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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Too an extent


NO. Yes, there is the ghetto (student neighborhood) that has parties alot but they arent what you would expect. There is one bar that 18 and older can go to and its only on thursdays. The ghetto parties get old fast, only few houses have dancing, most just consist of lame music in dirty houses. they are not nice and not diverse and not community... maybe a little community


No, I was very much mislead when I came here. My dad works there and told me how "friendly" students are. Being "friendly" just means upperclassman will let you into a random house party to drink. Parties are extremely lame and just involve drinking excessively. Students (especially girls) are snobby and come from money (I heard the average UD family salary is well into the 6 figures). UD is very boring as most students (95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}) want to drink all weekend. Students who don't blackout seem to be very religious. Do not fall for the happy students claim I fell for.


We are not Miami collar popping homo's. But for the most part those stereotypes play true. We do have people from lower incomes- they work for dinning services and fill most of the jobs here on campus, and we do have a small number of minority students- 1 per class of 30.


To a point it is true that UD is a party school and that we like to drink. Still, that is definitely not the only thing going on around here. Not everybody drinks and there are plenty of other things to do besides drink. We also really do care about academics. We all work very hard during the week and if we want to reward ourselves with a drink on a Friday or Saturday what is so wrong with that?


No, UD has plenty of opportunites for all students. Yes there is partying that happens at UD, however, by no means is this the only type of student on campus. The UD community is almost a cliche term, but it is accurate. People will almost always smile, say hello, open doors etc. Also contributing to this, students have a great deal of connection with their professors and each other on and off campus.


Yeah, they forgot that the vast majority of the girls are overly pampered babies who are out of touch with reality and completely focused on money.