University of Delaware Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The college experience for me solidified why it's so important for higher education. As a single parent it means an expanding horizon, providing greater opportunities for my son and bulding the confidence; exceeding my own expectations. Attending is mandatory if you are taking your education seriously. Working hard is part of the equation, but to succeed at anything in life, attendance is required. School attendance is valuable because the enriching atmosphere in class. You absorb everything an instructor has to offer. You gain feedback and you recognize and appreciate different points of views of your classmates.


My experience at the University of Delaware has enabled me to translate my interests and talents into a fulfilling career path. Entering UD, I chose to pursue a degree in Animal Science. However, the courses I took as part of the Animal Science curriculum did not completely engage my interest. During my sophomore year, I took an introductory course in nutrition. I absolutely loved it. I was fascinated by the universality of basic nutritional principles and their direct influence on the health and quality of life of all people. The material was challenging, but it captured my enthusiasm, and I easily understood it. The more I thought about it, the more nutrition seemed like the perfect profession for me – nutrition takes scientific research and principles and applies them to improve people’s health and quality of life. A job within the field of nutrition would utilize my strong background in science, captivate my interest, and allow me to have a positive influence on people’s lives. I decided to change majors and become a Registered Dietitian. If I had not attended UD, I may never have discovered this fascinating career path that perfectly combines both my talents and my interests.


My college experience at the University of Delaware has been nothing short of amazing. I went in as a psychology minor not sure what I wanted to do and now I'm a senior with a psychology minor, cognitive science major and concentration in speech-language pathology. Working in two labs at UD has given me great research experience and gave me opportunities to work with children with speech delays, learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Required observation hours of speech-language pathologists for courses also reinforced my desire to pursue a career in helping others with speech disorders. It is easy to get involved at this University. Joining a sorority and the National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association has opened doors to a plethora of volunteer and leadership expereriences for me. It has also given me the opportunity to make a school filled with over 16,000 students feel like a school of 200 because you meet so many different people through getting involved in various activities held on campus. Finally, the University of Delaware has been valuble to attend because of the help of fellow students and professors who help you succeed academically.


My college experience so far has been eye opening. I am enjoying the classes that I am taking and learning a lot about the field of study that I will hopefully be working in upon graduation. The University doesn't hold back, they throw you right into the work that you will be expected of in that profession. The social experience has been rewarding as well. Dorms are very helpful in finding people that are alike you and the two girls that live next to me have become my closest friends here. The parties aren't to bad either, but one thing this school does know how to do is make you a student by day and a partier by night.


I grew up always hearing how I was going to attend college but I didn't know where or what I would get out of it. Now that I have completed half of my degree I have realized how much I have changed while in attendance. This experience has taught me how important it is to be confident and independent. These two and half years have not been a piece of cake but they have definitely been easier because I have proved to myself that I can make good decisions on my own without relying on others. This past semester alone I was able to successfully complete interviews and run for an executive position in an organization. If I had these opportunities pre-college I wouldn't have even attempted to complete them, due to the lack of confidence and how shy I was. Ultimately, college has taught me how to understand what I want and then most importantly that I can achieve it with perseverance. This is something that I can and intend to use in everything I do.


I've gotten many things out of my college experience thus far such as new friends, new opportunities, and a whole different outlook on life. Living on my own has taught me how to be responsible and manage my time well always balancing school work, laundry, and fun. This first semester has been great because my classes really showed me what it is that I want to continue to study and I look forward to the many more semesters I have ahead of me. Univeristy of Delaware has been very valuable because it taught me how to deal with things on my own and has many resources available for me such as a math help center and a writing help center.


I have learned that college is hard. It is one thing to get accepted - it is something different in its entirety to actually stay in college. To be able to pay for college is difficult- if you're not a whiz kid or offspring of wealthy/ high middle class parents, you are destined to sign up for shady loans and as for scholarships- well, first you have to qualify for the scholarship, then you have to actually answer all of the questions on and satisfy the terms of the application, and lastly your application has to stand out enough to win. Despite the constant stress of getting through college, with the not so good professors and the professors that actually give a damn, despite the bad food and the good food, college actually teaches you that there is a hurting world out there that is in desperate need of people who want to heal it- an increasingly ignorant/stupid/dumb America that is in need of an intellectual/smart/genius pick me up. College is a stage in life tht attempts to prepare me for the next stage- adulthood and im not sure if im ready for it.


