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Our school is settled in a smaller town with a slower lifestyle. Delaware is a small, close knit state. It's very easy to fit in here and find your place. The campus is easy to walk through and has a historic beauty. It's an academic challenge so you've got to have the self control to study instead of going out to the many bars and restuarants on mainstreet.


The University of Delaware is unique because it provides great opportunities for Delaware residents concerning financial aid. In fact, with programs like the SEEDs program many Delaware residents can obtain their associates degree from the University of Delaware for only the cost of books. The University of Delaware gives Delawareans the edge and is a fabulous place to become immersed in the arts and culture.


I like the location of the campus. It is in Newark, which is a smaller city. It's located only a few minutes from Wilmington and is also very close to other major cities like Philadelphia, Washington, , Baltimore, and New York City.


More opportunities then the small schools I looked at and more friendly and welcoming then the big schools.


I love Delaware. You will too.


The Resident Advising program in the dorms is very poor. There is a lack of peer and faculty support in the living areas. Better support academically. The dorms are poorly policed when it comes to alcohol despite a lot of lip-service from the administration. The school really needs to pay more attention to what goes on in the dorms and socially among the students. Academically things are different. A lot of great majors, great teachers, and great courses. The sports and location of the school are also great. Overall I like it but wish they would pay more attention to the partying and alcohol. It makes it uncomfortable for kids that don't drink.


The University of Delaware offers a wide variety of majors and areas of study. Ranging from majors in Art or Psychology to majors in Biochemistry or Animal Science to majors in International Business or Political Science, there is a wealth of possiblities to appeal to the diverse interests of all UD students. Additionally, UD offeres a multitude of extracirriculuar activites, including intramural and club sports, various clubs and organizations, and volunteer and research opportunities. There is something to appeal to the interests and passions of all students at UD.


It is a large campus with a warmer climate and has a good reputation for being a good school.


What I found unique about my school was that it can be as big or small as you want it to be. For example, if you choose to involve yourself in greek life you feel like you know a lot more people on campus. There are also plenty of different activities to get yourself involved in, we even have a chocolate lover's club! No matter what kind of person you are there are so many people here that you will meet and so many different things you never imagined yourself trying, but once you get here you do!


My school hosts groups of very intelligent students. The administrators at the school strive to do the best for the students and accompany them in their dreams for after college.


University of Delaware is unique in that the variety of people and majors you can choose is endless. There are no limits on what you want to pursue and everyone has the ability to succeed if they take advantage of all the things the University offers. This school takes pride in making it possible for professors and students to work together in the classroom and through research. I never imagined that I would learn so much during my time at University of Delaware! Go Blue Hens!


The University of Delaware is a very large college, so there are endless possibilities when it comes to majors, sports, and campus activities.


University of Delaware was founded by some of the signers of the Declaration and we named a lot of our residence halls after men such as John Dickinson, Caesar Rodney, and George Read.


It is a really nice campus with a lot of opportunities to succeed.


We were the first school to do study abroad. We have a great walking campus in a small college town connected to major cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York. We have an amazing honors program. The people around here are very friendly and the students are supportive of each other (not too cutthroat) but the work is still challenging.


To begin with, the campus is simply beautiful. The Green, which is the central part of the University, is teeming with flowers, tall trees, and fountains. The students here are also generally fair and nice. I have never had an issue with any kind of bullying and name calling. The classes are generally small, with about twenty to thirty students in a class. We have great athletics and our students have great pride in the school. In short, the University of Delaware is a great school that offers alot to everyone.


My school is unique because the campus is absolutely gorgeous with its landscaping and brick buildings.


Within just a matter of months, the University of Delaware has become my home away from home. I believe that this university is different compared to all other schools because no one else can compete when it comes to the campus, the people, and the comfort level of University of Delaware. I usually get homesick when I am not around my family, however, I have yet to feel this way while being at Delaware. I know I am living in a safe environment, and whether it is the students or teachers, I know I have people I can turn to.


University of Delaware is not what I expected from a typical college. There are many support programs that help students meet their need academically and socially. Many of my professors and councilors have stressed the importance of networking. They also give advice on how to be successful in college . University of Delaware also has a program called FYE (First Year Experience), which is a class that helps freshmen learn more about their majors. University of Delaware has many resources to help students be successful including writing centers and many tutoring opportunity. I thought most colleges were less interactive with students.


Delaware is a very big school, but it has a campus that provides intimacy. There is a good education program, but there is also the green it relax and take in some fresh air. Although there are not too many activities outside of the college to participate in, Delaware keeps its students active.


The University of Delaware has a beautiful campus and is located in the town of newark which provides a fun environment.


The town of Newark, DE is usually very supportive of the univeristy, especially when it comes to University Athletics. The town revolves around The Blue Hens.


