University of Dayton Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


This is an excellent college. No matter who you are or where you are from you can find your place here and you will love it. No other school's strong level of community will ever compare to that of Dayton's. Everyone knows it is expensive here, but trust me when I say that it is 100 percent worth it. Where I work on campus involves numerous interactions with alumni over the phone on a daily basis and I am yet to find a single graduate who did not enjoy every second they spent here. When you are looking at colleges, think long and hard about your decision. If you do decide to attend Dayton, trust me, you will never regret it. The days I have spent and will spend here are and will be truly the best days of my life.


Find the school that best fits your personality. You find this by researching te school. It not the school that matters it the people that surround you. Ones needs to think, when they graduate from college you will want as many contacts as possible.


Discuss with your parents your goals,what you want to do in life. Research the schools that can offer you your best education that will prepare you for your future job. Visit as many schools as you can. Apply for as mant grants,scholarships & summer jobs you can to help pay for school.Be willing to be flexable in your living conditions,it's not like home.Be prepared to get your assignments done on time,develope good time management skills.Meet as many people different from you as possible. Be willing to try new things but be safe doing it.Keep your focus on your goal ,to graduate and get the job you want. HAVE a blast!


The first topic that a student should think about is if they would do better in a class with less people (~20-60 students) or a class that has more than 100. This will narrow the student's search quite a bit. Also, choose a school that has the degree that he/she wants to fulfill, or the major course of study. This, again will narrow the search. Another way in choosing a college is to figure out what other students' think about the college, and ask them why they feel that way. If they say they love the school, then ask them to give specifics about what they enjoy about it. If so many people enjoy the school the same reason you would, then you can't go wrong in choosing it. Once the list has been narrowed down, then visit each of the remaining Universities. The student will usually know soon after the college visit which school he/she will really want to attend.


When looking for the right college it is important to know what you want first. You can find this out by asking college grads what they enjoyed about their university or college experience. Once you know what you're looking for in a college, don't settle! If the campus isn't appealing, the dorms seem uncomfortable, or you just for some unknown reason don't feel right about the college you visit, don't apply! Remember this will be our home for the next few years, so be comfortable with your choice. Once you have your choice, start thinking about how you will afford your education. Parents may be willing to help with some or all, but you should still look into financial aid and apply for scholarships. Upon finalizing your application, look into staying over night at the college to get a feel for the campus atmosphere-this is one of the bets ways to make yourself comfortable with the changes to come. Realize the first couple weeks in your new college life will be challenging, but after you allow yourself to become familiar with your new surroundings, you'll feel as though you belonged there all along.


Visit colleges of every size; small, medium and large. The student will then most likely know which size from there. Then, start looking at desired regions, and schools that specify in the anticipated field of study. Also, use the Princeton Review to see how schools are ranked in many different areas.


Students: Don't be afraid to get involved in anything that sounds interesting no matter what it may be. If you get involved school is so much more fun. Parents: Do not be affraid to incourage your students to get involved in anything that they find worthwhile. Most likely they will do much better while doing some sort of activity.


The advice I would give is to follow your heart. Try to visit every school in person, and if it feels right when you're there, it probably is right. Do not choose based on where all your friends are going if that is not what feels best to you. Everyone flourishes in a different environment, and it is important that you do what is best for you. That is why the importance of researching and visiting prospective colleges is vital. An informed decision is the best one. Do not be afraid to call or e-mail contacts at the schools you are looking at with questions. They are more than willing to help!


Physically go and visit the campuses when you narrow your list as you need to see what feels right, My uncle once told me "you'll know" and I truly did. Money and location are issues to consider, but with loans you can make things work. You need to know that there will always be bumps in the transistion, but when you arrive at school, come with an open mind and put yourself out there as much as possible. Go and join as many activities and random events as possible, when will you get the chance again to live in such close proximiny with your peers! Parents need to know that your child will be OK! Be there for them, but let them go and expierence things, this is the time to grow as an indiviual and learn to handle problems away from home. This is the time to express yourself and meet new and inetersting people from various backgrounds. Classes will be tough, friends will bring laughter , fun and sometimes even tears, but when you graduate you will look back on all of the memories, smile and wish you had just a few more years!


From Harvard to Cleveland State, a name is just a name. College is a personal experience based on drive, ambition, and diligence. You can make your college experience whatever you want it to be. From books to bars, friends to studies, from now till then, college is whatever you want it to be.


Find that college that for some reason, you might not be able to explain why, but it just fits. Try not to let cost, distance, or friends make you not want to go somewhere. College is an experience we are all lucky to do, so make sure the school you pick is worth it. Go to the school that you cannot possibly live without. Also, go with your instinct. Even if you see 100 schools and the first one is still your favorite. Go with that one, its probably your favorite for a reason.