I am very forunate to attend such a well-rounded, diverse and challenging school such as the University of Delaware. From my year and a half of attending this university, I have learned the importance of time management, stress management, and taking care of priorities before other tasks. The amount of work in each of my classes has taught me to organize my time in order to make sure all of my homework and projects get done before I arrive to class. This has also relected in my life outside of school. At work, time management has taught me to get the most important tasks done first, followed by things that are due at a later date. In addition to time management, living at the University of Delaware has taught me to be courteous of other peoples needs. Living with a roomate for the first time in my life has taught me to coexist with a new friend and to understand the needs and habits of a roomate. I have come to learn that people approach opportunities in different ways than I might expect. I can learn from other people's perspectives and take advice from others.


I have developed a partnership among my peers in my engineering classes. We can strive to create processes to benefit the world. It has been a treat to work with everyone at the school. Knowing that the professors will always be there to help you along the way is a sense fof relief. It is extremely valuable for my to attend my school because I know in the end, I will do well and become a successful engineer just like I have always dreamed.


I have gotten a wealth of knowledge and a world of experience from going to college. It is very valuable to me because my education will allow me to become financially independant as well as be able to support my family. It is giving me a sense of pride and accomplishment and boosting my self-esteem. I am getting skills that I only dreamed of in the past. My medical problems hindered my abilities but thanks to online classes at the local college, that has all changed, as my life has changed.


Although I am transferring from the University of Delaware, my college experience here has undoubtedly helped me rediscover my priorities and values. I am a double major in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics with a pre-dental course of study. Because of the lack of student resources, I was forced to advocate for myself and handle real life situations on my own. Additionally, professors are very unwilling to help students, to the point that it handicaps us educationally. The shy students who don’t speak up are at a marginal disadvantage here. These students are my peers and we all belong to a common community. My goal in life is to help and empower others because everyone is capable of achievement. I have grown more as a person here than as a student. However, my personal growth will follow me throughout my educational and professional careers. I hope to instill in others the same sense of autonomy that UD helped me to achieve.


My classes will begin in January and this will be my first year in college. I am a thirty-five year old recently seperated female and look forward to becoming something much more. Due to family obligations I have not been able to attend college, but have always had the desire. I am now under no family obligations and have nothing holding me back other than money. I am more than excited to begin classes and know without a shadow of doubt that the degree I am persuing will be a life changing improvement. I strive to be an independant woman with an outstanding career. The college experience that I am about to encounter will be both challenging and rewarding. I look forward to entering the Fire & Emergency Services field both educated and skilled with a readiness to perform. I have pre-studied both of these fields using all materials available to me, have completed my EMT-Basic course at the local community college, and have worked with the Firefighters at one of the local Fire Stations to gain personal knowledge of this field. I am more than prepared to press on in my studies in a college degree program.


I have gotten an excellent, rigorous education before attending medical school. As a result of the opportunities relevant to my career path, it has been valuable to me.


I remember in high school a guest speaker coming in to talk about our future (AKA college). He kept saying how college was "an investment in your future". He explained how we get the promise of a better future if we invest our time and money now. This is true, however, I feel that the time I have invested in college will reap many more benefits than just an increased salary when I enter the work force. College gave me a "trial run" at life. I could be out on my own and be responsible for my own well-being, but I also had an entire community to lean on for support if I ever faltered. I still had a job, bills, and other expenses, but I could also afford to take risks and try new things. College helps you build networking skills and communication skills that will be helpful when you step out of the protective college bubble and into the harsh real world. College is that in-between world where you can still have the imagination and dreams of a child while taking on more responsibility and freedom of an adult.


As a college senior I can look back on the past 3 years knowing they are filled with great memories and an amazing experience. I was slow to realize the opportunity I had at an amazing school but once I was tuned in, I was in love. I am involved in Residence Life as a resident assistant, play intramural sports with friends, and am a part of a Christian youth group. I have learned how to be a leader through ResLIfe, A team player through sports, and a reliable and giving person through youth group. I spend most nights studying because of the difficulty of my major. I spend over 30 hours a week in the classroom and laboratory. My free time is spent participating in events on campus like Relay for Life and Campus Day of Service. I love to give back at my school and appreciate what has been given to me.


