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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I think Christmas on Campus is the most popular activity on campus and church is a big part of the groups that people are involved in.


I feel that a person finds different groups to be more popular on campus that relate to them.


The athletic teams are the most well know, seeing as greek life is not very big. People go out Wednesday through Saturday, but it depends on the person and their major. Basketball games are the main sporting event people will attend.


Intramural sports here are very big, we have a lot of opportunities for that. Otherwise, there are a TON of groups and organizations to join. I am involved in a student run ambulance service. We provide emergency medical services to all on the UD campus. I absolutely LOVE rescue squad. Its a great way to give back. Students in dorms do leave their doors open, its very common here at UD. Athletic events are fun, but they arent the most popular thing to do here. We have plenty of guest speakers and theatre shows on campus. The dating scene is really what you make of it. Its a very safe school to explore. As a member of the rescue squad, we rarely get calls for any types of sexual assault. I met my closet friends through rescue squad, and from my freshman year floor. If its tuesday at 2am im Studying, or talking to my roommates. We have many traditions such as Lowes fest, Standar symposium, Christmas on campus and more. People that do party, usually party every weekend. Fraternities and Sororities are what you make of it, if your apart of it, great, if not it doesnt matter. People will still hang out with all the different groups. Last weekend was winter break, so i was at home. However, normally i will be hanging out with friends or go to the rec to play sports or workout. You can go to artstreet and catch a movie, go to our bowling alley, theres a lot to do! Many people that dont drink enjoy going to brownstreet or hanging out with the substance free groups. Off campus, you can go shopping or eat at fun restraunts. Most things to do are on campus though.


UD offers a wide ranging variety of campus activities and clubs. Some of the most popular clubs are the athletic and religious clubs. There are also a number of fraternities and sororities on campus. UD's diversity allows you to join various clubs and become friends with an array of people. Personally, I am involved with Air Force ROTC and intramural soccer. While Air Force ROTC is not a club per se, it allows students the opportunity to grow and develop as leaders for a possible career as a US Air Force officer. It requires one additional class, a Leadership Lab, and two one-hour Physical Training sessions a week. Intramural soccer provides a wonderful opportunity to play soccer with my buddies. We all played in high school and enjoy playing once a week for a month in a league. It's neither super intense nor competitive. Intramurals are more of a way to exercise, mess around with friends, and blow off stress. Incidentally, intramurals is where I met the majority of my closest friends. Traditional events on campus are UD basketball games and Christmas on Campus. UD basketball games are a huge deal. The student section, named the Red Scare, uses student attendance at other sporting events as a point system for basketball tickets. For example, a UD soccer game is worth x points and your total points before the basketball season determine your student season tickets. Attend a lot of sporting events and order them quickly because they disappear fast! Christmas on Campus is another huge event. On the feast of Immaculate Conception, December 8th., there are no classes. On this day, students are able to "adopt" an inner city child for a day of fun, games, a ton of sugar, and presents. It's loads of fun and is a wonderful way of getting involved with the local community. In terms of weekend campus activities, there are a number of parties at UD. It's a university and I'm not going to sugar coat to parents. Some people are really huge on the party scene and others not so much. I do not party a lot. I might go out with friends for an hour or two to a party but that is about it. There are dining options off-campus such as Panera, Chipotle, Pot Belly, Dewey's, and a few more. If you have a car, traveling to the Green for a day of shopping or dinning with friends is an option. It's a mall about 15 minutes from campus. Essentially, being bored at UD is impossible.


A ton of UD students enjoy participating in intramurals at the RecPlex (our amazing fitness facility) and on our BRAND NEW outdoor, turfed, totally awesome fields! We have a little bit of everything when it comes to extracurriculars. We have Student Government positions, Orientation Leader positions, a great theater program that's easy to get into - even for non-majors, frats and sororities, and religious programs as well. Your freshman year you will find that some of your floormates, or for me my roommate, will become your best friends. It's amazing how quickly and effortlessly you can make lasting friendships here. The biggest advice I can give is to LEAVE YOUR DORM DOOR OPEN! Sitting inside your room with the door shut will not help you make friends, prop your door open and welcome new friends inside! The best way to make friends is just to put yourself out there, UD's community will find you!


Many students are involved with greek life and professional organizations.


UD has almost 200 different undergraduate groups that students can join. These can range anywhere from the Bellydance/Hip-hop club to the sword fighting group. If you're interested in something, there's a club for that. And, if not, you and a few other friends can just start a new club! Service organizations have a big presence on campus. Most notably is Christmas on Campus, the largest one-day service event at a Catholic university in America. A large majority of students are involved in some kind of service - whether through a service club or a Greek organization. Academic and international associations also have a presence on campus. It's not unusual to have friends who are in three or four groups. While there are plenty of programmed activities on campus, such as CAB weekends or the Charity Concert, students seem to most enjoy just hanging out on front porches, dorm hallways, or (weather permitting) all the green space on campus. This is how the lasting friendships at UD are made. I lived with my random roommate from freshman year all four years at UD. All the girls I lived with for four years were girls I met on my dorm floor. This is sometimes common fro UD students.


Party in the student neighborhood every weekend or go to bars if you have an id.


social life sucks if your not in a sport or club, its hard to find people who relate to you if you come from big backgrounds.. most people here come from small towns who are spoiled.


any club you could want is here including drinking ones... Frats and the like seem to attract very power hungry people who seem to be rude and bitchy at times(but are only doing whats best for themselves-- i mean the frat--- i joined one and dropped out because it wasnt worth my time--- no frat houses mind you---but other than that you can find any club that interests you and people in those seem to be really nice


The most popular groups on campus are the intramural sports. We have a nationally ranked intramural program because so many students play. The doors are always open in the freshman dorms and you get to know everyone very because of it. Basketball games are a big deal around here and a lot of people get really pumped up about the team. I met all of my closest friends through friends of friends. People party a lot up here and if you want to go out any day of the week you can do it. Most of the partying is on Fridays and Saturdays though. Frats and sororities are not very important on campus. If you want to be in one thats great and you will make some good friends but nobody really cares if you are in one or not. It doesn't really give you any more popularity or benefits than any other person on campus. Last weekend I went out to a couple of parties with some friends. If I didn't drink there would still be plenty of things for me to do. A group on campus called the campus activities board (CAB) arranges all kind of events, speakers, and concerts for people to do on the weekends. Off campus I usually go to dinner, get ice cream or go to one of the malls that is located like 15 minutes from campus.


Dorm rooms are open places for interaction, in fact a new dorm (Marianist Hall) caused a great deal of uproar when it's doors were automatic closing. Men's Flyer Basketball is the most popular sport on campus, however the mens and womens Volleyball teams are also quite popular. Athletic events are well attended, in part due to the student organization RedScare, which has the mission of creating large student sections. Greek life is very small, only about 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of campus is Greek. It is hard to get off of campus very far as a first year, however after that bowling, movies etc. are easily accessable.