University of Delaware Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A beautiful campus that offers many opportunities for learning and growth.


UD is a well-rounded college dedicated to the higher education and career placement of a diverse group of students.


It is available and seems good enough.


The University of Delaware is an excellent stepping stone for gaining life experiences and knowledge for the future, but only if used as a resource properly and taking advantage of any and every opportunity that comes your way.


The University of Delaware is an engaging, spirit-filled, academically enriching, and fun school.


The University of Delaware is a diverse school with a beautiful campus and a lot of opportunities to better yourself in life.


The University of Delaware is the perfect mid-sized school located in the definition of a college town with lots of school spirit and lots of motivation to become a successful person in the future.


It has a beautiful campus that is not too overwhelming. The first year experience has been a good one. I have made many friends in my classes and the professors have been a great help to me.


University of Delaware is an upbeat school with opportunities for those with interests in many different areas.


A university located in a college town with just the right mix of academics and social experieinces.


It is a small town in a small town.


I think of UD as "classic state school." One thing I love about my school is how pretty it is. We've got a gorgeous green with red brick classroom buildings where most classes are held, and on nice days there are students out on the green reading, tossing a football, or playing frisbee. The visual appeal is one thing UD definitely has going for it.


The University of Delaware is a school with a beautiful campus, strong academics, and a fun, friendly social atmosphere.


I always say that it looks like a stereotypical collegetown/college campus. It looks like what a college should look like. On a nice day, the green looks amazing. I love walking down it because I feel like I'm in a movie. The brick and white matching buildings are also beautiful to look at. Campus is pretty big, but definitely not unmanageable. It took me a few weeks, but after that I knew where everything was and was totally comfortable getting anywhere I needed to go.


A wealthy public engenering school.


University of Delaware is a school where the princesses come to party, binge drink, and the dudes come to "conquer" women and have no respect for them; no one cares about their academics or school functions, disrespect campus security, have their parents pay for everything because they have never worked a day in their life and take "cupcake" classes to raise their GPA's rather than taking classes that will advance them in the future.


The University of Delaware is a beautiful campus with many ways to get involved and grow academically.


An amazingly diverse school filled with endless possibilities.


The university provides its students with a well rounded education. The purpose, as many professors emphasize to their students is not to change the views of students but to make them more knowledgeable and aware of the world in which they live.


University of Delaware is a melting pot of all types of people that will all come outside on the grass when spring first comes to listen to music, play frisbee, and be happy.


Delaware is a perfect balance in size, in landscape, and in terms of being academic v. a party school.


Gorgeous campus with an old-town air; it has a bustling feel on Main Street and occasionally when walking to class, but it has a moderate sized population of students - about 15,000.


My campus is beautiful, full of nature and natural beauty and the education is very satisfactory for ambitious students.


The UD Fightin' Blue Hens: we may be small, but we sure are feisty!


The University of Delaware is not a perfect picture of a school; it is a real place where I have seen some people learn, grow, change, discover, and create while others fail, diminish, and die.


The University of Delaware is a unique, fun, and very academically enriched school, located on a wonderful green campus.


The University of Delaware is an all around equally diverse, fun, energetic, and intelligent university. It is a place where everyone feels at home within hours of being there. The professors and faculty are kind and helpful people, and the students are friends you can hold relationships with for life. It is the kind of place I always imagined college to be. It is equally fun but it also is a great place for learning and school work, and it is easy to balance between the two. It is the ideal college experience.


The university of Delaware is a highly competative institution, where students of all different backgrounds reside together to become more successful.


UD is a school where possibilities are endless.


The University of Delaware provides a wide range of eclectic programs for exercising the mind, body, and spirit.


The University of Delaware is such a hands on school especially in the Elementary Education department. I love the professor student interactions, campus life and all the amazing events that go on during the year. Since I live close to UD and commute, going there is so much easier and rewarding.


The University of Delaware is a rigorous and demanding institution of higher learning; teachers and faculty encourage students to do their best and truly stress the importance of maintaining high grades.


My school is one of the greatest universities in the United States, with a strong emphasis on student development, both inside and outside the classroom.


My school has a wonderful campus with great people and staff.


Absolutely amazing, and has a high standard for education.


It is spacious, clean and saturated with things to do.


Research based university with a strong emphasis on academic success through classroom and real world exposure.


An opportunity to advance ones circumstances


Work hard, play hard.


The University of Delaware is a fantastic school conveniently located at the heart of a true small college town, where everyone lives, eats and bleeds blue and gold!


The University of Delaware is a college that is neither too big or to small where a wide varitey of students go to study various majors in a exciting and friendly enviroment.


The university of delaware is a school where students get an excellent education to help prepare them for a terrific future while having a fun life.


UD is a large school where you have the opportunity to meet lots of people, although you will not want to get to know all of them, and it is a place where you will waste a lot of time walking or waiting for a bus, but you can learn a lot there.


UD is a very large, crowded, party school that offers hundreds of classes you'll never be able to take because of schedule conflicts and poor transportation.


The University of Delaware is a school of great opportunity to make friends, specialize in a field and perform research, participate in school spirit, learn a great deal, tackle as many interests as you want and earn a degree that has a fabulous reputation attached to it.


UD is like a second home. Everyone is welcoming and inviting, including professors. And it's beautiful.


I absolutely love my school and the environment it provides for students.


My school is a respected institution that offers an excellent and diverse curriculum and has fantastic research laboraties in place, that places an emphasis on giving back, going green, and school spirit; it encourages students to excel and has set up tutors and guidance in order to allow students to excel.


The university of Delaware has all the benefits of a big school but the feel of a small school.


Tons fun, beautiful women, and great classes

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