University of Connecticut Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that the social life is really geared towards drinking, and there really isn't much else to do if you are a non-drinker.


How bad the UCONN Police are about ticketing


I wish I really knew what I wanted to do with my life before I came to college. I'm still doing Accounting as one of my degrees but now I've included Actuarial Sciences to my career. If I knew this before, I could have taken more classes towards my majors instead of wasting time with ones that are useless. Additionally, I would have wanted to know how to prepare for the amount of work that I would receive at school. Balancing school and activities is quite difficult and I've managed to adjust after my past two years.


I wish I had known that UConn requires three consecutive years of foreign language in order to bypass that requirement. If you take two years in highschool you are then required to take another two years once youre accepted.


I wish I had known that the winter would be a tough season around campus. Sometimes a walk to class may take 15 minutes and with rain and snow, it can be painful. Fortunately, the transportation around campus is adequate. There were no major surprises for me at this school. I got what I expected from the University of Connecticut


I wish I had known just how much work is needed to succeed in the courses here. Uconn is an impressive school academically, and I didn't realize just how competitive it is until I was finished with my first semester. I did not have great grades because I was not prepared to work as hard as I needed to. This does not change how I feel about the university, however. I knew Uconn was a difficult school from the get go, but had I known just how difficult it was, I would have worked twice and hard.


There is definitely a difference between the honors students (those who don't drink), and the rest of the student population. Drinking is definitely a big part of integrating with social groups, and not going to parties definitely limits how many people you meet but you should at least go to hang out if you don't drink. If you don't like the party scene, don't expect to meet a lot of people. Being involved on campus is also a MUST not only because of the size but also in order to find people you're compatible with.


Yes, this would have been nice to know before i decided to come here. Altough it would have been nice to have this information, I think I still would have come to Uconn regardless.