at the Greater Hartford regional campus and I like it. If you're really interested in going to Uconn, but is slightly intimated by the size of the main campus, the regionals are just as good. The campus is easily accessible and the professors are always there to help.


Great school. Lots of resources available to students!


The best thing about UConn is the pride that comes from our athletic teams. If I could change one thing, UConn wouldn't be located in the middle of nowhere. UConn's large size is overwhelming for some people but in my opinion it's entirely manageable. When people find out I go to UConn, they mention our sports teams but have nothing to say about its academics. I spend most of my time all over our sprawling campus, since it's huge. We do not have much of a college town yet but there is currently construction underway to create a downtown area. The school's administration, especially President Herbst is doing a superb job, especially considering the challenging fiscal environment. People were very upset when UConn lost Spring Weekend but unfortunately I can understand why a weekend of mayhem was a huge burden on the school and had to be ended. What makes this school unusual is that we have a school of puppetry and our very own ice cream. I will always remember when the Men's Basketball team advanced to the finals of the NCAA championship my freshman year. Most frequently students complain about the wind and other weather related discontent.


UConn is a pretty good school and I'm glad I go there. A lot of people complain about the size, but it really isn't that big once you get used to it. The location isn't the best though, since there is nothing around UConn at all except farm land. If you have a car on campus, the mall in Manchester is only about a 30 min drive. There's a ton of school pride, especially when it comes to sports since we have some pretty good teams. The best way to enjoy being at UConn is to get involved in activities and clubs. They're great ways to meet new friends, they're fun, and they're a nice break from studying and school work. Weekends can be pretty boring though as there aren't many school sponsored activities, which is why a lot of people go out to drink.


There's a lot that goes into my overall opinion of UConn. For me, the best part about this school is sharing the experiences it offers with my best friends. Although the school can seem quite large at a first glance, it gets to be a perfect size the longer you are here. It's not small enough that you remember everyone's face, but it's not big enough that you feel like your missing out on anything. There is a lot of school pride, and the University does a great job of getting the whole student body involved. Not only are there opportunities to go to all of the sport games, but there are also other activities through the year that each student can get involved in. One of the best things I've ever done is participate in Oozeball during Spring Weekend. With me and 7 of my best friends, we competed in a mud-volleyball competition to compete again hundreds of other teams! Although we didn't win, we went as far as to be in the top-12 and got to play several games, as well as take part in the other activities around campus that day.


My over all opinion of this school is that the University does not do enough to please the student body. Rather than listen to the pleas of the student body to improve the student recreational facility, the campus has been under beautification construction since I have been a student here. The campus is large enough where you can get some peace and quiet away from your accustomed social scene, but small enough to run into the same people over and over again if you keep a similar schedule. There is not much of a "town" for the students to hang out in, but a downtown construction project has been started by the town of Storrs and should be partially completed by the end of 2012. There is a lot of school pride because of the sports here .


I love UConn. I didn't know where I wanted to go to college and when I decided to attend UConn I hadn't even visited it yet. The campus is large and beautiful. There are many quiet spots that you can get peace of mind and relax. I like to sit by one of the tow lakes on a nice day or go for a walk. The school pride is one of my favorite parts. Everything has a Husky on it or is white and blue. The sporting events are fun, energetic and make you proud to go to UConn. This campus is in itself a little town. People complain about the dining hall food even thought we have more than six to choose from and that it's windy and cold for about 6 months out of the school year.


Overall, I really do like UConn. Because it's such a large school there are groups and activities for everyone, and though the walking can be a pain the buildings are nice and the academics are strong. The isolation of campus is probably my biggest issue, however... and the longer I'm here the less entertaining the campus becomes. I tend to spend most of my time either in my dorm (almost all of my friends live here) or at the gym though, so I sometimes wonder if I wouldn't be more entertained if I went out more.