In my college experience at Chaffey College, I have gotten many things that are not found at a university. Chaffey has success centers that focus on helping students with any of the subjects they need help with, primarily math and english. Class sizes are also smaller and therefore, professors are more apt to focus their attention on more students and their questions. Also, the times of classes at Chaffey are convenient enough for me to get a job while I'm in school. It has been valuable for me to attend this college because I am able to save money while still obtaining the same general education I would get at a 4 year university. Money is the primary reason why I was not able to attend a university last fall and I find that I am comfortable with this school setting. While attending, I also realized the career I want to pursue which is psychology. Last year, I thought that I wanted to be a nurse. However, after taking the psychology class and learning more about the subject of psychology, I knew that I wanted to become a clinical psychologist.


I have gotten a feel of self-worth out of my college experience. I have been able to meet new and interesting people who in interacting with them show me who my true personality has changed and reacted. I have seen what I need to do in order to accomplish what ever I want in the world, and I have learned the ways to do those things. I almost was not able to live on campus during the first semester; and I am extremely glad I was able to because it has been very valuable to me. I have seen what it is like to live on my own and be independent. I have also learned the social skills needed in order to live peacefully with my roommate and respect her things. This experience has been very valuable to be as a whole in determining the person I want to be.


Everyone use to tell me that middleschool will be so much harder than elementary, and highschool will be so much harder than middleschool, but they were wrong. Finally, I got to college and all of those promises of difficulties actually came forth. I had to teach myself how to study, how to be diligent, how to succeed. Highschool was just a game to me, but college is the real thing. I have learned the power of friendship, I have discovered the will to absorb knowledge that not everyone gets a chance to encounter. Most of all I have found that one should never take anything for granted. I listen to students talk about how they just failed a very important test after a long night of drinking, and instead of making me angry, I actually feel sorry for them. I hope that one day college will mean as much to those people as it does to me. College has helped me grow, it has helped me become someone. Someone I think I am going to like someday.


I have learned a lot more in college than I ever did in high school. I have made friends that will probably be my friends for life. College has really helped me figure out what I want to do with my life. I want to teach kids and I want them to understand that there is unlimited knowledge in the world. As for me, I intend to learn as much as i can.


My college experience has taught me how to be a self-sufficient young woman. Over the course of the past four years I have really had to learn how to be a "grown-up" in terms of juggling school, work, play, and other responsibilities. It's the little things that I’ve learned that have made me a self-sufficient person: like when I needed to reach out to my Cultural Geography professor about a paper. I had to find a tiny building on a sprawling campus and be articulate enough to voice my concerns. Coming to college forced me to be accountable in my research job, that involved going into inner city impoverished homes and assessing children. While keeping up with these apsects of life, I learned how to navigate friendships on my own, realizing how difficult it is to find people that truly "get you", and realizing that I still needed to hold my head high and keep up the pace of my demanding life. Junior year taught me how to pay a bill. These "abstract" concepts of adulthood have become a reality for me and I have had to grow emotionally and intellectually to keep up.


When I first entered college, I thought it was going to be like High School: easy and boring. That was far from the case. I always hated school, because the courses were easy that it was boring for me. Now in college it 's not easy, and the classes are far from boring. I've struggled for the first time in my life, and that is a valuable expierence for me because the world isn't easy like it is when you are a kid. The world is hard, cruel, and very demanding. My little time at college has been a transition from being a kid to being an adult. I believe that my college experience has better prepared me for the real world. I am not longer being babied In a way my life has reflected that of a lion cub: my professors threw me off that cliff and throw rocks at me. That is the way the world is, and I'm glad that I'm adapting and becoming more suited to live in our world. I thrive in college, and I can't wait to see how more I change in the coming years.


Being in college has made me appreciate my education more, and want to put the effort in to produce great grades. I am more focused on my assignments and studying because I know in the end it will help me out in the long run. I know that I am being prepared for the future and that by attending the University of Delaware I will be successful in the industry i decide to enter.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is freedom. College is so much different from high school. When you are in college you get treated like an adult, you are not told what to do. The teachers have the attitude that they dont care if we do the work or not because we are paying for it. Also knowing that I am paying for my classes motivates me more to do well in my classes. It has been valuable to attend Walla Walla Community College because with such small class sizes I feel like I am getting a lot more hands-on learning which has really helped me with my studies.


