University of Dayton Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk about the University of Dayton I always talk about how happy everyone on campus is. It is rare to come accross a student of faculty member who doesnt love the university, and everyone at the school is truly one big family. It is a dynamic not found on many campus', and one I absolutely love to brag about.


One of the most underrated things I didn’t know about the University of Dayton going in was how much of a party scene it had. For a moderately small school, there is quite the list of things to do on the weekend. People are open to anybody with decent manners hanging out with them and the general acceptance of people is great.


It is so community-based that a person who attends constanty feels included and at home.


How large the population of students volunteer. The private schooling.


I brag about the community and the student neighborhood, or "The Ghetto". The blocks surrounding campus are owned by the University and the houses are considered on-campus student housing. It is great to have the ease of living on campus, with the convience and sence of responsibility of living in a house with your closest friends.


I brag most about how friendly my school is. The students are incredibly welcoming. At the University of Dayton the vast student neighboorhood offers a unique social experience that I have never heard of or seen at any other school before. I Love to tell my friends about how much easier my life is here because there is no 'social pyramid'. Everyone is equal and no one judges you based on what you wear, or how you look.


When I tell my friends about my school, I tend to talk most about the community spirit that exists at the University of Dayton. Individuals at UD are eager to get involved in a variety of faucets of campus life. Because of this, many students at UD are firendly, optimistic, adventuresome, and open-minded. UD places a strong emphasis on social justice issues and sustainability, another characteristic that I believe makes UD such a unique enviroment. I enjoy sharing my school spirit and love of the UD community that I believe is so prevalent on my campus.


I brag the most about the commitment my professors take to help every student reach success. I have heard horror stories about big universities and that professors are only thier for research. The professors at UD take an interest in their students work and life goals. They give real life stories and make us work to get expereince that will get us one step ahead of our competition when looking for jobs. They also are willing to give up their class time to get employers to speak not only to talk to us about the field but offer jobs.


Everyone here at UD is so nice and helpful. Everyone is willing to go out of their way to help other people, and many people have a hard time understanding that if they do not attend UD. We are ranked the seventh happiest campus by the princeton review and I definatly believe that! It is a academically challenging but has some of the greatest social life, and its the perfect size!


small class size,


The aspect of community.


The strong sense of community and amazing, open-minded, accepting people who I was blessed to find and count as friends. Also, the Center for Social Concern, which deals with service trips and things to make students more aware of issues facing our community and the greater world--especially social justice issues. Campus Ministry is amazing on our campus, and the Marianists--which is the order that UD is affiliated with--are wonderful, inspiring and make me proud to be a Catholic.


Everyone is extremely friendly! The profs know what they are teaching and do thier best to convey the information and are always there for students. We live by the motto, "learn, lead and serve". Lots to do, and you don't have to drink to have fun. It is extremely easy to get involved, and meet new people. You leave as family and the school becomes your home.


Once again, I have to get back to just how happy the students are. The enviornment is great and people seem satisfied overall which is something that you do not find at all schools.


its the happiest place on earth. i know i made the right decision and would do it again.


I brag about my Fraternity and the amount of alcohol I drink.


We have the most tight knit community of any college in the country. Everyone lives in the same 4 blocks so we are all neighbors for all 4 years.


The engineering co-operatiive education program and the parties in the student neighborhood.


I brag about how fun UD is. I tell them you can walk around the ghetto on any given weekend night and be welcomed into any house. People say we have a very distinct "Community" sense around campus.


How kind everyone is, how much fun the school is, and how much real world working experience I am gaining in my classes.


the sense of community and the feeling that im comofortable here. I love UD and i could not think of anywhere else I would want to go


The UD Ghetto is so fun, the expanse and number of house parties is pretty cool. The friendliness and social connection between all students is the most attractive thing about my school. I also brag about my major. UD offers a human rights major, which few other schools do.


It's a smaller school, but the quality of students is better than most big schools