I feel like this school has everything that I want in a school. I came here because of its nationally acclaimed pharmacy program and the experiences I have had have not been disappointments. If you're a big fan of the city or shopping, this school might not be the place to you. There's a shopping plaza (Eastbrook) within 10 minutes, but it takes about 40 minutes to go to a fully equipped mall (Buckland). UConn ranks first amongst public universities in New England and in the top 25 nationally. We consistently have nationally contending sports teams. It's a big campus, with bus lines that'll bring you all over, but meeting people with similar interests is the easiest way to make it smaller.


I really enjoy being in this school. It is a great environment for education because its not smack in the middle of a big city. The population is very diverse you will meet students from all around the world. The resources that are available for students are also wonderful. There are so many ways to get involved on campus whether it is extra curricular activities or academic opportunities. This school is just right it is not too big and not too small., it is definitely a college town there is not much to storrs besides Uconn. There are so many things to do and places to visit on campus. It never gets old everyday there is something new to be discovered. The pride at this school is amazing. Once a husky always a husky.


As a CT resident, I was dreading coming to UConn because I figured that the majority of my high school would be coming here and I just wanted to get away from that. Now, I can't really picture myself anywhere else. The school's campus is huge, so running into kids from my high school is a rare occurance. There are just so many activities to get involved with, whether it be sports, clubs, volunteering, basically anything you can think of. My favorite part of UConn has to be the school spirit; even if you weren't into sports before college, all Huskies band together whenever any of our sports teams are playing. It's just great to be a part of such a united school.


UConn is a great university. I believe we are one of the top twenty public universities in the country, and the number one public school in New England. I feel as though I'm getting a great education here. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the size, but there are tons of activities on campus that allow you to feel as though you go to a very small school. I would change the location. While Storrs is working on adding apartments, shops and a town center, you should be warned that school is in the middle of nowhere. We are probably fifteen minutes from the highway to get to any large city or town. People are always impressed when they hear that I go to UConn. There is definitely a ton of school pride; our basketball teams are always the best and we are always winning championships and making tournament runs in almost every sport. The food isn't all that great; probably my main complaint about the school.


There are so many opportunities here on campus if you look for them (or read your e-mails!). There are always workshops, sports, clubs to get involved in. No one should ever be bored here! I like that there is something here for everyone (even me!). There is a lot of school pride and a lot of student involvement in various organizations. If I had to change one thing about the school, it would be the surrounding area. It seems to be in the middle of nowhere and I always get shopping deprived without a car, although parking is cheap as of now. They are building more things around campus, but it won't be done while I am here. Many people love the size of the school and I like it more than I thought I would but I still think that I would prefer a little bit of a smaller school. Classes are very large for the first two years or so. On the bright side, there are always new people to met. The faculty and staff is helpful but considering the size of the school, it can take some time and effort to get to them if they are in high demand.


I transferred to UCONN from my #1 choice school in order to get in state tuition. Coming into it I was very apprehensive because I did not really want to go to UCONN. I am a Pre-Vet student and so far the education that I have received here has completely changed my opinion on the school and I am very happy that I transferred.


Once you walk into UConn you can feel overwhelmed on how big the school is, but once you walk around campus once or twice you'll realize that the campus inst that big. UConn is unique because it has a great event services which helps student plan for events and conferences that they are interested in. Around 12% of the school is Greek, which is great because it opens your eyes to the concept of sister and brotherhood. UConn has over 500 student groups and clubs. This will allow student to get involved and improve their academia. The Faculty is very involved in student life and making sure that the students stay at UConn is a pleasant one.


I hate it here. It's huge and impersonal. No one cares about academics and I'm sick and tired of all the partying. It seems like if you don't want to party, you have no way to interact with people.


