University of Dayton Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The student here at UD are amazing. You cane make friends so easily. Everyone is so nice and welcoming.


My classmates are like brothers and sisters because the classes are rather small and I have classes with pretty much the same people everyday which means I study with them, do homework with them, and even hangout with them, because at the University of Dayton, we are not competing against each other but rather working with each other so that everyone may succeed.


UD students are open.


My classmates makeup the amazing "community" that we have at the University of Dayton, they make me want to be a better person.


My friends are loving and caring in character and show their genuine concern through their unique acceptence of others.


My classmates were friendly and anxious to form study groups in order to help eachother.


Most students wear casual clothes to class. Unless the class has a required item such as wearing long pants and shoes will in a chemistry lab.


Everyone is friendly and nice. The students come from all different economic backgrounds, due to the generous scholarships given out. Everyone is excepting to everyone for the most part. There are some particular sport teams who act different than anyone else I've ever met on campus. For the most part many people or outgoing and fun.


People at UD respect each other. From the administration and faculty, to the students: respect is given in the classroom and out. If you so choose to be apart of these different groups that make awareness, you can do so. Its truly what you make of it. Students that would feel out of place here are students that dont value family and community. Students can wear whatever they so choose, most people dress casually! Its not like girls "have" to get all "done up" for class, they can wear sweats and not worry about it. Different types of students do interact, both inside and outside the classroom. Students here are from all over, including different countries in asia. Domestically, we see a lot of St. Louis, Cleveland, Columbus, Chicago, Maine, New Yorkers and many more. Financial backgrounds here are all over the place. Yes we do have a lot of financially well off people, but many that struggle as well. Around 85{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of people here receive some form of financial aide. Politics arent really prominent here, but there are a few political clubs. Students do not talk about how much they'll earn one day, most students here realize its not all about money.


Most people tend to be from the Midwest. (Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania) Almost everyone that I have encountered is friendly. There are so many way to become involved on campus and meet people who share the same views and likes as you.


Many people view the typical UD student as a white upper-middle class teenager. While this stereotype holds some water, I find UD to be tremendously diverse. At UD, there are a variety of demographics represented. Students range from Asian to Hispanic to White to African American. For example, there are a number of Puerto Rican students on campus. Additionally, a number of "clicks" are also present on campus. There are jocks, frat kids, stoners, loners, geeks, preppy people etc. At UD, "fitting in" is not something to be worried about at all. With the amount of diversity on campus, everyone will find a group of people to call their friends. It's just a matter of getting involved on campus in clubs and other recreational activities.


The students at UD are motivated and passionate. They take pride in their work, religion, and service.


My classmates are so great. I was a little nervous to go to college at first, but because of the strong sense of community at the University of Dayton, I was warmly welcomed and I truly feel like I am at home, where I belong.


UD is full of the girls- and boys-next door type. Students are active, involved and generally well-rounded. They're friendly and genuinely interested in getting to know one another. Classroom attire is something I love about UD: you can show up in your pajamas or a business suit and no one will care one way or another. Many students are laid back, down-to-earth and relaxed, and attire for class definitely reflects this. While it may seem as though all students come from similar socio-economic backgrounds, digging a little deeper will uncover that UD students actually represent many different backgrounds. Our international community on campus is rapidly growing as well.


My classmates are friendly, encouraging people that are always there for me and willing to help and hang out whenever I need them.


No diversity! They do not dress well here.


school spirit is decent... only for basketball games though. no other sport gets that recognized.




My classmates have their priorities straight; they know that they are in college to learn but they are also laid back and know how to have fun, a lot of fun.


They are a very friendly group of people that all want to make sure you have a good time at school.


Classmates here at my school are the best one could hope for; competitive, challenging and embracing.


My classmates are all best friends with each other.


My classmates are made up of a large variety of personalities. Everyone I have met has been friendly and offered a lot of help in transitioning from high school to college. Each has something to offer in my education and life by helping me learn in my classes or providing a good friend in hard times. My friends come from all over the country and some even from outside of it. I appreciate all the classmates I have met in my time here at UD as they have provided great suppport in my time here.


Most of my classmates were upper middle class or upper class on the socio-economic scale but were very friendly and helpful.


Predominantly white, upper class. Median income of UD families is well into the 6 figures. UD is only for a select type of student. Students from money, who LOVE to drink often, like small high schoolish atmospheres, and are okay not doing a wide variety of activities will fit in at UD. Anyone who prefers more down to earth people, wants to do a wider range of activities, feels school pride is important, or likes diverse campuses should avoid UD like the plague.


Friendly and helpful


My classmates are generally nice people who all come from about the same kind of socio/economic background that value a good education and having a good time but who are not very understanding /knowledgeable of different ways of life.


Focused, like to have a good time, and happy.


My classmates are their own individual. Everyone that I have come to know over the year has a different quality about them and it makes them unique. You would have to look awful hard to find someone that was exactly like another. I believe that the uniqueness of my class makes it great. There are so many different people traying to achieve in so many different ways. The future for anyone here is surely bright.


Put studies first .w


community oriented, friendly, energetic, hard working


My classmates are infinitely excellent.


Students at UD are work hard during the week, and party hard on the weekend.


My classmates generally were friends and members of the same campus family.


freindly, smart and helpful.


Students are usually focused, well-rounded individuals.


They are studious and hardworking.




Extremely friendly and helpful


Many students here are politically conservatives but everyone is friendly. Many of them want to party often and all of them want to talk and help you feel at home. I think every student here does not know anywhere else they would rather be. We Love Dayton.


Most classrooms are small enough settings to get to know the people you are sitting around, and the Professor will most likely know your name by the end of the semester.


Some of them are vacuous, others are must try to find the good ones.


studetns wear sweats and tshirts to class- bussiness people wear nicer clothes than arts and sciences- just saying.... sometimes you have those one or two people who always dress up for class----absolutley no collar popping if you do like to pop a collar occasionally do it at Miami not here


UD tends to have a mostly homogenous community. There is a decent amount of rcial and religious diversity but overall its a catholic caucasian college. Since UD is a private school and therefore very expensive there are also people who are pretty well off here. Still, you have no idea who has money around here until you get to know them. People are not flashy and do not flaunt wealth around here. For me, getting dressed up for class is wearing jeans and not sweatpants and everybody else is pretty much the same way. My typical attire is shorts and a t shirt, nothing fancy. If you are dressed up people think you have a presentation for class. No one cares what kind of clothes you wear and what kind of car you drive. I do not think anyone would feel out of place here. There is a place for everyone. As at any school people tend to hang out with the people they most identify with but no one is ever shunned or made to feel unwelcome to any group of people. If there were four tables in the dining hall one would be athletes, one would be more of the intellectual type, another would be more of the partying type, and another would be more of a mix of everything. Most UD students are from the midwest but there are also students from all over the world here. Students are somewhat politically aware and through classes are made more aware of the world around them. Students sometimes talk about how much they will earn someday but its usually the people who are getting a degree in something that isn't going to make very much and know that.


Diverse populations might feel out of place, as currently UD is mostly a Midwestern caucasian campus, although this is improving. Typical students are from St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Indianapolis. Most groups are given a good deal of freedom to move around campus, however recently Amnesty International's campus chapter was forced to rename itself following the change in Amnesty's change in posistion towards abortion. This caused a minor uproar on campus. UD students are a t-shirt and jean kind of college. North Face jackets are common as well, but collared shirts are only worn on weekends.