My shcool has a very comfortable setting along with a great variety of student activities. Every night there is something to do, from movies to concerts to parties. As far as academics go, most professors have help sessions to assist students and teach with very unique approaches. For example, my chemistry professor has a help session every day held by himself and his teaching assistants, and he even has a handwritten guide to his course. It's almost like he has the notes written out, all we have to do is study them.


Although UDEL is a large school, it has the feel of a small home town college - and really feels like how I imagined a college and college town would be like.


The farm


big school + small town = college town


I love the campus surrounding area. There are tons of restaurants, coffee shops, and stores to hang out at with friends.


What's so very interesting about the University of Delaware is that it is small enough to have a great sense of knowing where everything is and know what's going on while at the same time big enough that there is always something to do. Not being a partier myself I enjoy that there are tons of university sponsored events on week nights and weekends to participate in so I don't feel left out because I don't drink.


the enviornemt is awesome and there's always someone to talk to if you're having problems.


The physical attraction of the campus was just outstanding and unlike any other I've seen. The professors in my degree department are amazing and highly knowledgable about their subjects. I couldn't imagine myself any where else after my first step on campus.


The University of Delaware is unique because you can make your experience what you want it to be. If they don't have a club that you hoped would be there it is very easy to start one on your own. Also, when you go to college for the first time, freshman are usually clumped together by major for dorm living. It was a great way to meet people in my major and very easy to find people to study with and ask questions.


It puts education majors in the field (working in schools) starting first semester freshman year.


What is unique about the University of Delaware is that it is a large school with good class sizes, between 30 and 100 students. In addition, everyone there wants to learn and to succeed so it is easy to concentrate and have the determination to do well with fellow students.


Its location is amazing. The university of Delaware lies in close proximity to Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, yet it is located in a small town that allows it to retain a community-type feel. This location allows you to compete for excellent jobs in some of the best markets in America while also giving you the opportunity to grow in a collegiate setting that is limited to other students who are sharing in the same collegiate experience with you.


The University doesn't just have a campus, but an entire city. The city of Newark loves the University of Delaware and even the locals get involved in activities affiliated with the University. It's nice to see college students and residents of Newark mingle.


school spirit is amazing


There are several things that are unique about Delaware. Its location places it within close distance of Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York City. Strong academic programs in the arts and sciences as well as hard sciences set it apart from other Universities. (I am a political science and history major and would just like to brag a little bit about how Delaware's own Joe Biden was a graduate.) Overall this is a great school with academic programs and a location which set it apart from many Universities.


It's large an can accomodate much diversity. You can design your own major to completely take charge of your own education. Study Abroad options are numerous, and the university was one of the first colleges in America to establish study abroad programs.


very focused on students even after they graduate by helping with carear choices and job placement


It's in Delaware.


My passion has always been for Entomology. Very few schools on the east coast offer Entomology as a major or minor. The University of Delaware puts alot of emphasis on its Agricultural School, and allows me to study what I want with many study abroad and research opportunities right away. The school itself is large, but you get the 'small school feel' from the Agricultural School coupled with the campus as a whole which allows you to integrate with people from all different majors and areas of study.


Its a pretty big school so I meet all kinds of people. A ot of colleges are described as high school part two. Delaware is not like that, there are too many students to have that kind of vibe. However, its not huge so my classes are a pretty reasonable size. The majority of my classes are about 35 kids.


This school is a bigger school and the academics here are top notch accredited programs. The atmosphere is large school at the same time a small school atmosphere.


Students at this school place heavy emphasis on courses and doing well. But on the weekends most people like going out to parties or bars. Off campus and on campus are pretty much all the same area so you never have to walk far. The town is suburban and you can go shopping, out to eat, out to bars, etc. all on one street within minutes of your door. That is one of the biggest advantages because you don't need a car. Philadelphia is only 45 minutes away and NYC is about two hours, so travel is easy.


Compared to other schools that I know of, the University of Delaware has many strong Resident Student Organizations (RSOs) that are active all year round and want to positively impact our communities. We are not too big, not too small in school size and make up almost the whole city of Newark. Football and other athletics is very powerful here, but two things that I've enjoyed about my school the most so far include the brand new Laird campus; which looks like it's for royalty and my many opportunies as an intern and undergraduate researcher.


UD had the nicest campus of all the schools I looked at. The majority of main campus is green space and there is never a day (even in rain) where people cannot be found reading under a tree, playing frisbee or football. It's a very dynamic campus that seems to have a life of it's own.


What's unique about the University of Delaware is that unlike most schools today that only off a set curriculum based on your major, you are able to build up your major yourself by having a wide variety of classes that best suit the individual. This allows students to graduate with skills that are unique to one another, and as a result graduates from this school offer even more skills to use within their field than those who only had a set degree process. This makes University of Delaware students have an advantage over other graduates.


I transferred here only for the physical therapy department, which is great. I came from a small liberal arts school which overall provided a much better academic and growing experience/


Current student talks about why he picked UD. He also talks about the sports activities he is involved in at Delaware.


Student says he came to UD for its engineering program. He also discusses social life.

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