The best things is the many programs and courses it offers. One thing I would change is put a mall next door if it were at all possible just because it is located in a rural area and I was used to having a shopping mall 5 minutes away from my house. The school is not too large, but it is large.When I tell people I go to UCONN, they think I must be pretty smart. School pride is defenitely pretty big here especially when it comes to sports, since we do have really great teams. I think one of the most frequent student complaints is the food because it's not always too good and another complaint is the fact that classes may sometimes be far apart and you may have to walk about 15 minutes to get to a class.


To be honest? I love it here. When I was applying to colleges in in 2010, I had no idea what I wanted. I applied all over the US to every type of school (big, small, city... you name it!) and I had no idea what my major was, let alone what I even wanted to do with my life. When I visited UConn, I saw countless opportunities for me. There are so many options for majors and minors. And, if you're not satisfied with your options, you can have your own individualized major! There are so many different academic support services on campus that help you choose a major(s), learn better study skills, become a stronger writer, and guide you through your time here. Also, I love the environment here. Even in the most stressful times of year (midterms, finals), the students and faculty are incredibly down-to-earth. Sweatpants and t-shirts are a common attire here, which I absolutely LOVE. Oftentimes, the professors love what they're doing and want to get to know their students. Are you nervous about huge lecture halls? Not to worry, all professors have office hours each week available for you to visit them. They love helping you individually with your work, and are more than happy to go over anything again! The most talked-about thing at UConn, whether you're a student or my Dad, is the athletics. I personally love going to the sporting events and cheering on the Huskies, because it's a lot fun and is so cool to see our school win national championships. Athletics is a major part of UConn, and is a big reason to be here for a lot of students. There is so much school pride on campus with the students, which can get a little crazy at times. For example, Gampel Pavilion, where the men's and women's basketball teams play, was completely filled with UConn students the night of the men's championship game last spring. We all watched the game on huge screens set up in the middle of the court, and had an amazing time. It truly felt like I was watching a game with my family. When that final buzzer went off, we all rushed the court and sang "We are the Champions." It was a wonderful moment, and really brought UConn together. But, believe me, UConn is so much more than sports. If I'm not in my dorm room, I'm oftentimes and the Student Union. The food is fantastic, and there's always something going on! It's a great place to hang out with your friends, watch a movie in the theatre, eat some great food, meet with your clubs, and many other things. UConn is an incredibly large school with many students, but I feel that it's the perfect size for me and many others. Walking across campus takes 15 minutes, tops, and is an absolutely beautiful walk in the spring and fall. Once you get involved here, whether in clubs or sports or a job, you'll feel that the campus is a much more comfortable place to be. You quickly make connections here with other students, and feel much more at home. It's easy to feel lost the first few weeks, but you soon get used to the size and all the many buildings. Soon enough, you'll be a pro! One of the most common complaints about UConn is that it is "in the middle of nowhere." Now, I'm not going to deny that there isn't much going on once you drive off-campus (except for cows :D), but UConn is well-equipped for this issue. This school has so many different things for students to do around campus to keep us happy. There are over 500 different clubs and organizations here - whether you want to be involved in volunteer work, student government, ski/snowboarding, or even a trampoline club, believe me, we have a club for you! And if we don't? Feel free to make your own! On weekends, there's always countless activities going on at the Late Nights in the Union, and the Union Theater is always playing awesome movies (on Fridays, it's free!). Basically, although there isn't much going on outside of UConn, there is plenty of things here on campus that you'll love. The best way to start is to GET INVOLVED. This campus can be a bit big and scary at the start, but it will soon feel like your home once you find something that interests you! In just a month, I joined 2 clubs, and have made some of my best friends through them. UConn is the perfect place to be yourself. With such a large campus, you will meet every type of person. You'll feel completely comfortable being yourself and getting to know people.