So far I have realized what it is like to be independent. A lot of the professors expect you to know what is going on from day 1. It is definitely an experience in and of itself to sit in a class with 249 other students or just to live away from home. However, it's been a great maturation journey so far and definitely one that I would suggest everyone takes the opportunity to have.


My family is an interesting mix of unconventional and contradiction. An education was never something that was presented to me as an option, it was simply a necessity. There is nothing I want more in my life than a strong education and I have my parents to thank for that. My parents were married young and chose to not pursue higher education, and it is the only thing I have ever heard my mother say she regrets. How does this affect the way I see the world? I am not jaded like most. An education is not a series of parties and loans, it is my future. If not for my parents I may not have seen it that way, as I feel many college students sadly refuse to take education for all it is worth. If you choose me to receive your aid, you will not regret it. I try my best, and I am a strong, creative designer that plans on changing the world. My education is everything to me.


Although I am not thrilled with my current choice of college, I would like to say that college has truely taught me a valuable lesson about living on my own in the "real world". In college you can not rely on your parents for meals or money, to some extent, and are forced to learn to live on your own and fend for yoourself. As unsavory as that may sound, finally being on my own and responsible for all aspects of my life has helped me mature and lent me a liberating and refreshing sense of freedom that i had never experienced while still under my parents roof. It is a great thing that I believe everyone should have the chance to experience after exiting high school.


Attending college was a sign of awaken to my life; an incredible experience where I came to a new country, I learned a new language, and I also learned from other people. When I came to study in America, I left my family at Colombia, yet I came with illusions and I thought everything would be so easy. However, things changed; I never had a job before or needed one, now I am fighting for getting a small one that helps me with the tuition. I didn't care much about people, but since I made a research paper about a foundation that works for elderly people, that touched me, now I try to help people with the more I can do. Moreover, I have learned to fight for what I want with responsibility and ethics, being strong, and never giving up. Besides, stories people tell me, like people who come back after many years to study again, have helped me understand and value the opportunities I have. I have learned to value and respect the people I love because I never know until when God permits me to have them at my side.


So far, as a college student now, I have learned it is harder to do the work the teachers give but by putting the time and effort into the work then I do well. I even have all the teachers I can contact if I have any questions, and it is a good experience learning to do things on my own. College is something everyone should experience and graduate from because of what it does for people's lives later on in life.


In my college experience I have learned to try new things and put myself outside of my comfort zone. I have met all types of people with greatly varying interests and lifestyles. This makes it easy to be yourself at University of Delaware. The students who go here and get involved in clubs and activities become very passionate and committed to their causes. The students sincerely care about doing well academically and making a difference in the world. I think that the school is well worth the cost because the opportunities and availability of resources are so extensive. There are helpful resources everywhere, whether you need help with career advisement, writing tools, research, financial aid, guidance with classes, or anything else. The school draws a lot of intellectually stimulating presentations and speeches. There always seems to be plans for entertainment to come to the school so students always have something to do in their free time. The students make a great difference at University of Delaware and they are constantly involved in work to benefit the school.


Being now a proud University of Delaware student in the College of Engineering, I can say that out of my experiences associated with the University of Delaware, I have gotten an overwhelming sense of self confidence in which I use to the best of my ability to not only help me through my studies and meeting new friends, but also through the various student-run clubs I am associated with. The confidence that the college experience has given me allowed myself to set achievable goals, become a leader and confidant, and allow myself to give back to these groups in ways that help me in my own journey. All of these examples have become extremely valuable to me because of the reward they bring for all my hard work. From this self confidence a university experience has given me, I will be able to achieve my dreams of being a civil engineer and give back to my parents raising me, my family for guiding me, and the world as a whole to better the living accomindations and lifes in general of future generations .


I have learned a lot from my college experience thus far. First and foremost, I have learned that the grades you received in high school are definitely not what you'll obtain in college, if you don't put twice as much the effort into it. Worrying about everything you got wrong or things you don't know is not going to make a difference. You have to focus on the things you do know, and work on the things you don't. Without constant effort, you won't get anywhere in college. That has been my biggest lesson since starting at the University of Delaware. This lesson has taught me that you have to really WANT to do well, in order to actually do well. This is a very valuable lesson for me becuase its the same way in the real world. In order to succeed in anything, you have to genuinely want to succeed first. You can't make half attempts and expect great rewards. This experience was valuable becuase it taught me to go far beyond my own comfort levels in order to achieve my goals.


