University of Dayton Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The commuity aspect of the University of Dayton is easily the best thing about the school. Everyone is there for one another, wheter in academics or personal life, you are never alone.


The greatest aspect of the University of Dayton was the campus atmosphere. There was a strong sense of community wherever you went and regardless of personal differences. Student and faculty do a wonderful job welcoming incoming students and allowing them to feel comfortable. Within the campus grounds, there are several key areas where students gather and it is relatively easy to go from an outsider to becoming part of a group. All that is required is the willingness to reach out, although sometimes people will reach out to you so that benefits more introverted people.


I think there is this sense of belonging by most of the students on this campus. There are groups for everything and everyone, and there are almost no groups for a "specific major" or anything like that. UD is a very welcoming school and the people here just love to be a part of the school. There is no place in the world that I would rather be going than the university of Dayton. It literally is my home.


The best thing about the University of Dayton would have to be the sense of community. I can walk around campus and say "hi!" to anyone. I really feel at home here. I know that I could go to anyone, staff, faculty, or students if I need anything. Everyone is just so welcoming, it's definitely the reason I picked this school.


The best thing about the University of Dayton is the sense of community you'll feel all around campus. Everyone who attends this university is friendly and accepting of others. During orientation for Freshmen, you'll constantly hear the word 'community' being used. UD encourages all of its students to practice good Marianist values by creating an environment that all students feel welcome in and to strive to create a community that everyone feels comfortable in.


The best thing about my school is the values that thread throughout the university. Teachers care about students, their success and demonstrate it on and off the job. Students care about each other and support each other to be their best. Everyone cares about world and those less fortunate and strive to make the world a better place. This school is intimate and the thread of genuine fellowship and learning is palpable. All of this, along with the academic strength of the university, provides me the "feeling" that this campus gives me that lets me know that I belong here.


The best thing about this school is the community-minded environment. Everyone here really is very friendly. And classes are great....of course, there are some profs that aren't as fabulous as others, but over all, I have had a great educational experience.


The people, we stress living and learning as a community. Everyone is friendly and works together.


The best characteristics of my school, the University of Dayton, is the friendly environment. I First experienced it on a campus tour and now I am a part of this fun, friendly environment!


The people are definitely the best thing at UD. Everyone is so friendly and the sense of community is awesome. Just walking around campus you'll probably talk to a few people that you've never seen before, just a simple "hey" or you might have a full conversation in line at the cafeteria. I took some summer classes at a different college and it was unsettling how distant the other students were. I would smile or say hey to some people around campus and they would look at me like I was crazy, it was completely different from UD.


The best thing about the University of Dayton is the community. Most students live on campus, and there is a very large student neighborhood. There is always someone around to keep you company or help with homework. Professors are close with the students and I have attended many faculty/student picnics for this reason.


The best thing about this school is the community. Since it is a smaller school, people will get to know eachother very fast. With my freshman year I have realized that my dorm has a great community of people. Everyone is so nice and I have made a lot of great friendships. I would have to say that the best thing about The University of Dayton is all the great friends that I have gotten to have.


I think the best part of Dayton is the sense of community. Everyone that leaves school to go off to college has a nervous feeling of starting in a new place and not knowing a whole lot of people, but here at Dayton it feels as if you never left your family. This sense of comfort allows teachers and students to also have comfortable relationships, which makes it easy for the student to ask the professor for help when they are struggling.


The best thing about the university of Dayton are all the opportunities provided to become involved in a variety of activities. Anything ranging from intermurals to chances at scholarships to helping the community in Dayton and across the globe exist and are easily accessible to the students. The university provides a great starting place to become actively involved with many people and help start a great career for anyone who wants to attend this school. I find the school a great place to join groups and help others around you as well as yourself for a long time to come.


If you ask any student at UD, we will tell you that the best part about our school is the community. Students at UD care for each other, no matter who you are. It's so easy to get involved because even if you don't know anybody, you can easily make a new friend. If you walk around on the weekend your sure to get invited in to a party of someone's that you've never met. Community is the best part about UD.


The teachers are by far the best aspect about going to the University of Dayton. They are helpful, and available at most times of the day either by office hours or by email. They do anything in their power to make sure that the students are doing well.


Everyone is very friendly at my school. Dayton is known for that. Every walk to class I say hi to almost every other person I pass because I've known them since freshman year or just met them last week in a class. Everyone is proud to be a part of UD. It's hard to leave campus on the weekends because you don't want to miss events with your friends. On top of all of this the classes are engaging and career focused which gives everyone a positive outlook on their future.


I think that there is many things that are the best about my school. I love the size and the academic challenge that the students undergo but mostly I love the people here at UD. UD has the best people for students, professors, facutly and staff. Everone gets along wonderful and is very respecful to one another. I would not change anything about UD and I could only pray that other students at different schools have the same experience I have here at UD.


The culture. Dayton is unbelievably friendly and has even been ranked number 7 for friendliest students.




I would have to say the social atmosphere is the best thing about UD...everyone here is incredibly friendly to upper and lowerclassmen alike.


the atmosphere community and verall feeling you get when your here


The Partys


The community aspect of the school. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help.


Everyone is really nice and there is a strong sense of community on campus.


Community among fellow students. it seems that we are just one big family


The best thing about UD is Christams on campus, an event where 1st and 2nd inner city students come to ud for the night. There are carnival games, food, santa and mrs. clause and it's the best night on campus. Everyone gets involved by either "adopating" a childe for a night or clubs sponser different crafts or games.


The best thing about the University of Dayton is the community feel. This campus has a neighborhood of home for upperclassmen to lve in. They frequently invite people in for parties. Overall the campus is not too large either so I've had lots of times where I recognize and say hi to people from classes.


How friendly and fun it is and all the opportuities


The campus is a Catholic based campus,but there are many different views of religion and students are very tolerant of many different people.The classes are small,which helps when you need to ask your instructor questions.Most students get along really well.The campus is beautiful,the rec. centers are well equipt.


The social life. Every night there is something going on and about 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time or more students who may not belong to the group are invited in. Most everyone is thought of as equals no matter that their age may be.


I love the community feeling at UD; it's one of the main reasons I'm so happy with my decision to come here.


Community. Students at Dayton are very connected as a whole; there's a general understanding between Dayton students that no one else really understands. People are extremely friendly, helpful to eachother, and willing to meet new friends.