University of Connecticut Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone had told me to avoid taking out loans


That I would have a serious epileptic attack which would disrupt my education.


I wish I had known how easy it was to make friends at UCONN. I was deathly afraid that I was not going to find anyone I liked, especially because I was living in the Honors housing freshman and sophomore year at UCONN. However, all of my best friends now came from the Honors program because everyone is so nice and outgoing at this university.


I honestly wish I had known how different college would be. Everyone always said it would be the best time of my life, but I had to grow up as soon as I got here and it was pretty stressful. I definitely would have wanted to know what the best study method to pass my classes was, know the best places to study on campus, and the best place to eat! A guide to how to succeed in classes would be best, but I also wish I could have told myself not to skip classes or procrastinate.


I wish I had known that college is all about finding yourself. I spent a lot of time as a transferr trying to find a place to "fit in" during my first semester. After struggling that first semeseter I realized that college is about finding myself and if I know who I am and what I care about there will always be people who feel the same way. I got very invovled in my fraternity and my education major and made lots of friends because we had thes ame interests of bolunteering with children.


I wish I had known how much traveling in a sport would interfere with my learning and studying and the proctoring of test at 11:00 p.m. at night after a full day of competition.


I wish I had known how many of the people entering drank alcohol. I remember during accepted students orientation that about 80% of the people drank and I did not. It was really intimidating. There are non-drinking activities on campus, but as a freshman or sophomore, there is definitely a pressure to drink.


How to apply for housing and registering for classes....what classes I should take for my major. The application process for independent studies and applying for undergraduate research experiences (REU) so I have an upper hand when applying to grad school.


I wish i would have known how much books and tuition really is every semester and how big some lecture halls may be. I


To be perfectly honest, I can't really say there is anything I wish I had known before I came to this school. The University of Connecticut gives its incoming students every opportunity to know what their life at UConn will be like. There is the Husky for a Day program, summer orientaton , a lecture by a psychology professor on how to succeed academically in college, and a lecture at the beginning of each school year that gives freshmen advice for their academic and extracurricular endeavors. UConn has all the resources one needs to succeed.


How hard it is to get good dorming here, and some of the unreasonable rules and fees.


Nothing that I didn't expect.


I wish I had known that it would not be as stressful as I thought it would be. Classes, making new friends, and just adjusting to college life were not only not stressful, but were a lot of fun!


The campus is fairly large so I would have liked to know the campus and buildings more than I did.


I wish I had known that if you refused housing your first year, you wouldnt be guaranteed it the next year.


I wish I had known that having a car is a great benefit; otherwise, it is pretty difficult and inconvenient to get off campus or go anywhere.


I wish I had realized that my opportunities here are no different than another "better" school. I came to UConn thinking that I was "too good" because it was my safety school, but the classes are still challenging, and the atmosphere is not much different than what I was expecting coming into college.


Before attending UConn, I would have been interested in knowing about the regulations to be a transfer student. Every year over 1200 transfer students enroll. A transfer student only needs a minimum 2.7 GPA, and after two years of college, a transfer student's high school record is disregarded. In order to get into UConn as a freshman, a student needs a minimum 3.5 GPA and an varied resume, accompanied by impressive SAT/ACT scores. Had I not gotten into the University of Connecticut on my first try, it's nice to know I could have smoothly transferred.


I knew UConn was isolated in Storrs, but didn't realized how much!


I wish I had known about the weather conditions before I had moved in because I would have loaded up on umbrellas, ponchos, raincoats, rainboots, etc.


What i wish I had known before I came to this school is the importance of staying on top of your academics. Alot of the professors barely give homework assignments; However it is up to you as the student to keep up with your readings and getting extra help and tutoring in the areas that you need the most help in. If you have a lackadaisical approach to your schoolwork, you will not be successful as a student.


I wish i had applied earlier and applied for housing because I would have really enjoyed living up there my first two years.


