University of Dayton Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing for me would be sometimes the campus is just a little too small.


The most frustrating thing about my school is other schools' students lack of understanding of the unique community the University of Dayton offers. The first week of school when freshman all around the country struggle to find ways to fit in with others around their school, students at UD stress more about ways to fit everything part of the experience in. From the many clubs and organizations, to the multiple new friends everyone makes, to the academically rewarding classes, the University of Dayton is, to say the least, a uniquely superior school than most.


The challenege that stands out the most from the first year of college was the academic difficulty. It is hard to grasp the concept of actually being a full-time student as a senior in high school, but the reality is immediate. I soon realized the work load at the Univeristy of Dayton was manageable but intense. However, there was never a time when I felt alone trying to understand and grasp new concepts, there are friends to meet in each class who are experiencing the same work load. Collaborating with others helps, and building friendships, helps relieve the frustration.


The most frustrating thing about my school is not able to pay off my tution in time before the next semester.


There's not a lot of diversity, and there's a big divide between Whites and African Americans, as well as Whites and Puerto Ricans, which is by far the largest population of Latinos. Students also tend to be conservative and from the upper class, which is frustrating since I'm from a lower class and am paying for my own college, whereas many students' parents are paying for theirs. Also, commuter students are forgotten and even ridiculed at this school, so it's much better to live on campus in order to fit in.


The lack of diversity is the biggest downside. I guess since it's a religious affiliated school that is to be expected, but it is still one of the negatives in my opinion. I want college to be a time to experience new things, and being around those of other cultures falls in line with new experiences I would have liked to engage in.


The most frustrating thing about my school for me is how different it is. Being from New York, Ohio is so completely different from what I am used to. People here use totally different lingo and at times it is confusing. I also love this about my school, it was exactly what I wanted and it only makes me more diverse.


The one problem I encountered was during scheduling. As an education major, two of the classes required for my major were closed before I could register. They were only offering one math class for Early Childhood Education majors, and it was closed before freshman were permitted to schedule. Therefore, I had to reshape my entire four-year plan. However, scheduling is merely based on luck the majority of the time, so technically there was nothing I could do in this situation.


Our school has a decent amount of people, but if you have been the same major since your first year it is hard to meet anyone new, because you always have class with the same people.


It is so windy! It makes it feel a lot colder here than in actually is. And the ride board (to find rides home) is pretty useless. But other than that I'm very satisfied with it.


For me the most frustrating thing is that it is four hours away from home for me- something I didn't realize I wasn't going to like,


The same part that is the best thing about my school is also the most frustrating. I've always been a social butterfly and like to meet new people. I find that when I walk around campus I know almost everyone, even though we have over 10,000 undergrad. This isn't a horrible thing, but I would like to be able to walk into a classroom or a social get together and be able to see all new faces at times.


The school is not in a large city, few students and barely any variety of students.


The public safety officers at the University of Dayton are extremely frustrating. While major crimes like rape, assault, and breaking and entering are taking place all over the student neighborhood our public "safety" officers are focused on breaking up house parties and giving freshman underage drinking tickets.


First year students are not allowed a vehicle on campus.


Scheduling classes is a joke. In the business school, not enough classes are offered at all so students are forced to take classes they don't like at bad times.


Having to take certain classes in order that are general education classes


That there is only four years!


How there is so much going on that you have to decide what is important for you to do first such as school work and extra-curricular activities.


i often feel that even though i put forth a lof of effort in my classes, it does not pay off and I still so poorly. the tests are often very difficult and there are few of them, so if you do poorly there is not room to improve your grade.


The tuition has gone up over 9{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} since I have been here and I havent really seen any of the extra money benefit me in the class room. I find that it is helping our school to better it's dorm facilities but the student population has not gone up much and we dont' need to build new facilities all the time. Other than that, our school should provide us with better computers. I have had to get my computer fixed 3 times since I've been here. I'd rather no problems, than have to get it fixed.


I feel that because UD is predominately Catholic and conservative, we tend to be too closed minded. There is also a low level of diversity.