College has taugh me many things that I would not have learned had I not attended. I have learned how to take care of myself and to organize and prioritize my schedule. I have been given the chance to help out others and to receive help for myself when needed. College has given me the change to learn how to manage my own life while learning the skills I will need in order to obtain my dream job in the future. Attending college has been valuable for me because it has helped prepare me for life in the "real world" while given me the chance to enjoy some freedom before I start my career after graduation.


My college experience was one of the best times of my life. I took a variety of classes that allowed me to start my career as an occupational therapist. The staff at the school was amazing and really helpful. The friends I made I will be friends with for life.


After just one year of college, I have gotten out more than just some new facts and figures but a new self identity. I'm learning more about myself everyday. One of the greatest things college has done for me is opened my eyes to the "real world", because in my experience so far, the campus is like a model of the 'real world' but on a smaller scale. It poses financial problems, social issues, geographic obstacles and has given me freedoms to explore that have lead to my own maturation through experience. These lessons are all very valuable to learn, and necessary. College life has allowed me to learn them in a safe environment, whereas if I learned them later, outside the walls of a protected and secure campus the consequences of mistakes may be more severe. Here it is safe to explore a variety of skills and activities that will develop myself into who I really am. I went in to college as an undecided freshman with no direction and after just one year I am almost certain of the life path I want to take and have the drive to get there, thats a lesson with value.


This fall I will be attending Santa Monica Community College, and I am extremely excited, to say the least. Going to college is a dream come true. Ever since I was a kid I've always loved learning and have taken pride in my performance in school. Every thing I do, I use to make and shape me into a better person, and going to college is just another way for me to better myself and my future. My entire life there was never a doubt in my mind that I would be going to college. Which in hindsight is odd concidering my background. My mom got pregnant with me when she was a teenager, and my dad had just enrolled in the U.S. Army. Growing up, we always had financial difficulties. But even in the face of my parents divorce, my father being honorably discharged, financial instability, and the confusion and craziness of growing up and discovering who I am, both parents stressed the importance of an education. If nothing else, I have always been absolutely 100% possitive about school. That's why attending and doing well in college would mean the world to me and my family.


Out of my college experience, I have learned to hold more responsibility on my shoulders and to be positive no matter the situation. I have many tough times during the semester when I thought that I would not get my work done and succeed to my best ability. My attending college has been valued because not everyone makes the choice to go to college and further their education, but I did and I intend to get the best possible results out of the experience. Also, I have met so many new people and have become a different person in a matter of one year attending the college. I am no longer stuck inside my little box of my comfort zone. I have become outgoing and fun to be around out of this experience.


I have not began college yet but I expect to get a more education through the teachings of the professors. I also expect to have a great time experiencing with the many clubs and activites the college provides. I expect this to be a valuable experience because I will be able to meet new people, receive more education to begin a career, and have fun.


I have learned much from each of my classes and it has prepared me to get a career. I have been part of the school's rowing team, which has made me more physcially fit and taught me time management skills. On top of that, I have a great social life and feel that I have made lifelong friends. Overall, it has been a very valuable experience.


My parents did not attended college and educational emphasis growing up was to graduate from high school. I had been out of high school for more than ten years, and had started a family before I decided to attend college. Once I decided to attend college my husband accepted a contractor position in Iraq so that I could attend school full time, obtain my LPN license, and not work. This experience taught me that it did not matter how long I had been out of school, but that I could learn and retain new ideas. Upon graduating from the LPN program I immediately enrolled at the local community college to work toward my ASN. My husband returned home and I went to work full time while attending college to obtain my ASN. I successfully completed the ASN program in 2009, and am ready for my BSN. Earning my degrees, and attending college has taught me that my educational opportunities are endless. This is the life lesson that I am passing on to my children. College education is necessary and obtainable. Set goals, reach them, and make new ones. Learning is a life long process.