Where to start. As I look back on 2 and a half great years of college, I realize that while the school aspect of college is essential and important, there is so much more to concider when looking for that perfect school. I would have to say that the number one piece of advice for parents and students looking for the right college would be the initial feeling of that campus. Honestly, how many times have you heard the comment, "go with your gut". Parents and their sons and daughters should visit a campus that they have found to be accomodating to them from what they have heard or read about it, then schedual a visit. Take a campus tour and see what you think not just about the facilities and history, but about the campus asthetics, the look of students walking to class, and the weather. If you don't have time to take a tour, then ask a student where the best place to be on campus is and go see the social life at it's best. Don't get to caught up in statistics and just go with that first initial thought about the college.


Don't work with limits when looking for schools - apply everywhere, even where you think you can't get it. Visit as many places as you can - be competitive and assume you're the best! Colleges want students, and you can be the student that every college wants. Make them want you - make it work, and reach for the sky! And then, come to the University of Dayton because it is the best.


I would say do thorough research and find out all that the school has to offer. If you see there are lots of opportunities and majors to pursue do not hesitate to visit the campus and explore. I highly recommend college visits and interacting with random students walking around on campus. They have been to this particular school, so they know what it is like the best. I would say be open-minded and if you get a good vibe then you should probably enrol in tha school. Sometimes you just know what is the right fit for you!


First, you need to sit down and do some soul searching as to what kind of school you are looking for in such areas like size, undergraduate programs, campus life, cost, living situations, and ways to get involved on campus. After you make that list, pick out some schools that you are interested in seeing and do some on-campus visits to those schools. Feel free to ask the tour guides about anything on or off campus. They are students who know how things run on campus. Meet with a financial advisor and a dean to learn more. Ask around to friends and family members who have attended those schools and see what they say are the pros and cons of the schools. Evaluate the schools based on the list you made. Once you pick your school, keep in mind what you want to get out of college. If you are thinking about studying abroad get information early. Many colleges offer professional organizations, guest speakers, and guidance counselors. Be sure to always keep an eye out for opportunities to get involved in the field that interests you and try to gain as much knowledge about it as you can.


I would advise you to be as supportive as possible during the college selection process. My parents were behind me every step of the way, and that helped me gain confidence in my decision to attend the University of Dayton. Helping your student through this stressful time can only make their adjustment to college life easier, and I am so glad my parents were there for me during this major period of transition. Also, try to help them understand that a college education is an amazing opportunity, one that should not be taken lightly. The rest of your son or daughter's life can be shaped by their college experience, so it is very important that they make the most of the opportunities that they feel will advance them in their goals. A fellow UD student once told me that developing a mission statement for your life was extremely important, and that every day, you should look at your choices and see if they are helping you or hindering you from living your life by that mission statement. This advice has helped me succeed at UD, and I am sure students across the nation could also benefit from such advice.


Make sure that you feel comfortable whereever you decide to go to school. Picture yourself being there and put yourself in practical situations to see if it would be an easy adjustment for you. Make sure you are able to find ways to have the costs covered both tuition and spending money. Keep focused on your grades, after all that is why you are in school, and have fun. You only get four years here, make sure you get the most out of it you possibly can. You will really learn a lot about yourself and life while you are in college. Take advantage of the resources that you have available at your fingertips and make the most out of it.


Definitely take the chance to visit the campus. Visiting a college campus can make or break your decision. It gives you a feel of the University's atmosphere including the student vibe as well as a sense of the campus' natural environment. It is important to connect with your surroundings if you wish to enjoy your college experience and make the most of your time there. It's also important to be open to new people and ideas; college life holds a large potential to grow and expand your horizions. So be friendly, keep an open mind, and try things that you may have been too afraid to try before. Remember to enjoy your time in college while it lasts, it'll be over before you know it.


Visit a lot of colleges, whether you plan on going to them or not-it helps with your final decision a whole lot. Your first year/semester, really focus on your studies before your social life to get used to the college life. Once you get a good foundation for your studies, then go out and meet new people. This is the best time in your life, so enjoy it!


When it comes to choosing a school I would suggest visits to the campus. It's so much better to be able to let yourself be in the physical environment and picture yourself being there, then deciding if you like what you see. Also, don't immediately jump to the big state schools or big name schools that everyone else is interested. Many times the only good thing about those schools is the name, and because some of them are so big it's easy to get lost. Look for very prestigious schools that fly under the radar. You may find the environment is better tailored to your likes.