I wish I had known that a business student major in more than one program in the business school. For example, since I am majoring in Finance, I can't major in management, accounting, marketing, etc. I don't like this about UCONN and wish there was a better business program.


I don't think there is anything I wish I had known about UConn before coming.


Well i wish i would have known that i would transform into the student i never was in high school. I would have been more aware of what there is to offer at my high school. I would have known what it takes to juggle school work , school activites, a job, while still enjoying the experience. This would have been useful, but I'm glad i have that skill now.


I wish I had known that it really wasn't going to be anything like high school. I wish I knew just how much of my own time and work I would have to invest in my classes in order to do well. I guess I thought I could get by with minimal studying like I did in high school, but boy, was I wrong. UConn requires a lot of self-control and prioritizing, which I learned the hard way.


I wish I had known that there really is a lot of partying that goes on at the University of Connecticut. I've found that there are many intelligent, hard working people that attend this school, and the general population sort of lives by the saying "work hard, play hard." However, if you're not the party type, there is certainly no pressure to drink or do anything else that you might not want to do. People are generally very respectful, and there are other activities that you can do that don't involve drinking on campus.


I think i was over-prepared for college. everything anyone ever told me about college, based on my experience, was blown way out of proportion. even when with my science-major friends, they don't seem to be working or stressing very much more than they already did in high school. its definately different, more intense, but completely managable.


Before arriving at the Univeristy of Connecticut, I wish that I had known more about the on campus resources for students. After being there for a semester I have learned about many of them, but it would have been nice to have arrived more prepared. Some of these resources include the counseling and mental health services, the writing center, guard dogs, and the computer center. All of these resources have proven to be very beneficial to any college student and I am glad that I have finally stumbled upon them.


Try new things and sign up for something you've never done before; you'll make new friends and make great memories!


I wish that I would have known more people going in. I came in not knowing a single person--it is a great thing that I am outgoing, if not I would have had problems making friends.


I wish I saved more money.


I wish I had known that the school had many opportunities that will help me in my prospective career plans.


How small the rooms are! I had a lot of stuff. Other wise, I didn'd go in with many expectations altough I was still pleasantly suprised at what a great experiece I had my first year. The people are friendly and easy to get along with, not to mention the students and teachers alike are very helpful!


I wish I had known that the work-load was going to be as much as it was. My first semester was extremely difficult because I was used to my high school work-load, and my high school GPA, which was pretty good. I wish I would have known that I was going to have to study a lot harder and a lot more outside of class. My classes the first semester were pretty difficult, and I wish I had someone there to guide me a little bit more.


I wish I had known that the workload in college was so much heavier than that of my high school. I also wish I knew more about greek life so I could have joined a sorority as a freshman. I also wish I had known how important it was to make friends right away during college in order to get involved with activities and get the full experience.


I wish I had know how bad it was.


that I should have applied to other schools, and how blah the scene is


Nothing more than I knew.


I wish i knew how different people can be; even from very similar backgrounds.


The parking situation really sucks there!!!!


I wish I had known more about the student body as a whole. It is hard to determine how your college experience will be from simply visiting. The student body is extremely homogeneous and noninclusive.


I wish I knew how difficult classes were going to be. I also wish I knew what the dorms were going to look like.


To save more money because school is so expensive, as well as knowing more scholarships available to help with the costs.


How many resources were available to me.


That its mcuh harder to get a job here when you dont have financial aid.


The course-load for my major was going to be so difficult. A big transition process.


I was pretty well informed about my choice before I made it because I visited the campus on many occaisons before submitting my acceptance.


I wish I had known how to transition myself from a highschool setting to the college scene. It was such a big leap going from my urban highschool to this suburban college, as well as the amount of coursework I would be facing. Perhaps if I had a mentor on campus (which is an optional program to sign up for here at UConn), I would have been better off-- so more of the peer leadership programs should be advertised to incoming freshmen and transfer students.


They take a lot of AP credit.