University of Dayton Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Drink a lot.


party party party. welcoming, nice, diverse, friendly,community.


Very friendly, happiest student body.


UD is a Catholic Party School- if you want it to be. If your thing is books though you will have more than enough outlet-- if you want it to UD can be a fountian of knowledge or a fountain of booze-- it is really up to the student. Most students are wealthier people who are white and christian (largely catholic) but not too snobbish or rude- you will find one or two-- their parents send them to Dayton from Chicago and Boston and usually give them some sort of spending money every week-- most never work a day and money is no object.


One of the most common stereotypes about UD is that all we do is get drunk and party. It makes it sound like we don't study or care about academics at all.


UD students are "all partiers" and are always drinking. UD has a strong community.


Huge partiers who dislike Wright State, very catholic.