uconn is kind of in the middle of nowhere but that doesn't mean anything. Classes aren't too tough, the school rank has been steadily increasing nationally over the 4 yrs I just went for. Also spring weekend is sick and greek organizations on campus make it a fun place to be with alot of room for partying and rewarding philanthropy etc


the best part about uconn is the psychology department- great professors, great advisors, great dean. one thing i would change would be the amount of cars towed out of celeorn- that is just ridiculus it is just the right size- you can get to know profs and ppl well- but at the same time not know everyone you pass Uconn- storrs is NOT a college town there is a LOT of school pride- especially surrounding football and basketball


The football and basketball games are the best thing that UConn offers. The computer system is horrible. I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm or quad. It is definitly a college town; everything revolves around UConn. I think the administration is moderatly poor. The biggest controversy on campus is the limited number of student tickets at the basketball games. There is an imense amount of school pride. Greek life is getting huge. The most complaints are about class size and availability.


UConn is HUGE on school pride, especially for football and basketball. We make a big deal out of everything at our sports events. Too me, UConn is the perfect size, having grown up in a small town and wanting more things to do and people to meet. Everyone is always interested when i say I go to UConn, especially since I am part of a small major.


The best thing for me was reconnecting with old friends who also go to Uconn and making new friends. You find out who your true friends are. It's pretty easy to find a place to hang out. Uconn is large, but it becomes smaller as time goes on. When I tell people I go here, they often say how they also knew someone there, if they didn't go there themselves. People in general respect Uconn. I mean, it's getting more and more competitive, and most majors are pretty rigorous. The campus is pretty centralized, but at least there's a lot of places to meet friends on campus. The Student Union has been done very well. It's huge, I still get lost in it sometimes.. there's a good food court, lots of study rooms, and lots of activities happen here. Some people have a lot of pride. There is a LOT of pride about sports at Uconn. Many people get tired of Uconn though, honestly, and can't wait to graduate. But this seems more like they're tired to academia in general. Uconn has the most amazing ice cream in existence. More frequently, students complain about how windy Uconn is, having to get up early for morning classes, and the food. Also, students in science and math classes complain how unnecessarily ridiculous they usually are.


A good sized school however not too big, spend a lot of time at the library, a ton of school pride


The best thing about uconn is the variety of clubs, activities, and majors. I think UConn is a good size for a university because although it is extremely large this offers the variety of events, clubs, etc, resulting in many more ways to meet people than at a smaller school with less to offer.


I love going to a big school, because it has so much to offer & there is so much to do. I would change the campus & have much more culturally diverse events on campus. I would like to have more shops & entertainment around campus. Storrs should somewhat be converted into a collge town & offer more services & entertainment to students, friends, & families. There is definately a lot of school pride, people go to every sport, every game. They wear school colors, sometimes paint themselves blue, scream for the Huskies, & show as much pride as they can!! Most people on campus choose to spend time in different areas: dorms, dining halls, but most people spend a lot of their free time ( not studying) in the Student Union. It has several cultural centers, food court, convience store, hair salon, game room, lobbies, radio & tv station, & much more.


I love the people at UConn. My friends and I like to hang out at the Student Union and go to sporting events. Also, my friends in the dorms were a lot of fun to hang out with. I think UConn is the perfect size, and I wouldn't change much about it except maybe update the gym. I think most people love UConn from the beginning or end up falling in love with it. It really is a great place to be.


the big picture is that uconn is a big school. you can only expect of it what a university of its size is able to sufficiently provide for its student body. if you are looking to be babied through college by professors and advisors, uconn isnt the school for you. you need to go out with your questions and figure them out on your own. your best guidance counselor or advisor is going to be you. again, with such a big university with so many different colleges and degrees offered, very few people are going to have the answers to your very specific questions. be prepared to do a lot of walking from unknown building to unknown building looking for faculty you dont know so that you can ask them a question that they too may possibly not know the answer to. if you are proactive and independent, you will do fine, but if you are used to mommy and daddy holding your hand, maybe uconn isnt for you. reason to not go to uconn- there is no college town! you are in husky nation, thats it. if you need a the hustle and bustle of a city, you wont find it in storrs. granted hartford and mohegan sun are both under an hour's drive away, but many dont have a car and gambling isnt for everyone. uconn's enviornment is perfect if you are a laidback personality. if you are down to just hang out at a local bar and have a drink with your friend, you will certainly find something to do. lets also not forget, however, about the infamous carriage house and celeron apartments. if frat parties is your seen, you will find them at uconn just about monday through friday! and if sports is your thing, come to uconn!! great basketball programs fuel the school spirit at husky nation. there is nothing like watching a game at gampel!! football games keep the students occupied during the fall season, and tailgating every saturday morning after a long night of partying has become almost tradition to the student body.


