University of Delaware Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Overall, the students at this school are very open-minded, so I feel someone who is very close-minded or from a very sheltered background would feel out of place or alienated at this university. However there is such a range of students on campus from so many different backgrounds, ethnicities, races, religious affiliations, etc; but I feel the most prevalent background is white middle and upper class students which leads people to say that our school is not diverse when in reality it very much is. We have thousands of international students from all around the world-- over 200 from Saudi Arabic alone! And this diversity leads students to be very socially and politically aware; peaceful demonstrations and protests are often held on campus on issues generally defined as more left winged liberal topics like abortion, sexual assault and the like.


Very outgoing and go getters. Everyone here seeems to pretty much have there eyes on the prize and are very focused.


We are not the most diverse school, but we represent a wide variety of students.


The similiarities found within a group of my peers makes the diversity between us practical unbelievable, yet these likenesses also highlight the beauty and amazement of blending different ideas, perspectives, and beliefs into a familial closeness.


Students from all over the world come to University of Delaware to study. Students are eager to learn about their major as well as making friends. During the week you can find most of them in a study hall reading. On the weekend you can find them participating in extracurricular activities such as intermural volleyball or dance. One characteristic that brings the entire campus together, faculty and students, is their love for sports. Even if an individual doesn't like sports when they first arrive at UD, upon graduation, they will be always rooting for the Blue Hens.


The classmates are genuinely friendly and hard-working.


My classmates are a group of hard-working, determined students who are able to balance their schedules with an active social life.


Hard working, driven and academically motivated students.


The students at UD are live fully, embracing challenges, and exploring new experiences and activities.


The University of Delaware is, in my own opinion, primarily caucasian. But, I have not met anyone here to this day that is racist towards any ethnicity or religion in any way thus far. People here are very welcoming and accepting of others and it really makes you feel "at home" when you're studying here. Most students are primarily from NJ, NY, DE, and PA.


Every student on campus is their own unique individual. There is such a broad range of students that everyone can find their own niche. Most girls can seen going to class in jeans and a north face and some kind of boots and boys can be seen in sweats and t-shirts. I have become so close with so many different types of people that I normally wouldn't have in high school. The University of Delaware is so diverse and I can't help but rave about how much that positively effect a person!


Their is a wide range of students no one feels out of place. Every nationality, religion, socio-economic, etc. can be represented maybe not in the largest numbers but is more than welcome.


UD is such a large school that I've seen a little bit of everything at some point! I have met plenty of LGBT students and they all seem to fit in with no problem! Similarly, I've seen almost every race on campus and none of them seem to feel out of place. The socio-economic status of many students is upper-middle class but a lot of the Delaware residents are not as fortunate as the out-of-state students. Still, I have yet to have a negative experience with any kind of group on campus -- all are accepting and willing to include anyone interested in learning about them. Most girls dress up somewhat for class, wearing boots, jeans, and a blazer or peacoat. Contrastingly, most guys wear jeans and a sweatshirt. I tend to wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt when I've had busy nights but like to dress up for class when I can! I've talked to all different kinds of students in my classes, however, a lot of sorority and fraternity students stick together. In the dining hall, people usually interact with their floors more than anything else, so often the groups of people are rather eclectic. A lot of students are active in different RSOs but rarely seem passionate about the work they do with these groups. Many students are interested in making money, and lots of it!


Depending on where you look, UD students can be very similar or very different. The majority of the student body is white and most of the girls sport the "uggs, northface, hoodie, and yoga pants" look. Most students who attend this school are from somewhere along the east coast, predominantly Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey; although I know people from the west coast as well. Most students come from an upper-middle class family and are generally polite and courteous to others. Many of my friends don't know what they want to do with their lives yet, but we are freshman so they have some time. As a Biology major, many of my friends in my major (including myself) want to go into the medical field. This trend is prevalent because the University of Delaware has excellent science programs.


Many of the students are involved with the University. Whether this be through Greek life, an athletic team, a National Student Organization, volunteering, working for the University, or performing internships with professors. The majority of students are from America, are in-state, Caucasian, and are very accepting! I love meeting students from other countries and learning about their culture. For the most part, students wear jeans and boots with North Face jackets to class. Guys go to class in casual wear more than girls. In the dining hall, there is certainly NOT a Mean Girls scene where everyone is divided into clicks. Everyone is interspersed, possibly making new friends!


Most of the kids here are from Jersey, Philly, and Delaware in that order. I'm from Pittsburgh so I felt a little bit out of place at first, but everybody was very welcoming and it was only a day or two before I felt at home. We usually wear sweats or jeans with a tshirt and a coat to class. Sometimes you'll see some hats, too. Girls tend to wear sweats and "comfy clothes" to class, but you'll see some girls dressed up every now and then. If you talk and put yourself out there, anybody will talk to you. Making new friends is incredibly easy.


