University of Dayton Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I think that the stereotype here is community and everyone is involved somewhere. This is very true here.


Dayton is known for its partying and it is completely accurate. Going out to the ghetto Friday and Saturday is the predominant activity for many students. This does not mean it is the only thing to do on the weekends. There is a club CAB that puts on alcohol free events most Fridays and Saturdays. Some of the recent activities were arranging a group to go see the Hunger Games movie for $5 or brings a comedian to campus with free admission. They also show movies released in the last year on campus.


The University of Dayton is filled with people that are willing to help and share a sense of community. It has many different kinds of people from athletes to those striving for their academic excellence.


Wealthy, rich, private school kids who are big partiers


UD's "stereotype" is somewhat unique. Sure, as with all masses of people we have social "groups. What makes UD unique is our community. With the huge sense of community on campus, people dont have to worry about stereotypes because everyone just "fits". It doesnt matter if you play football, join a religion club, belong to the substance free club etc...Everyone is treated very fairly here. Yes, UD does have a reputation for being a "party school" but just because we have that reputation, doesnt mean you have to be apart of it, or be labeled for choosing something else instead of partying. Classes are very diverse, and many classes will have group work. Having this class structure helps to integrate people from all walks of life. This carries over into social life. In the student neighborhood, dorms (etc...) we pride ourselves on community living. There is so much integration with social programs at our school that it really knocks down stereotypes. You will have foreign kids hanging out with the promtpts "jocks, frat kids" etc... Having said that, i dont think its fair to say that we have any strong particular stereotypes because people here usually have friends from all backgrounds, and "stereotypes" become irrelevant.


I wouldn't say there is a specific stereotype of students at Dayton. There are many diverse personalities on campus. If you walk through campus, you will find jocks, geeks, preps, hipsters, drinkers, stoners, and men and women involved with greek life.


Every school has a "type" of students that is appeals to, but at the University of Dayton we truly are diverse. There are people that wear suits to class and people that wear sweatpants and wrinkly T's every day. People love to dress up and be professional but know how to dress down and just relax too! Some might say we are a "bro" school in some aspects, but there truly is a large variety of groups to fit in with and that's definitely accurate!


The most common type of person I meet on campus are very dedicated students who like to enjoy themselves on the weekends. They are in touch with their spirituality and for the most part open to discuss alternate opinions and views.


In my 4 years at the University of Dayton I have taken notice of the many different kinds of people in the campus community. When you hear about college life from outside sources you hear a lot about what it "used" to be like or what you "shouldn't" do. I am not posting here to follow the same trend. When you make your college choice the people you want to talk to more than anyone are current students who are experiencing the every day college life and can give you a fair estimate of what it will be like to attend that institution. Some of the major stereotypes at UD are that everyone is white and upper middle class. I quickly want to dispell this stereotype and say that UD's student body consists of many different races and religions. In the past few years alone the exchange student population has increased dramatically and next year alone it will double. The diversity on this campus in credible and the friendships between different nationalities is astounding. Another stereotype is that UD is a party school. This can be very difficult to understand at times, but every college and university is going to have parties, it's college. It is all about who you hangout with and associate yourself with. The University of Dayton seems like a party school because of the close knit student neighborhood where almost the entire student body lives. The educational standards here are superior to most schools. I know this because I am currently being told this by the many graduate school programs across the country who are looking for UD student applicants to fill their classes.


The cost of attending the University of Dayton is very high and for this reason, most people think all students that go here come from families with money. However, this is not true. Although some students do come from wealthy families, there are a great number who do not Many students are struggling to meet their financial needs, just as students are at other schools.