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My school is unique because we are built on a Marianist charisma. We pride ourselves on being welcoming and we stand on an emphasis of community. Small curteous actions are always practiced here such as holding doors open for everyone and saying "hi" to everyone you walk past. The staff is the most caring group of people I have ever met. They are like a second family. Whether its the cafeteria cashier or your Calculus teacher, everyone genuinely cares about everyone on campus and supports them in every endeavor. The University of Dayton can be described in one word: home.


The greatest thing about the University of Dayton in the incredible sense of community. No matter where you go on campus, you will see someone you know. Just being a graduate of Dayton can lead to many job opportunities, simply because a manager also attended the University.


What makes Dayton really unique is the student neighborhood, or as the student body calls it, the "ghetto". It is about 6 blocks by 5 blocks of old houses that juniors and seniors live in. That is where students go on weekends to hangout. The houses make it seem more like a community and everyone is so close with their neighbors. It made me feel really at home that juniors and seniors get to live on campus and not have to go off campus.


We are a tight knit community. Some of our classes our taught by MArianist brothers. We have the student neighborhood which is called "The Ghetto" where majority of the houses sorrounding the school are Univeristy owned. Also, we have the Fitz Center which is very active in Civic Engagement and connecting UD to the Dayton commmunity. We also are very focused on Human Rgiths, we are one of the first schools with a Human Rights Studies MAjor, which I am.


The Univeristy of Dayton exceeded my expectations of college within the first weeks of attending. At first the challeneges of school work seemed unbareable, but with the welcoming community of students and teachers I found a way to gain the help I needed to succeed. There were plenty of reliefs after studying from clubs to Greek life. Becoming invlolved in a Sorority, two clubs, volunteering, and being apart of the intramural girls soccer team I was able to expierence just some of what Dayton has to offer, making long lasting friends and memories of my first year of college.


The class room sizes are very small so class is more effective. The community is very diverse and everyone feels accepted. There a lot of things to do on and off campus. There are a lot of clubs and organizations that you can participate in. The University of Dayton teachers are very understanding, they'll work with you with any problems students may have. Also, the university of dayton has an eglish course that is about Zombies. I took the course, learned a lot from it, and i highly recomend it.


Although I haven't ever attend any other schools, I do know that UD is different because the class sizes are smaller than a lot of schools. With smaller class sizes, I have found it to be very easy to talk to my teachers and get help when needed. It unfortunately also is a private school, so it is expensive.


The word "community" is drilled into your brain. Yet, once your on campus for a day you actually will experience the true meaning of that word. If your ten feet behind someone they'll hold the door open for you. Proffesors will approach you if they see you struggling to offer assistance. UD's community makes you feel like you never left home, it truely becomes a second home and family.


The University of Dayton has a community-like atmosphere. Once you're here, you're a Flyer, and anyone is willing to help you!


The most unique thing about the University of Dayton is that surrounding neighborhood houses are owned by the university and all the upperclassman live in those houses. It allows all the students to stay on campus and strengthens the community of the university


I hated it. Coming from the east coast was a big adjustment everyone here is from the mid west and it is super different! I transferred.


4 lokos are what keeps you sane here.


The most unique thing about The University of Dayton is the housing. The university bought a neighborhood of houses close to the campus. In your junior and senior years at the school, you are guranteed and on-campus house to live in. It's a great experience and really helps the school maintain a community-based attitude.


The University of Dayton functions as a community and you feel like part of the college's bigger picture.


The Univeristy of Dayton was more unique then the other school that I considered because of the community that is formed, the experience gained, and the opportunities avaliable presented by the school. UD is a small large school that proved and atmosphere of the big time schools and the academic focus of a small school. the students at the univeristy are very diverse which allows for intereation with new enthicities. The Univeristy also has very well established recognized Engineering and Business programs. The amount of diverse experience that can be gained at Dayton makes it so unique.


it is so friendly and neighborly, it's surreal compared to other schools i've visited


University of Dayton is a Marianist university so everyone is committed to community and unity. I have never been anywhere that is more accepting and freindly. When I came on a campus visit my senior year of high school, the smiles and warm feeling I got from the students is what I remembered. Everyone seemed so happy. Now that I am in my fourth year at UD my opinion has not changed. I still get smiling faces from freinds, peers, and faculty. UD is a beautiful university with a positive presence.


We were ranked one of the happiest campuses in the country. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. We are also a school focused on volunteering and service. Almost everyone on campus is involved with some sort of service group from the Engineers to the Musicians.


From the moment that I stepped foot onto campus, I noticed that there is a huge feeling of community and family. At the University of Dayton, everyone smiles and says hello to the strangers passing by. They offer help to those that are struggling. The upper classmen are very kind and accepting of the new, younger students. Everyone is there for support to everyone else.




Very social-community feeling.


The University of Dayton is unlike any other school because 98{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students live on campus and most of the houses are university owned; you never have to drive to parties and everything is super close.


it is small and easy to get around to everything.


Community. It's the buzz word on this campus and what we are best known for. 98{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of undergraduate students live on campus and most are invovled in extra curricular activites that build this community.


UD has a very unique student neighborhood. All of the upperclassmen live in the same area in houses on campus. This creates an incredible sense of community and togetherness. The sense of community at UD is astounding and definately what makes it stand out above other schools.


Community. We have an outstanding family here


The campus is very pretty. It is large enough to include a multitude of things but also has a small, community feeling.


We pride ourselves on our community. The second you walk on campus you feel at home with your friends.


It's a wet campus, basically meaning that partying is accepted as long as it's tasteful. The student neighborhood, called "the ghetto," is organized in a way that everyone's house is within walking distance and everyone is part of a little community. Also the campus is surrounded by the student housing, making campus the main hub or campus life; you aren't forced to continually go to the same bars to find good entertainment, fun + people. Also in the cafeterias there are little pubs that are open for $1 beers every friday after classes let out. Amazing!


Dayton is an amazing school. I am going to be in a ton of debt by the time I get out of here because of the price of tuition but I think it's worth every penny! I can't believe I am halfway done with my time here and it makes me sad thinking how fast time has flown by. I never want to leave here!


UD has a strong community unlike any at any other school I have ever visited. If you walk into any house in the student neighborhoods (the Ghetto or the Darkside), you will find people willing to talk to you and offer you a place to stay.