University of Delaware Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Actually all of the dorms are really nice, and they are special in their own way. For instance, i live in Dickinson, the rooms are very small, and the food isn't the best, however there is a center lounge that brings the floors together. Ever since the first day my floor has gone out to dinner together. Dickinson is a great place to get involved with other people. Other dorms for instance have things like air condition, and big rooms. Every dorm is different in their own way; i wouldn't say that any of the dorms are bad, and I've been to almost everyone.


There are five different parts of campus where there are dorms. Freshmen can live on East Campus which has five dorms. Russell is for honors students and ROTC, it has double rooms in a Z-shape so each roommate can have their own section of the room if they choose. There's three levels and a common room and kitchen on the first floor that is shared between two buildings. It also has a smaller room called the quiet study lounge. Harrington is an older version of Russell. There are two other dorms I've never been in, but the dorms are in a good location because Perkins student center is there, it's close to the library, and it isn't a far walk from classes. Freshmen can also live on West Campus which has two dorms which are older and have singles and doubles. These dorms have a lot of common rooms and are pretty social, but they'll be knocked down in the next few years because the university is building new freshmen dorms on East Campus. Freshmen can also live on Laird, which is pretty far but has the newest dorms that are suite style. They are known to be less social but very nice. Upperclassmen can live in other dorms on The Green on or on Laird. I think every dorm has a communal kitchen and common area.



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