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What kind of person should not attend this school?


This is truly a wonderful and fantastic school. The teachers are great here and the students are very friendly. With that being said, if you dont put in the time for schoolwork you will not do well. This is not a school for someone looking to party all the time; it is a tough school. If you are not the kind of person that puts your schoolwork as the number one priority in your life then this is not the school for you


Someone who wouldn't take their education seriously. Money is put into their future, by either their parents, their family, the government, or themselves, and they should take that seriously.


Somebody that wants to keep to themselves and doesn't like meeting new people or trying new experiences.


I don't think there's any type of person that shouldn't look at this school. It's large enough where almost anyone could find a place to fit in.


This is a very difficult question because i belive anyone can find the right social group at this school. This includes the party animals, the antisocial "nerds", the gays, and diverse ethnicities. I would say a person who wouldnt be able to attend this school would be someone who grewp in a big city. Our school is in a small town and the big cities are about an hour away. Students who grew up in a big city would probably be dissapointed with he school, since we only have small local bars.


The University of Delaware is a diverse campus and I have found someone of pretty much every personality. I have found that it is difficult to take classes with a learning dissability, but there is a student disability services center. This campus is not for someone who does not like meeting new people because you will hardly ever have classes with the same people unless you have a small major.


Someone who isn't going to really take advantage of all that the University of Delaware has to offer. The University always has some event to attend and it's a great way to meet people. Some of my greatest friendships were made from meeting people at events that I decided to attend on a whim. Someone who is going to stay cooped up in their dorm room or doesn't like interacting with other people, probably will not benefit from the education and positive environment that the University of Delaware has to offer.


A student who does not like crowds, large class sizes, and challenging workloads should not attend this school. This is a large school - there are over 15,000 undergraduates alone on a moderate-sized campus. Class sizes range from just a few people to more than 300 students, and it is difficult to succeed in larger classes without a personal connection with professors. Students who do not want to be challenged in their coursework should also cross this school off their list - this is a tough school to keep a good GPA in!


Someone who is not open to new ideas and believes that they have the answers to all of life's questions.


All students wishing to higher their education level should attend this school. The student body is very welcoming to all people of different races, ethnicities, or orientations. I have never witnessed a problem among students involving problems such as race or diversity.


Someone who does not like to learn or cannot disipline themselves. This school requires a great deal of work, concentration, and determination.


I honestly do not believe that there is a type of person who should not attend the University of Delaware. Being a university of both open arms and mind, U of D can make absoultely any person feel like they have arrived at their home away from home. In essence, certainly one who let his or her grades fall while in high school would have a difficult time in being accepted into the university, however if the individual is accepted, they will have an amazing opportunity to them to transform themselves into what they always dreamed of being.


A shy, reserved person. The University is all about students taking initiative and learning through experience. It is a do it yourself type of school where the outgoing, willing and dedicated person will succeed.


Any type of person is accepted at this school so everyone is welcome.


Someone who doesn't enjoy walking long distances. Someone who doesn't want to meet a diverse group of people. Someone who doesn't want to make lifelong friends. Someone who isn't very school spirited. Someone who doesn't want to be offered numerous clubs and activities to get involved with. Someone who doesn't want to receive an outstanding education. Someone who doesn't want have an enjoyable college experience.


A person who does not know what they want to major in should not attend this school. The programs for each major are very specific and will leave you behind if you change majors.


I would highly suggest the University of Delaware to any fellow student. Overall, it has such an amazing atmosphere, I do not know anyone who would not want to be a part of it! The only people I could not imagine attending this school would be if they did not offer your intended major or also if you grew up around the town of Newark and wanted to get a chance to travel.


You shouldn't attend University of Delaware if you're looking for small, discussion-based classes. Many classes in popular majors have well over 100 students.


Academically, lethargic students are the only types of students who should not go to University of Delaware. A suffiecnt amount of work is required in many classes and lazy will hurt their grade. Another thing is Delaware is not a big state and has many small city. If a student is more incline to a urban setting and a very populated setting, they may not like where University of Delaware is located.


You shouldn't attend U of D if you can't manage your time and you put more priority on your social life and activities than you do your academics, because you will get overwhelmed very quickly. But, if you are goal oriented, have a plan in mind, and are focussed on your education and carefully select your extra curricular activities and limit the number of hours you work at a part time job, you'll do well. Study hard, have some fun, get involved, and balance it all.


