University of Connecticut Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Literally anyone can attend this school. There is such a diverse student body, anyone could find friends and people who share the same views as them. All they would have to do is be social from the begining, or go join clubs that share the same interests as them. As intelligence is concered, the classes can range from extremely easy to extremely difficult, depending on major and choice of teacher.


A sporty, fit person with an appreciation for rural landscapes and whose not really a fan of city life would appreciate this school


As I haven't started college yet, I'm unsure. However, from what I've heard, it's a great school to go to, and I'm excited.


UConn is the perfect school for students who will not feel lost in large numbers. The campus is huge, and you must be ready to ask for directions. If you can be comfortable in a large lecture hall, and not be intimidated to ask for tutoring help, then you will do nicely at UConn. There is always campus activities every day of the week at UConn. However, if you require the intimacy of knowing each and every teacher, and if you desire to be known by each of your teachers, a smaller college would br a better choice for you.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is looking for the classic college experience. UConn has it all. They won't be disappointed. If they are looking for a more defined and intimate experience, they should look elsewhere.


I think that the best type of person would be someone who is motivated to learn and will make the most of what the school has to offer. You can get a great education for less money than other schools especially if you live in the state of CT. Also, if you do well in school you can be accpeted into graduate and masters level schools after graduation. There are plenty of different major to choose from and if you use your advisor and are motivated you can do anything in the future.


I feel like this is a school that anyone can attend. UCONN is so large and its size allows people of all ethnicities, backgrounds and and walks of life to feel welcome and accepted. UCONN is so diverse that labels don't matter. UCONN is the place where anyone can come and now matter how they were in high school they can reinvent themselves. It doesn't matter if you want to study puppetry or if you're going to be a doctor; there is a place at UCONN for you.


A happy and outgoing person, someone who is not afraid to meet other people and have a conversation.




Anyone can attend UCONN as long as one is open to a “larger” sized campus, high expectations regarding academics, high spirited campus community, and a rural setting. One makes their experience exactly as they would want it to be; college is what you make of it no matter where you go. The University of Connecticut is just a world of endless and open possibilities for anyone.


Someone who is willing to attend the University of Connecticut should be a motivated and hardworking to learn new ideas, concepts, and theories.


I think you have to be an involved person. If you don't like to go out an meet new people, or join clubs or sports, this school can seem really big. There are tons of oppurtunites to meet new people, but you have to be willing to do so.


I believe that the type of person that fits best at UConn is someone that is looking for a large campus with a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds. You meet a variety of people and can join a variety of clubs so it is always easy to meet people and find somewhere to fit in and learn something new.


I believe any student ha a good oportunity to do well if they attend the university of connecticut.


A person that is willing to persevere past the point of mere effort and embark in a path to success and happiness should definetly attend this school


An energetic, enthusiastic student woudl fit in best at UConn.


I think this school is good for just about anyone. I can't speak for most on campus activities because I am a commuter and don't stick around for most activities but it is easy to get involved. I am in the UConn Marching Band (the largest student organization on campus), a co-ed fraternity and multiple musical ensembles. There is always something going on and this school is very enjoyable. Most of the teachers are great and most of the students are great too.


Almost anyone. You can find so many different people at UConn--it's a really diverse population. But especially kids who are interested in a huge variety of different opportunities--my major right now is something I had never even heard of until I got here! (It's diagnostic genetic sciences). Also anyone who loves watching college sports! We have a reputation as a party school, and it is a great place for kids who want to have fun, but you have to work hard to play hard. The coursework is very demanding, but in a good way!


Anyone who is looking to challenge themselves academically will benefit from this school. Also, someone who likes to socialize with other individuals will have a great time at UConn.


If one is considering attending UCONN, one should desire a campus-oriented college experience and be prepared to experience a number of very large lecture classes and student events.


In my opinion, the type of person that should attend this school would be a person who values his/her education and holds themselves to higher academic standards. Along with this very important aspect, I believe a UConn student is one that proud to be apart of this University and charismatic to the sometimes unappealing cold vast environment. Sometimes the road less traveled leads to a better place, and although the weak may choose warmer schools much smaller, it is only because they choose to settle for less and take the easy road, Uconn student work towards excellence, nothing less.


The University of Connecticut's demographic is quite broad. If someone is considering becoming a student here, they have to be accepting of many types of people. A person who wants their college to offer them a broad view of society should attend UConn. One must also be a hard working student to survive at UConn because classes are competative. Anyone who wants to really become an expert in their field would do well to come to UConn. Therefore, students with open minds and dedication to their education and future would appreciate the atmosphere here and fit in well.


I think that any type of person can really attend this school. UCONN is a big party school and therefore students must be able to know and have the capability of balancing there social life and academics. This school has a very hard academic programs in which slacking off is not tolerated and if you do you will learn the hard way that it will cost you. Students who attend this school should be open to new and different ideas and should be willing to work as a community.


