University of Connecticut Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The limited amount of parking for off campus students


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the social night life that occurs is usually associated with Fraternities and Sororities. Those that are not associated with Frats or Sororities are usually shut down by 12am so it gets very boring and repetitive on some nights.


The most frustrating thing about Uconn has to be, the inability to choose what campus I can attend to. With 5 campuses across CT, Storrs gets all of the glory. I attend the campus in Hartford, against my choice, as a commuter student and it has to be on of the most diffiucult tasks. Not only do I go to school but in order to go to school, i must have a car and must have a job. So time management gets difficult at times.


The Storrs Campus is nice and rural, but it is isolated from the outside world. There is a theater down the road and a few resturants, but there are no trains, and the bus system to and from Boston and New York round trip is around $66. If you like going out and venturing on your own, you will need a car because there is not much to do around except for the weekend parties, if you enjoy that. If you like the outdoors, join the Outdoor Club because it gets you off campus with other people.


Due to the size of the colleges, especially the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you often feel like a number and not a person. For some this may be okay, but I prefer small classes, which you tend to only get in upper level courses, and places where people know my name; you can't always find that at UConn.


When Jay Hickey doesn't cancel school when the weather and roads are awful, but does on days that aren't that bad.


The most frustrating thing about my school is waiting for the buses in the cold.


The most frustrating thing about the school was the lack of urgency to action toward deliquents.


The teaching assistants are always a hit or miss, and can greatly affect your grade. Also the housing department is extremely strict.


As I am a double major, its frustrating at times that the agriculture and art departments often get the brush off in terms of funding in comparison to liberal arts, the sciences, and sports funding.


The weather is my biggest frustration. I am from California, so I was born for Connecticut weather. Especially Storrs, it is like a wind tunnel. Also I hate the gym. There is only one for all of us and it gets so crowded especially spring semester because of New Year Resolutions and Spring Break. They should open another gym to help thin out the crowds. Some advisors for particular majors aren't the best, so you have to be on top of your own study plan, because they aren't always helpful.


The driving distance and traffic.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the mass amount of people that make everywhere you go too crowded for comfort. For example when finals week rolls around and you decide to go to the library to study the night away it is almost impossible to find a table to sit at or a booth to put your books down because of all the people that are already there. Or say you want to go to the gym to workout. If you go before 10 at night, every machine will be taken up before you can use them.


Signing up for classes. The process is pretty good, but they offer very few of some types of classes at certain times


Terrible academic advising. Professors who are unknowledgable in their field. Few scholarship opportunities. Underrepresentation of Fine Arts. Over emphasis of sports. Very stringent police. Hiking prices every year. Huge campus, hard to walk through several times a day.


I attend one of the branch schools of UCONN, so it is much smaller than the main campus. I also work full time, own a home, and am about to get married so I have a very tight schedule and budget when it comes to fitting in classes. I can only take night classes, due to work, and it is very frustrating trying to find night classes that fit my major. It is also frustrating trying to come up with the money to pay for the classes as well. It seems like more financial aide and classes should be available.


The most frustrating part is the lack of recognition in the arts, and the amount of priority that athletes get over every other student on campus. It's very frustrating when some people get a large and obvious amount of advantage over other students just because they play a varsity sport.


The most frusrating thing about the school is the weather.and location As an out of state student from Pennsylvania, the New England winter is quite harsh to walk to classes in. Also, the location of the Storrs campus can be uneventful at times, especially for a freshman without a car on campus. Storrs does not have much to offer beyond what consists of campus, but those are the only qualms about the university.


The most frustrating thing about my school is signing up for classes. The course catalog is now online and I preferred when there was a book of courses and their descriptions. The course catalog also doesn't mention if a class is not offered in a certain semester. It is hard to find courses required for graduation that fit in a schedule with studio art classes that are 3 hours long. School advisors only suggest 2 or 3 courses to take which is annoying if you are a new student and are not sure which courses you need to take.