Most of the kids here are from Jersey, Philly, and Delaware in that order. I'm from Pittsburgh so I felt a little bit out of place at first, but everybody was very welcoming and it was only a day or two before I felt at home. We usually wear sweats or jeans with a tshirt and a coat to class. Sometimes you'll see some hats, too. Girls tend to wear sweats and "comfy clothes" to class, but you'll see some girls dressed up every now and then. If you talk and put yourself out there, anybody will talk to you. Making new friends is incredibly easy.


Politically, UD students are known for being apathetic. With the exception of some political science and history majors, politics are rarely discussed. Because the student body is pretty homogeneously white, semi-conservative and middle-class, I have heard minority students say they feel uncomfortable and not as accepted. If you are a minority, super intellectual, or passionate about global issues, you may not fit in here. If you're a regular, jocky college kid or preppy girl who likes hanging with her girlfriends and dressing up, you'll fit in perfectly.


They are entertaining, good, and helpful people.


The student body here isn't very diverse. It is mostly Caucasian and Asian ethnicity wise. The student body can be considered diverse is other ways though. There are over 300 student organizations here ranging from various political groups, to LGBT groups, and sports clubs. There is something here for virtually anybody. For regular campus wear, most people dress casual-in sweatpants and a hoodie. The dining halls here can get a little crowded and people usually dine with friends. The financial background prevalent here is mostly upper middle class. The student environment here is pretty laid back and chill.


Most students are white, from middle-upper income households and are from PA, NJ, NY, DE or MD. If you're a minority, you might have a harder time finding other people in your minority. But, there are a lot of student associations and I think people are accepting. As for LBGT acceptance, Delaware was rated 4.5 out of 5 in the LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index by Campus Pride. Haven, the LGBT group is one of the largest student organizations on campus. Students are somewhat apathetic and care mostly about grades, social lives and groups their involved in. I think any type of student can find a group of people they fit in with because it's such a big campus.


There is a variety of students on campus here. There are students of every race and religion. Most of the students wear the new and trendy clothes around campus as well as a lot of Delaware gear. Most of the students come from wealthy backgrounds and most of them are from the Northeast.


While UD is not the most diverse campus in the US, there are definitely a lot of different people here. The majority of students here are from Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, most of them coming from middle class students. There are a lot of diverse social groups on campus, but personally I have not gotten involved in them, but I know people who are in them and love them. To class, if it's very early in the morning, students will be wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants. But usually by mid-day students are in casual clothes like jeans.


Rich, white bros. There's some diversity but it doesn't stick out. That is relative, however. I went to a HS that was 98% white so I feel like it's diverse here but, in reality, it isn't.


My classmates are motivated individuals who understand the importance of balance between social life and academics.


Really nice and engaging.


My classmates are similar to me, and tend to be hard workers who are driven and who want to achieve their goals.


My classmates are very take pride in school spirit and are passionate about their work in extracurriculars and academics.


My classmates are respectful, supportive and willing to lend a helping hand when others may fall behind.


They're normal people.


They are eager to learn!


My classmates from the University of Delaware are intelligent, helpful, witty, outgoing, open-minded people who are not only fellow students, but people who it is very easy to make friendships with, and they are not only outstanding in the classroom, but also in every day life.


My classmates are dedicated learners who like to focus in on what they're learning but enjoy and share their experience with others at the same time.


It is difficult to know everyone in their freshman year, but I would say that a lot of people are silly and like to party, but there are some that are devoted to making their name stick in more educational ways.


My classmates are a very eclectic group of people; they all have different heritages, religions, and personal backgrounds as well as varrying personalities, and that, I think, is what makes my classmates the most interesting and the college experience the best.


My classmates are a very diverse group! There are some that I know since junior high school. These are my confidantes, my support system and the first that I turn to when it is time to relax and have fun. There are others that I met just this year who have made an impression on me. There is one young man who is from Cameroon, Africa. I have learned alot about his country. Another classmate is from China. She cooks authentic Chinese food in a dorm kitchen and it was wonderful! It was unlike anything I had ever tasted!


My classmates are generally intelligent, motivated and successful


There's a good amount of diversity here, if you know where to look. This school is mostly middle class, privledged, out of state students.


They are friendly, hardworking and focused.


My classmates seem to be focused on being successful in class and most of them seem open to answer a question if I have one.


I don't know anybody.


University of Delaware students come to class hung-over and talk during class.


My classmates are dedicated students. If I am having trouble with work, I feel comfortable asking mostly anybody because mostly anybody is willing to help. I feel very confident when I am assigned a group project because, for the most part, everyone pulls their own weight. I never feel stressed that my group members aren't going to put in as much work as me or that the quality of their work will not be comparable to the quality of my own work.


Eager to learn but struggle with the work load


They are hardworking, extremely smart, funny, nice, and successful


All my classmates were as interested in the school work as I was, providing a good learning environment.


My classmates are eager to learn, discover, and experiment new things while also striving to be the best they can be, organizing their time for schoolwork but also leaving time for some fun.


A diverse accepting group of girls that support each other.


My classmates were motivated, hardworking, friendly people


Smart, but know how to have fun too.

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