University of Dayton Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the University of Dayton is the varying difficulty among professors who teach the same course. In other words, while two general chemistry teachers will make their tests and coursework difficult and time consuming, another general chemistry teacher will make their tests not nearly as hard, resulting in his or her students doing very well, giving an unfair advantage to the students that take the easy teacher's class. It seems that there needs to be a clear level of difficutly that the professors should hold at a minimum. This 'worst thing" aids the problem discussed below.


Many students at Framingham State have a love of loud parties which I do not share, so the worst thing about my school is that it can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience on weekend nights when I just want to sleep.


The only thing that comes to mind is sometimes I do not feel safe on weekend nights. Usually people from the actual city of Dayton come over to our campus and cause havoc. It is hard for the police to find all of them and stop it, but noone has ever been seriously injured.


I feel the worst thing about my school is the things to do during the weekends. I tend to enjoy going out with my friends but there are not a lot of options.


The worst thing about the University of Dayton is the food. This is my least favorite thing because there isn't a variety to choose from. However, it's very hard to choose the worst thing about my school because I can honestly say I do love every aspect of it. The food could improve by getting a larger selection of food but I'm happy with everything that my school has to offer and I could not ask for more out of a University.


The worst thing about the University of Dayton is that you have to leave for summer break. The school is such an incredible experience that no one wants to go home once they're there.


The worst thing about my school maybe the walk from the Stewart dorms to where classes are located. If you dorm in stewart, be prepared for a long walk up the steepest hill on campus.


Honestly, I can't really think of a certain thing that is really bad in the school. I was really nicely surprised by the incredible organization and discipline that I saw when I came. Maybe the only thing that I can think of as a negative aspect of the university is its location and the abscence of adequate public transport.


I think that the worst thing about the school is the lack of scholarships offered to those who do not have family who have attended the University of Dayton before and are apart of the Marianist order.


The worst thing about University of Dayton is its distance from Michigan because I miss my family and friends!


The worst thing about my school is how far away it is from my home in Chicago.


I can't think of anything really bad.


The worst thing about the University of Dayton is the tuition price. I love being at this school but spending so much on my education that it makes me feel uncomfortable paying s much. If I ever left the University of Dayton, the high tuition would be one of the major reasons


The distance. I live 6 hours away from school and I hate being away from home!


There are very few things about the University of Dayton that I can consider the "worst". I guess what I like least about the Univesrity of Dayton is how there are very many clubs, organizations and events that are not advertised well. However, most clubs, organizations, and events are advertised to some degree, just not to all audiences.


While there are not many bad things I can say about the University of Dayton, one thing that I am disappointed to see as a alumni is the increase in tuition costs. What makes UD special are the wide variety of students. With tutiton increases, the University is narrowing the student body to upper middle class and decreasing their efforts for an economic and socially diverse student population.


Sometimes my campus seems to be too friendly and many time unobservant or niave of differences.


My personal belief is that the high price tag attached to obtaining an education, although it is a good one, from UD is the worst thing about it. I can't help feeling that way after all the stress it has place on my family and all the unnecessary rennovations and land UD has bought in the past 2 years. I feel that my family's name should be on own square foot of land or a tile in one of the buildings they recently bought. You're welcome, UD.


I think the worst thing about the University of Dayton is the tuition because it is expensive.


Insanely small breaks for holidays and extremely strict attendance policies by some professors.


I think we need more diversity and cultural awareness. More celebrations of other cultures. Also, I think my school could involve students in more research. I would also like a more passionate atmosphere toward learning in the classroom. Students do want to learn and care about their classes but occassionally there is a lack of enthusiasm just for learning.


There is a lot of hype about the drinking scene here. For alot of kids partying is their only means of having any fun. But there are alot of things that go on that dont involve drinking, you just have to look for them. At times it may seem that everyone on campus does nothing but drink but in reality you can find people that drink some but also do other activities, and if you dont want to party at all you can definetly find people who dont either. Just dont believe everything you hear.


There are many great things about the University of Dayton, but food services could definitely improve. Even though Marycrest dinning services has improved the diversity of food options, KU and VWK needs a lot of improvement. The choices that are provided have little to no nutritional value at these two places. In addition, there are very few options that one can choose from. Unless one likes pizza, salad, and fried foods, there are not many options on campus unless one goes to Marycrest.


The worst thing about the University of Dayton is probably the trash that accumulates in the student neighborhood after a weekend of parties going on. It is eventually cleaned up, but to look at it upsets me nevertheless.


The expensive tuition and therefore, emphasis on monetary wealth present at the school.


I would consider the lack of student involvement related to admissions and physical campus changes would be the worst thing.


As a student who is highly involved in campus activites i sometimes find it difficult to get the administration on board and understand the students and what they want. I guess it makes my job difficult sitting in the middle of what the students want and what the administration is willing to give . Our current Vice President of Student Devolpment is not in tune with the student at all.


This is a great school but expensive.


The administration has tried to change the soul of thes school. The core of UD is its student ghetto and instead of embracing this as an asset the relatively new administration attempts to remove all public focus away from the neighborhood. Including forbidding referencing the neighborhood as the "ghetto" all together. For a University that prides itself on community it is confusing to me why they are trying to remove the heart of their own.


The drinking, and the students that decide to start drinking on Wednesday. The lack of security for commuting students. Our cars are parked off campus, near a busy street where anyone can easily steal the vehicle. The general lack of respect for teachers as well as smaller student groups. Unprofessionalism from student workers in on-campus facilities as well as student organizations, including the SGA and others, is rampant. The "Senior Salute" was nothing more than a school sponsored bar hop. Office hours don't fit student's schedules, courses fill up quickly due to only offerieng a single section.


While many people are focused on their work, there is a lot of drinking here. Not necessarily binge drinking, but it is not at all uncommon to to see many wild parties or people who have had a bit too much in the student neighborhood. However, these are usually not a bother if you simply stay away from them (assuming you need quite), otherwise, many people find these parties and the general community enjoyable.


Though I do not consider this to be a big problem, I hear that finding jobs off campus and public transportation to them can be difficult.


The food gets repetative on the weekends if you live in the dorms. Food is always served, but there are less options to choose from.


The housing facilities need improvement. My house is far too small for the amount of people that are living here and the house is very old and has had minimal updates. For the amount of money we pay to go to here, more should be done to maintain the houses.


The worst thing about my school has got to be the close-mindedness you sometimes encounter among certain students. However, I consider myself to be rather radical, and this must be taken into account. The environmental awareness on this campus is deplorable. It's easy to find recylcling bins on campus, but not enough students make a point to use them. Energy saving is not emphasized enough by the administration.


Tuition rates. There aren't many bad things about the Univserity of Dayton, save for its expensive private tuition. This is the worst thing about my university. Another thing that should potentially be addressed is the amount of underaged drinking at UD. This, however, seems to be a problem at every school I visit.


Tuition goes up every year


Lack of diversity and that people of different races typically do not socialize.


Cost. As much as the cost is completely worth every penny, it can be very expensive at times.


Tuition continues to increase each year and my income stays about the same so I have to take out bigger and bigger loans every year.