There is no person that should not attend this school. The University of Delaware is a very diverse community. Anyone with a desire to meet different people and experience different cultures will love it.


Someone who cannot stop partying and concentrate on their studies should not attend this school because there are a lot of bars within walking distance.


Someone who isn't ready to put forward 110% into everything they do shouldn't attend Delaware.


There is a place for everyone at the school, not a blank statement to highten the school's prestige. There are numerous types of people that you come across during a school day that it would be impossible for someone to come to the school and not find a place that they could belong. Everyone is also open to accepting most people into their group, never feel like you are outside looking into a group.


You shouldn't go to U. of Delaware if you don't know what major you want and aren't willing to compete for a spot in the department. Students seem to know what they want to do from the very beginning so I can see that a undeclared freshman can be confused. Also, if you are coming from out of state you should know that most people are going to college with people that they went to high school with and may have a difficult time making new friends, particularly at the beginning of the year.


UD is a great place for any type of student: jock, artist, environmentalist, etc. The only things that could possibly hold a student back from attending such a great university are financial issues. Many of my friends who go to this school have either received little or no financial aid or their parents are paying for their school.


I believe that anyone can do what they set their minds to, which is why i could not define what kind of person should not attend the University of Delaware. It all comes down to determination and personal desire for success. This school has various aspects of the college that cater to any of the desires of which any one may have. In the end, I personally believe that the University of Delaware can be an adequate fit for anyone.


You should not attend the University of Delaware if you prefer a small school that does not require much walking.


There is not a certain "kind" of person that should attend The University of Delaware. The available programs and the students that attend reflect every type of academic interest and other interests possible.


Intellectuals, anyone interested in having thoughtful discussions


Any one who is not motivated and willing to study should not attend this school. It is a lot of work to keep up your grades, but it is worth it in the end.


people with no dreams or inspiration


Lazy, doesn't care about grades, only worries about partying and not studying.


someone who isn't ready for a big school. although this school is the perfect size for me, my identical twin went to a school of about 2500 kids. delaware is MUCH bigger than that, but i feel at home here, and would not have been happy at a small school.


I do not think that there is anyone that should not be allowed to attend this school. Anyone who wants to and is willing to learn should be allowed to study at the University of Delaware. There is diverse group of students at the campus and that diversity helps to create a great learning experience on campus.


Someone who isn't keen on big classes or doing alot of work in the dorms. Also someone who isn't too friendly or ethnically tolerant.


People who do not care about their education and future should not attend this school. Someone who doesn't like a bigger school should not go here. Also, if you do not like a social life, you should not attend. If someone is not willing to put in a lot of work in their education, they should not go here.


Anyone who doesn't drink or has a great appreciation for diversity. Red tape is also as long as it gets at UD.




For many this is a medium-large state school, they have a plethora of majors to choose from. Also, this school is also a good value, espescially if live in state. If you are looking for a good balance of life and academics this is the place for you.


People who did not attend a high school that prepared them for college. People that can't balance school work and social activities.


Someone who does not take themselves or their work seriously, because UD is one of the most academically challenging universities on the East Coast.


Someone who is easily distracted and cannot balance their time between school work and their social time. It is a fairly large university with TONS of things going on all of the time. You definitely have to be more than willing to focus and get your work done first, and THEN make time for friends, sports, and parties.


People who are unwilling to join activities and be an active member of the community should not attend this university. There are over 250 registered student organizations that are geared to united the University of Delaware community.


There is not anyone in the world that should not attend or at least consider attening this school.


Someone looking for a wide variety of people and diverse student body. Also, a student looking to form personal relationships with every professor.


The kind of person who isn't ready to branch out. Delaware is small and you have be outgoing in a sense to find the opportunities. There are lots of them here but you have to have a go-getter mentality and try new things.


Someone who isn't very social, or outgoing would probably have a difficult time adjusting to this college. Also people who do not care about their grades and classes would definetly not succeed in this school


People who prefer higher levels of diversity (both economic and ethnic) might find it difficult to adjust on a campus that has a lot of upper-middle class white kids, but I would still say come anyway, your presence is badly needed and things will only get better. Plus, there really is something for everyone here, regardless of your background you can find a support system to suit your needs, and besides people here are pretty open and accepting.


UD is not a very diverse school. IF you're looking for a school with a population that's 97% white, then this school is for you. If you're looking for a suburb that still has a night life, Newark is for you. We're also in close proximity to Philly, NYC, and DC which gives the students opportunities to be in a city without living there.

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