University of Dayton Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Framingham State's highs are high and its lows are low, but overall it's far from a bad place to be.


Everyone holds open the doors for other people.


The University of Dayton is a liberal arts school that stresses a diverse education for its students so that they can reach they can reach their full potential.


A close community of achievers who care and give back to those in need.


The University of Dayton has a beautiful campus. There are hills and flat areas as well as trees and plenty of green space. There very few roads/driving areas between buildings allowing for an abundance of trees and flowers. In the winder time campus is decorated with christmas lights and a giant tree. They have recently renovated campus and have opened up some fields and added many eye-appealing features!


A great place to grow as a whole person and become part of a community larger than oneself.


The BEST school,lots of school spirit, I LOVE it here!


UD is very bubbly, everyone is enthusiastic and excited as well as helpful and friendly.


UD is defined by its community of students, reputation for academic excellence and is where our classes spark intrest and curiosity and promotes learning outside the classroom.


My school has everything a student could ask for; a great reputation, a friendly community, good sports teams and an atmosphere conducive to learning and experiencing.


Spirited body of intellegent fun and future thinking students.


The best experiences I have ever had!


The University of Dayton is a unique community unlike any other college environment in the nation; it provides students with the opportunity to grow, mature and learn through a wide variety of organizations and activities that appeal to students of all kinds.


University of Dayton is a friendly communal campus with numerous opportunities and tools for success.


The University of Dayton takes pride in helping students achieve success for their future academically, spiritually, socially, intellectually,physically, and emotionally.


Very community oriented campus.


A very academically challenging school with a focus on community and voluntering.


UD is all about community that can really be felt through the social activities and interaction with staff.


A close knit community


This school will change your life for the beter; however, it might ruin your liver


The best place I could have chosen for my field of study.


It is a high quality institution that stresses academic performance. It is very credible and they offer many opportunities for students to grow socially and academically. UD also strives to help out the community in any way possible. They emphasize values, beliefs, and morals.


Being a Dayton Flyer is not just label; it's a lifestyle.