UConn is VERY big and it's located in a college town (where the college consumes the entire town, as is there are very few, if any, people who don't attend the college that live in the surrounding area). It definitely helps with school spirit and there being less complaints about loud parties or anything. The only problem is a lot of things that you may need to go to (such as the mall, CVS, etc) you must drive to because they are so far away. And the fact that you can't have a car on campus until you are a Junior makes things ten times harder.


UConn is a big school, which may be intimidating to some people. However, you find you niche - your group of friends, organizations or clubs you belong too, people you live with - and it becomes smaller. The nice thing about the size is, if you don't want to run into someone, chances are you won't. You can always meet new people, whereas at a small school you meet everyone in 2 weeks and that is that. Also, big schools have more to offer - more majors, activites, sports, etc.


-UConn offers the BEST study abroad experience- I just came back from spain and i loved it so much i'm going to return for another semester. Everyone i've heard from that has studied abroad through UConn has loved it also. -We have the best school spirit- waiting in line at 6am/camping out for basketball tickets says something. Tailgating is insane, along with the following for our soccer teams. -There is an even balance of time spent between my dorm room, dining halls, classes and soccer practice. I prefer to study in my room or at the library. -I definitely dislike that there is nothing around the UConn campus. I really wish it were a college town, like UNH has with a grocery store (walkable distance). Everything, including the packie, we need to drive to. -UConn might be a big school, but it becomes small very quickly. You can walk to class and see at least a few people you know, attend parties or just go to the dining hall and know a lot of people. There are small-world connections everywhere.


The best thing about UConn is the diversity. There are so many different sorts of people who attend. Its a large school which makes it great for meeting and getting to know many different types of people. Most of my time on campus is spent in my dorm complex. I love knowing everyone I'm living with. School Pride at uconn is HUGE! everyone loves attending sporting events and it is so much fun to participate in campus wide activities.


UConn's pretty isolated, but that's what I expected since it's in Northern Connecticut. You can take a bus to most things you need though (grocery store, movie theater, etc). The administration seems to like to find ways to waste money. They recently paved walkways and put up lamps in an area where they recently knocked down a building but they are already planning to build something new there so why bother paving it? Also, they put the president in the president's house but his wife was allergic to some kind of mold in it. So now they've moved them to a $4,000/month house near campus and are removing the mold from the old but considering buying the house they are renting anyway. As for size, I really like UConn. I was a transfer student from the Ohio State University (~45,000 undergrad) to Eastern Connecticut State University (~5,000 undergrad) to UConn (~16,000). I feel like UConn is the middle ground for me on that.


One thing that is upsetting is the amount of attention the sports department receieves. It's great to be proud of the sports teams, but the school doesn't show recognition to the rest of the student body. The administration is not very student-oriented. Faculty members are too concerned with their own personal growth. The school is not very accepting of homosexuals, either.


The best thing about UConn is The school is large, but it's not like you feel overwhelmed by the amount of people or the fact that you won't see them all the time. Storrs is no where near a college town. Storrs Mansfield, is one boring town with farms and old people. And closest "mall" (Eastbrook) is crap. The one in Manchester is great. The only things to do are within the campus and the campus is like one big town, with places to eat and etc. UConn pride is strong. Even for myself, someone who doesn't even watch sports. You feel a great sense of pride to go to UConn. Students mostly complain about the lack of things to do/places to go. They also complain about financial aid.


