University of Dayton Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The general class size is about 18-30 students with a few lectures going up past 100 people. The professors get to know your name and you well, especially if you go in to talk to them during their office hours. I am a Biology Major and have met more professors through Beta Beta Beta (the Biology honors fraternity) at socials even before I thought about taking their classes. The Bio department does have about 60 students per class and getting into classes can be a bit difficult because some of the upper class-men were not able to get into the classes they needed in order so the lower classes are being pushed back as well because the classes are full of Juniors and Seniors. The classes required can be a challenge, but ultimately it is to prepare you for the GRE or MCAT so that you have the best chance of success. There are a lot of general education classes required but they are a great break from the science I see all day otherwise. The university is very good at trying to prepare you for your career. They host a career fair once a semester and have resume work shops multiple times throughout the year.


The most unique class that I am taking is my Health and Sports science class called Adaptive Physical Activity. In this class we will be helping children with disabilities to build themselves up both physically and mentally.


Do to the small class sizes, many professors know you by name and are able to help you on a one on one basis. There have been barely any classes I have not really enjoyed. I am in the Health and Sport Science department and it is a very friendly department, everyone is so friendly.


Academics are what you make of them here at UD. If you are active in class, and try your hardest, you will succeed. The professors here have such diverse backgrounds, and truly want you to succeed. Most of my professors have known my name. Only a few gen ed classes will have more than 25 students in them. My favorite class so far has been BIO 151. The professor was so caring about her students, she was really passionate. My least favorite class was Chem 123, the material was quite dry, so was the professor. Students study any amount of hours, depending on their majors. Pre-med and engineering majors will typically study more than a religious studies major. It helps to be efficient and stay on top of your homework. Class participation is very common, i have yet to have a class where there is none or very little. Students do have intellectual conversations outside of class, usually amongst friends that may respectfully challenge their friends beliefs. I dont really think students are competitive, i just think everyone wants to get good grades! The most unique class i have taken was my intro to sociology class. In this class we were able to follow the Occupy Wall street Movement in real time, and connect it to our concepts. I used to be pre-med, which was very tough. However i will say that the counselors were very helpful with preparing me for what was going to be my after undergraduate career. Now, as a communications major, i can say that the help is still there. In fact, maybe i receive more guidance than before, which helps a lot. All the staff is very approachable, and all faculty want to help you succeed, and it really shows. Personally, i do not. I do know however of students that do. Aside from class, there are many opportunities to interact with your professors like going on study abroad programs. The academic requirements are challenging, but not to hard. As long as one applies his or herself to their work, they will succeed. Education is a balance of both real word application, and learning. It may be cliche to say that its both, but i truly believe it!


Most of the classes I took had a relatively small class size (30-40 students.) Every one of my professors knew me by name. All of the professors that I have had were more than willing to help you if you don't understand something. During the week, I would say that most people study. On Friday and Saturday nights, most people do go out.I am a communications major. My department is frequently emailing me about internship opportunities or ways to get involved on campus using my major.


One of the most appealing aspects of the University of Dayton is their academic programs. It doesn't matter if you are in the School of Business, Engineering, or Arts and Sciences - you will find the right fit. Classes are small (between 20-30), and your teachers will know you by name. The curriculum can be tough but the professors are available and willing to help. Some classes will challenge you, but in the end, the education and overall experience you will gain is worth it.


The academics here at UD are incredible. Most professors make an effort to get to know your name. The class sizes are generally between 20-40 students unless you are taking a required general studies course. The students are always studying together or alone in the library. Our library is amazing! It has 7 floors and there are so many places to study. There are also several other buildings and places to study in quiet on campus. Each of the dorms have study tables and quiet areas where students can go to get their homework done. Classroom participation is very common because everyone feels close and personal at UD. You always know someone in your classes, and so many students get together outside of class and have intellectual conversations or blow off some steam playing games outside. Some students are always going to be competetive, but they are few and far between at UD. The most unique class I've taken, being a Biology major, was Entomology which is the study of insects. My classes were all pretty challenging, but I chose them to be that way and that was what I was looking for here. There are so many options for courses here depending on what you want to take. I personally spent some time with some of my professors outside of class. I went out to dinner with some friends and professors a few times. I went to Honduras with a professor for a academic service trip to work in a dental clinic. The academic requirements are perfect here. I couldn't be more pleased. They prepared me for graduate school and dental school exactly the way the dental schools were hoping for. UD even added other requirements to make me a more well rounded student. You will obtain a career in your area of study when you graduate if you work hard enough.


Students at UD work hard and play hard. We are involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities and spend a great deal of time on our academics.


The professors always knew my name, but they did not do much for me. The classes were easy for the most part and the kids slack in the intelligence department. Their focus is really on partying and not studying.


classes are great.. only really good aspect.


Academic life is UD's strong point. I always feel important in my classes and learn a great deal. Classes are taught by real professors for the most part, not TA's. Professors are usually on a 1st name basis with students. UD has it's own PT school (Physical Therapy) which hosts a friendly and informative departmental staff. Professors are enthusiastic and happily meet with you outside class when you need extra help. UD's academics are definitely top-notch.


classes are not easy and studying and reading assignments are a must -- cannot slack too much it will show in your grades


Since this is a medium sized college and I have only experienced one lecture class in the two years I have been here almost every professor I have had knows my name. I love that I am not just a number in a large auditorium and that my professors get to know me and therefore are more willing to help me. My favorite class so far was my developmental psychology class. My teacher was hilarious and it was incredibly easy for me because she kept my attention the entire class so I learned a ton! Class participation is pretty common because the professors create an environment where you feel like your opinion is valuable and you want to speak up. The psychology department here is amazing. I love all the professors and they are always so willing to help you as best they can. If they can tell you are serious about your school work and want to succeed they will do everything they can to help you achieve your goals. The academic requirements here are alright. I have to take some classes I am not too crazy about because they are trying to make us "well rounded students" but I know that happens at every college and is unavoidable. The education at UD is geared toward learning. One of my political science professors once said "Are you here to get a degree or an education?" His goal was to give us an education which would last us a lifetime, a degree is just a piece of paper.


Professors know names and take attendance. If you want lecture hall style classes, UD only offers three Psycology 101, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Otherwise be prepared for a very personal experience with your professors. Participation is common, and often drives entire classes. Professors provide office hours to meet after class, and many are willing to meet at other times as well. UD's academic requirements are strenuous but not impossible. Be prepared for late nights in the library with certain teachers.