University of Dayton Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


One who does not like being interactive and working with others should not attend UD. UD focuses on it's community a lot, which make its an awesome school. It is an incredibly welcoming place and has so many great opportunities on and off campus. There are so many organizations to join and activites to participate in. If you do not want an interactive, close community, I would not recommend UD.


With such a diverse and open-minded campus it would be hard to say who shouldn't attend. But I would mostly say people who don't like to help others or have a negative outlook on things. The campus has a "community" feeling where your neighbor is more than just the person living next to you, they are your actually friends willing to help you.


Someone who isn't willing to learn or get involved with the community


A person who doesn't want to work hard because the classes are challenging however very rewarding if one applies themself . Also, a person who doesn't respect their community.


The kind of person that shouldn?t attend The University of Dayton is some one who is looking for a large campus and a school with tons of people. Anyone who is looking to go party and get an education along the way, UD would not be the place for them.


The kind of person that should not attend the Univerisity of Dayton is a person who does not take there academics seriously. At Dayton the courses are every demanding and require the students to have good woork ethics and time management skills. However a student at the University needs to have a rounded personality, because the students at Dayton are very diverse and from all kinds of backgrounds. The students at Dayton are unique because they are driven yet humbled without these qualities a person may have trouble adapting to the University of Dayton community.


some who hates drinking


A person who is not willing to at least attempt to pass their classes would struggle with the workload.


There is not a lot of diversity here. Although most students are white upper class, they usually are pretty accepting of the small amount of diversity there is. That being said, I have noticed that most of the racial groups still hang out with themselves.


Someone who is not willing to work hard to succeed


A person who isn't willing to learn - learn from others, learn who they are, etc.


Someone who is not prepared to commit to their schoolwork, or attend classes. SOmeone who doesnt have clear dreams or goals about their future


Someone who is completly antisocial. Whether one chooses to party or hang out in a more conservative manner with friends, this school is all about community and building relationships. In order to enjoy your stay here, you must be open to meeting people and have at least some social grace.


A person who isn't ready to work hard and study hard and is not focused should not attend this school.


I think that this school is perfect for anyone. Even if a person doesn't believe he/she is smart enough, they will still do outstanding if they just put their minds to it.


Being at UD means being part of a commnity, so someone who has problems working with others would not fit in well at UD. Also, there is quite a large social scene, so it woudl be dificult for someone who does not like meeting new people to have a good time at Dayon. UD does not have a strong medical program, so those wishing to become doctors or nurses may find another school more desirable. Finally, those who put their grades and own personal achievements above people would have trouble at UD as service to others is important.


Someone who hates having fun, hates meeting people, hates learning, or someone who just wants to go to school to learn. Even someone who just wants to party shouldnt come here. People who do not enjoy bettering themselves should not come.


I would say a person that is trying to express their individualism in a radical, crazy way. People wo do not drink and are shy. People who are mean and have a negative outlook on life. People who are against God.


Someone who is not very outgoing and tends to like to spend time alone. Someone who would like to get into a very specific field because the campus is smaller and may not be able to accomodate your needs.