University of Delaware Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I would have to say our school spirit. Whatever the sporting event is, the stands will always be packed to the maximum limit of UD students supporting their school.


UD is known for its rankings, research, and its academics overall.


My school is probably best known for the aesthetics of the campus. The campus is medium sized with a lot to offer visually, but we are also known for being culturally diverse. When you step on campus you see that it is a mixing bowl of students from all over the world, and each student contibutes to the cultural diversity that the university offers.


I think our school is best known for its mixture of fun and education. UD is a highly regarded educational institution and is one of the best in the country but Blue Hens also know how to have a good time when we are not studying so UD really provides the best of everything for its students. Also, UDairy ice cream is to die for.


University of Delaware is most commonly associated with Special Olympics.


The University of Delaware is best known for it's beautiful campus and the positive engaging atmosphere that it provides it's students. There is always a club to join, an event to attend or a beautiful garden for you to sit in and study. The University does a great job of bringing its students together and keep them interactive not only with each other but within the surrounding community as well.


Our school is known for Blue and Gold. It is well known for being a good size and providing a good education. It also has a good football program as we went to the championship this year.


Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management Major/Program


An excellent D2 football team and it's academics.


I really do not know what the University of Delaware is best known for. I personally like the way UD is set up. I like the size of the campus, the location of the classes and that the green. The green is a patch of grass (larger than just a patch) that students will use to be outside and study or tan or play frisbee. I really like the atmosphere it gives our campus.


My is school is best known for striving for academic excellence. The University of Delaware has a very strong engineering group, which I like to proceed my education in.


School spirit, lack of diversity


I do not know what our school is BEST known for. I do know that we are Division One in sports and that many of our programs are strong programs and that graduates generally can find jobs after receiving their degree from here.


University of DE is known for teaching students to be well rounded in their education. Not only do we take classes just in our major, but we are exposed to many other fields. I love this because I have the opportunity to learn about other subjects besides my major. I love the size of the school because I get to meet many people of different interests and backgrounds.


Having fun!


I think the University of Delaware is most known for its school spirit. I always see students in UDel clothing and going to football games is a must.


tough to get in to, football, joe biden


University of Delaware is best known for being a very strong acadmic school, with a great social atmosphere. This campus has the best of both worlds: You will receive a phenomenal education from a good institution and you will also have the time of your life and meet life long friends.


the prettiest campus on eastern coast


The University of Delaware is best known for its study abroad program. UD was the first school to have study abroad and they encourage every student to study abroad at least once. UD has study abroad programs to every continent allowing students to broaden their horizens and discover new cultures and ideas. The study abroad is a very popular program and it is competitve to get into. Every student who studies abroad loves the experience and if given the opportunity, they would go again.


A strong career-based school that supports its students, the community and the environment


Great academics, sports, and social life


University of Delaware is known for being an overall well rounded school. Our sports, academics, and parties are amazing.


It is known as a big party school and an administration that is very strict on punishments both for drinking as well as plagerism. There is a strong focus on academics and the football team, as well as registered student groups (250+ at any one time).


Nursing and Biology are common majors as well as Business.


We are known for the programs, sports and overall bang for your buck.


Academics (engineering, music, business), the football season (the crowds, crazy fans, the blue hen marching band, mascots, school spirit), the large campus, lots of major choices, the large selection of activities


I think my school is best known for all of its programs, especially the buisness school.


School spirit, close knit community, beautiful campus.


The University of Delaware is best known for its football team and mascot, The Blue Hens. It is also considered highly reputable and presitigious.


school spirit, football, undergraduate discovery learning experiences


Having a chicken for a mascot.


Academics, reasearch and sports


Our Engineering program is very impressive at this school, and almost every other person you will talk to your first year of campus will be either in the Engineering department or in the sciences. However, right now as Joe Biden is the Vice-President elect, and he is a UD alum, UD is receiving much attention for that.


The University of Delaware is best known for its location, the beautiful green, and an amazing study abroad program. UD is conveniently located between Washington DC and New York City leaving plenty of opportunities for internships and cultural diversity. Also, the university prides itself on the comfortable and astonishing green ranked highly in America. One of the first schools to provide study abroad, the University of Delaware offers a wide range of places to visit and experience education across the world. My favorite new attention toward the University is Joe Biden, Vice President elect! He also lived in my dorm!


This school is a great place for great quality education. The students here are so focused everybody knows what they want from life. The campus is beautiful. Its very safe and our school spirit is unbeatable!


Our School is best known for excellent programs, especially a good engineering program for I am in it. We have good school spirit in our football games. We have good customer service whether it be from finantial aid, computing sites, librarys, dorms and so on. We are considered a party school. A high standard is set for prospective students, and maintaining high grades. There are countless programs; intermural sports, varsity, student organizations, fraternities, sororities, specific interest groups and so on.


My school is best known for being a very strong academic university and being in the forefront of information.


its business and sports programs


My school is best known for its political science program. This program produced people such as Joe Biden, who is now the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee.


I think UD is best known for its school spirit and beautiful campus. It is also highly regarded academically.


My school is best known for its social life. This includes football games, extra-curricular activies, and weekend fun. It is a very social campus.

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