The type of person that should attend this school is an invidiual who knows how to manage their time. UCONN leaves little room for slip ups. As a student you need to be responsible and completley aware of your course and the work loads they require. UCONN treats you as an adult. Absolutley no hand holding. It can be a struggle adjusting to the University and its expectations, but the moments of achievement in your specific major or a course that seemed impossible are incredibliy rewarding.


I would recommend UConn to a very independent, determined student; someone that doesn't need someone always there to tell them what to do, but is able to accomplish what needs to be done on their own. UConn has some very competitive programs and a challenging curriculum that requires hard work and a lot of studying. It is hard to put in the right amount of studying without the advice and support that a smaller school offers. Also, it's a great school for the person that loves to get involved in different activities or is a huge sports fan!


The kind of person should attend the University of Connecticut is someone who is very open to new things. The campus is pretty big and can be overwhelming in the beginning, but once you meet new friends and get situated, you will LOVE IT! If you like constantly meeting new people, working hard in great classes, you should attend UConn. This school is for someone who enjoys many extracurricular activities because there is more to do here than imaginable.


A student who is ready to learn at a high level, but also wants to enjoy the best experience of his or her life should attend UConn. A student who is ready to be proud of the university that they attend would excel at UConn.


Party people. I've found that most people here like to stay up literally all night, screaming and laughing.


People who enjoy a good balance between work and social life should come to UConn. It's academic programs and faculty are very helpful, and the course material is presented, for the most part, in an interesting and engaging way. In addition to this, there is a wide variety of extracurricular clubs, programs, and facilities that students can use to meet other students with similar interests, or to make the most out of their stay at UConn.


A person who likes football and being in Tallahassee


An individual who is ready to expand his or her horizons through experiences the extend beyond the classroom should attend this school. This person should be interested in meeting new people and becoming involved with extracurricular clubs and organizations. He or she should also enjoy spending time on campus, as most students here live on campus and stick around on weekends.


A person who is willing to challenge themselves. Someone who is constantly questioning the status quo and is not afraid of being challenged in their own views.


Any person who does not know exactly what they want to study should come here. There are so many majors offered that even if you change your mind, you won't have to change your school. Also, you can "specialize" within a particular field, because there usually several majors that are very related but delve into particular aspects of a subject individually. This school does a great job providing niches for everyone, with a few different churches on campus, different racially-oriented clubs, and extracurriculars for anyone. Any kind of person could attend this school and find themselves a place.


The type of person that should go to this school is someone is likes to be involved, because the University of Connecticut has plenty of things to get involved with. There are so many clubs a person can join, there is Greek Life, sports teams, choirs and bands, mentor programs, and plenty of community service opportunities as well. The University of Connecticut has so many diverse activities to get involved in, that anybody can find something that they are interested in to get involved with.


A sociable person who has determination should attend the Storrs campus. You will make plenty of friends, but you also need to remember when it is time to study and get your work done.


A person who is looking for a large campus with great diversity; a person who is looking to get involved; a person who is looking for an intense party life.


A person who is willing to work hard for the grades they will earn.


Attend UConn only if you are able to fight for what you want. The administration isn't too great, so you really have to be your own advocate and advisor. Professors can be good or bad - it really depends on your major. For science/engr majors, the math department is terrible, so be careful. Also, the Honors Program is not what it seems to be at first - they woo you with promises, but after your first semester there are absolutely no honors-specific classes (just extra "conversion" papers to write that professors often forget to grade!).


Person who is hardworking, funloving, and knows how to balance their activies well


Any kind


People who like to party or like sciences.


Someone who is open-minded and willing to explore other paths besides the one that they are currently on.


Anyone who wants to get a good education and have a great time! Sports fans will love it here.




Someone interested in a fairly easily obtainable degree. They should also love to party and drink a lot.


Someone that is eager to meet new people and get involved in things that they never thought they would. It is for people that want to learn more about themselves.


Uconn isn't in a city, its a city in itself. You can't catch a cab to the clubs, or go bar hopping in a traditional sense. Nor is there a vibrant college town life. Its such a large campus that there really are opportunities for everyone, over 300 clubs, various cultural centers, and lots of community outreach. Its the type of school, however, where getting involved is so important because of its size. You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and keep an open mind.


Laidback people do well at UConn, people from small towns or schools will be overwhelmed. Liberals do well here, conservatives will have to fight.


I think the best people to attend this school are those who are ready reach out and meet new people. Uconn is a large school, and therefore it is easy to blend into the surroundings. If one is not an outgoing person, this school will be intimidating and uncomfortable. You have to be ready and willing to meet new people and try new things. This university is not fit for someone who enjoys the closeness of small classes or living quarters. Uconn is a school meant to provide opportunities and seeks out students willing to try new things.


I think that outgoing people who are driven should attend this school. There are so many people you will find exactly what youre looking for at this school if you are willing to give it a chance.