UConn is on the larger side as far as colleges go. People coming from small towns find it daunting - for about the first week. And, as time passes, the campus gets smaller and smaller to you. The great thing about attending a huge university like this is that it is easier than you think to fall into your niche, if you just go exploring a bit. There's a club for practically EVERY interest imaginable, as well as many sororities and fraternities to rush. It sounds hokey, but it's really the truth - so get off your butt, turn off the Wii and go make some friends!! (And then invite them back to your dorm for a Wii party. But that last part's optional.)


it depends what your major is and what school you're in, for me i was in nursing and we were basically a cult and had all the same schedules and could basically only hang out w/ each other by senior year, the new dean is making some good changes in the program and hopefully the nclex pass rate goes up, otherwise some teachers are god awful, some are amazing. the best thing about uconn is that it's huge but you can still manage to run into someone you know, i think the size is just right, depending on the year i spent most of my time at the gym, in my room, in class, walking around, at the co-op and senior year i was almost always at the bar, the biggest recent controversy is that girl that got hit by a drunkd river last year, there is a ton of school pride, storrs is a definite college town, i'll always remember everything about uconn b/c it changed my life, i'm so glad i went there, housing, parking, traffic, classes, and the police are the most frequent complaints, and the fact that the gym is always packed


The sports and Husky pride is the best thing about UConn. Being from CT its still common to go to UConn but its harder to get in and respected bc of athletics


Uconn is literally it's own city. When you look at a map of the campus it is at first overwhelming. But the truth is it's not that big. I spent most of my academic career at regional campus's that were VERY small I finally took a class up at storrs last semester and couldn't believe that I was afraid of this campus. It's is amazing and there is something for everyone.


The best thing about UConn is its diversity. Because of the large size of our school, no matter what type of person you are you are bound to find your own niche. Be it a group of friends, sports, Greek life or clubs, there is something for everyone at UConn, which I think is great. I've heard that no matter what a person's expectations before attending UConn, they always end up loving it when they are there. This is very true. I was not excited about coming to UConn before I moved in, and after my freshman year, I can honestly call it my home. One stereotypical idea about UConn is that it is boring because of its kind of remote location. Although it may be known for the farm, I rarely venture to that side of campus anyway. UConn's campus is huge and like a town on its own. There is always something to do and it isn't boring.


all the school cares about is making money off of their basketball and football athletes. uconn will also take money from students in any way, shape, or form. instead of putting every ounce of money they have into D1 basketball, they should consider students trying to get a college degree to make a living and put money into reslife.


The best think about UConn is how many people there are and how much stuff there is to do. If I could change anything, I would make it not a dry campus, and I would have campus cops (which are also state cops) to chill out about drinking and weed-smoking regulation. At first UConn seems too big, but if you're a sociable person you'll have fun. When I tell people I go to UConn, everyone knows what I'm talking about, knows us for our good athletics (football and basketball are our star teams-- Big East and everything) and party reputation, but also that it's a pretty tough school academically speaking (at least for out-of-staters to get into). UConn Storrs is in the middle of a cow field-- the only thing to do in Storrs, other than go to the one or two bars and stuff that cater to the students, is to be at UConn. The administration leaves something to be desired, especially when it comes to resident life and getting stuck with crappy housing, or picking classes and getting stuck with a bad pick date and not being able to get into any of your classes. Also, parking on campus is impossible. Having a car is more trouble than it's worth if you live on campus, but useful if you live in an off-campus apartment.


The best thing about UCONN is that there is always someone there to help you out. People think just because UCONN is a big school, that you don't get the resources to help you in your time of need. This is not true. There is a lot of help out there, you just have to go get it. When you first get here, the campus seems huge! After a while, it doesn't seem as big as it used to be. Storrs, CT is basically UCONN. UCONN is its own town, which is a cool thing. One thing that you'll love about UCONN is the amount of school pride. The food isn't that bad either.