The most frustrating thing about UConn is the size of the campus. It is a large campus and some walks between classes are tough to make. However, if you plan your schedule correctly, and use effective time management to get to class on time, you'll have no problem. (Also, many people ride bikes to class).


Sometimes it is hard to get to the mall and Walmart because of the rural location, but if you are lucky enough to have friends with cars, then it is not a big problem. Also, it might be frustrating trying to enroll in classes because some of them fill up quickly, but by the time classes start, people tend to switch out of them.


The most frustrating thing about college in general is that the style of work is so different that high school. It is up to me to stay on my work, get assignments completed on time, and learn the material and understand it. No more do my grades depend on attendance, homework and class participation, all of which I found easy to accomplish.


The most frustrating thing about my school is its lack of activity.


In my opinion, the most frustrating thing was managing my time. I always thought that I had time to study and I would leave it to the end and then find out that I did not have enough time. Time management is key in doing well. I procrastinated a lot and did not dedicate enough time to study. I know part of the reason is in high school I never studied. I still did well in school getting A's, but college is totally different. If you do not study, do not expect to get good grades.


Although my school is excellent, it is not without its defects. Most conspicuously, it is a very large school. Thus, it is difficult to meet people with similar interests.


That I have to save up for the tuition since I am a part time student and my tuition for my last semester is exactly $5000 and I can't afford it.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the relative difficulty of registering for classes and dealing with advisors. Because of the school's Public university status, there are a large number of students who go to the school. As a result, advisors are forced to handle a larger number of cases, which sometimes leads to a sort of impersonal approach to dealing with new students.


Difficult to find jobs on campus if you are not on work-study (a form of financial aid).


The most frsutrating thing about my school is not being allowed a car on campus. I feel isolated here.


It is really difficult to find scholarships within my school to help me pay for college. The university doesn't help me as much as I need them to in terms of Financial Aid


I think the lack of diversity.


sometimes the classes you need are so far apart on campus that it is impossible to get there in 10 minutes, which is the time alotted between most classes


Teacher's Assistants (TAs) assigned to lead Discussion Classes are often not interested in actually leading a discussion. They usually try to help solve individual questions, but when the TA does not know what is going on in the lecture, not much gets solved. Sometimes the TAs are so disconnected from lecture that they give quizzes on content the professor explicitly said would not needed. It is particularly frustrating when a TA for Chemistry, for example, cannot answer questions on the lab scheduled to begin directly after Discussion, and dangerous when that TA does not provide the correct lab materials.


The parking situation. I was a commuter last semester, so trying to find parking was very hard. You had to get to school very early to find an open spot. I think UCONN needs more parking areas for commuter students.


Trying to switch housing assignments or being waitlisted from a class that you need to take for your major.


Dealing with academic advisors or finaical aid advisors.


lack of diversity. no artistic scene. surrounding areas are just cows and completely boring.


The campus is so big that it's really it's own city. There isn't much surrounding the campus such as a movie theater or mall or restaurants if one wants to get away on the weekends.


The financial situation and how much they charge fir books and other things needed for classes.


UConn is not very close to any city, so sometimes there were not a lot of options for things to do on the weekend, aside from going to a party.


The most frustrating thing deals with the parking situation on campus and the lack of available parking for students just trying to get to class on time.


The most frustrating thing about UConn is that I don't reallyknow how I am doing in my classes until grades are posted (especially in sciecnes courses).


Nothing at the school really frustrates me.


Not being sure you'll get into classes you need to get into to graduate.


It can be very difficult to get into the classes you need because they fill up very quickly. Over-enrollment has been a problem at Uconn and because of this many students are struggling to get the classes they need. For some students this might even mean having to stay an extra semester to graduate. The University needs more professors and more available classes to meet the needs of its students.


The dumb processes they make us do like the lottery for basketball tickets and housing.


nothing really.


Trying to find a decent parking spot at UConn is probably the most frustrating endeavor one could endure. There are plenty of parking spaces for sure, but ones easily accessible from the various dormitories are limited. It is a constant fight to find a good parking spot that is not in W Lot or in a parking lot that is a five minute bus ride away.