This sounds weird, but the best thing about UConn is that even though it's pretty large it can often feel small. Additionally, the large size can really work in your favor (unless you're in an obscure major) because you can avoid bad professors. You can find stuff on almost every UConn professor on and sites like that simply due to the fact that there are so many students taking so many classes. I suppose the thing I'd change would be that I'd prevent the geese from inhabiting mirror lake for the entire fall semester (they make a mess on the grass and can be noisy) and I would make my freshman dorm closer to the rest of campus. These, however, are trivial things. There are lots of things to do on campus, but you have to take the initiative to involve yourself (go to the involvement fair, pay attention to bulletins and your email, etc). That's one of the big upshots to UConn: it's such a big school that the administration doesn't individually coach every student to success. Instead, the school lays out all of the opportunities and activities for the students and we have to go make decisions for ourselves and manage our own lives on an academic, extra-curricular, and social level. I feel like they leave us to our own devices more than some other school's i've seen, but they still have safety-nets in place if we need help. Every department i've been in has a tutoring center if you need it, and there are groups and organizations to help you for every kind of problem you could possibly get yourself into. Despite the size, they really do care about the students and they make a noticable effort; they just want you to get used to managing your own life because that's what you have to do after you graduate. There is a decent amount of school pride. Whenever you go to an event, you usually get a UConn t-shirt of some type thrown in your direction. Also, because it's a Division I school there are tons of sports, and a lot of them are just on the club or intramural level. I feel like that's just one of many ways students showcase their school pride. Most frequent complaints? That you have 10 minutes, max, to walk from MSB to Arjona in the middle of the winter. But that can usually be solved by some fancy scheduling.


UConn definitely has a large student population and an even larger campus. This can be intimidating, but only if you let it. Once you find your "niche," whether it's a favorite study spot or an extracurricular, you will immediately find that you fit right in. I personally felt welcome here the moment I stepped onto the marching band rehearsal field. It's where I belong.


When I came to UConn it was like being transmitted back to 7th grade. All of the people are superficial and low - no one wants to have real, personal, caring relationships. Rather, the life of a UConn student contains doing enough school work just to get by and then drinking as much as possible during the weekend.


Housing is a big problem and Reslife isn't very understanding or accomodating to those to don't live in CT and need answers and guidance. UCONN likes to say they have school pride but few students do. How can they when we are allotted tickets to football or basketball games. I came here for the teams and the comraderie but I've been to one game in all my years here. I know freshman who got tickets before me as a senior. Transferring here was not fun. While I understand the loss of credits in changing schools, I don't understand how I (and every other transfer I know) was placed in suites rather than dorms. It's difficult to make friends in that type of environment.


There's nothing around except the school. Luckily it's huge, although in the first few months that's intimidating, though now any smaller school would feel constricting for me. There's always something to do if you know enough people/pay attention. It's a bit close to home, as I live in the same state. Most students are from Mass/Conn. We hate on Jersey a bit. The gay culture isn't as prominent as I expected compared to high school. People are accepting, or at least those I associate with are.


Uconn is way too large. I have had a lot of problems getting into classes that I need because they fill so fast. Many classes have 100+ people in them and you do not get to know your professors at all. Socially, due to being such a large school it is hard to form lasting friendships from year to year because you are costantly placed in different groups in such a large amount of people.


When I tell people I go to UConn their eyes always get a bit wider and they smile and nod and say "Oh, UConn's good!" but shortly after that, they ask me how the parties are. I don't go out and drink (i stay in and imbibe, thank you very much. No need to hike to carriage/celeron just for some bad beer and stupid frat boys). But, most often people are pleased, they know uconn's a good school and a prestigious one (even if it "is only a state college") and that I work hard to stay here and do well.