Obviously, I've gained a ton of interesting and valuable knowledge since starting college, but beyond that I've learned a great deal about myself. I've learned my upper and lower sleep limits and how much less I can accomplish as I approach them. I've learned that the number of nights I study each week is inversely related to how stressed I am come exam day. I've also learned, very difficultly, that essays written the night before they're due aren't as satisfactory as they initially seem. But I've also discovered that, despite its stresses, college has changed me in so many positive ways that 200 words could never suffice to list them. I've been forced to mature into a man I respect, I've broken out of my small-town shell, and I've come to appreciate the brilliance that shines within my peer group. If not for my time at college, I may never have been exposed to the plethora of unique opinions I've encountered, and therefore may never have learned what I truly believed myself. My college experience thus far has been a crucible in which I've been refined.


I chose to go to college 3,000 miles away from where I grew up. Although it has been a bit of a challenge, I know it is worth it. By experiencing a culture different than my own, I have become more well-rounded and conscientious. I have matured into a strong, independent woman and am more driven than ever to be an effective high school teacher. UD has set me up for success by giving me practical experience in my field, peer mentors to aid my transition to college, advisors to help me explore my interests, professors that demand my best work, classes that focus on real-world application, and plenty of networking opportunities. My experience here has awarded me not only preparation for my career, but also passion.


What I have gotten the most out of my college experience is a diverse, well rounded academic and nonacademic education. As I stated in the previous essay, taking advantage of the many clubs, organizations and interest groups on my college campus has helped mold the person I am today: well rounded, with various interests, and a broad background in the areas of arts, sciences and community service. Classes and textbooks are essential to a good education, but it should be supplemented with real life experiences. My extracurricular activies at my college campus are an extremely valuable component of my education. I took ballet and ballroom dance classes, studied music theory and piano, watched the school play and orchestra and band performances. These experiences helped develop an appreciation for the arts and music. Participating in community service, - volunteering in soup kitchens, fundraising and walking 5K's has instilled in me a strong sense of community, leadership and civic duty. Additionally, working in the University office of annual giving, raising money for the school helped me to develop a sense of pride in the University, and a strong desire to help others and to give back to those who have helped me.


The value of attendance is not only a desired degree but a better understanding of the people and world around me. I now know or am beginning to understand why others act the way they do and what truly makes the world go round. My mind has been broadened in my chosen field of study (economics) along with the common sense ideas of the world. Only to learn they are not common sense before their learning. The world is casted into a new light. The image that value is not a number but an accomplishment is held steadily in my mind. My approach to the world had completely altered before my own recognition that it was starting to change. The college experience is just that an experience, one that is hard to describeor express but one worth living.


My college education has been amazing so far. It has taught me not only the skills I will need to be a great teacher, but it has taught me social skills and skills I'll need to succeed in the real world. I have learned more about myself than I ever imagined I would. It has been so valuable to attend the University of Delaware because I am learning more and more every day, and I know I will be prepared for life in the real world upon graduating.


College has been an excellent experience so far. The past two years that I have been in college I've learned and matured so much more. In high school I was always very motivated and pretty mature for my age so college hasn't been too much of a shock or struggle for me; it has been another exciting opportunity instead. Besides learning about the subjects you are studying, college helps teach responsibility, time management, planning and prioritizing, and just prepares you for life as an adult. It is your responsibility as a student to come to class regularly, to be on time, to complete assignments, and to know that some things in your life are more or less important than others so you need to learn your priorities. I have enjoyed these past two years and cannot wait until I am in a nursing program and working even harder towards my goals.


From my college experience I have learned how to be myself, and not fall to the trends that college shows. A lot of people drink and party all the time, and do things that they regret late. I have had fun and experience a lot in the year I have been at the University of Delaware, but most importantly i learned how my opinion is the one that matters the most about myself. I've learned that changing me to fit in with other people isn't cool and doesn't make my family or myself happy or proud. I'm pleased with myself enough to say that I have changed while at college, but it was for the better. This has been one of the most valuable things in my life so far.


This is my first time at a university, so I can't really compare it to anything. As far as preparing me for a career in chemistry (My major is in Chemistry), I suppose I'm learning a lot of information, although the only real proof of that is the statistics that my chemistry professor provides to our whole class.


I thought I learned a lot of life lessons in my senior year of high school but I am also continuing to learn countless other lessons while in college. One of the most important relearned lessons from my college experience is to make the most out of what life has to offer and thank God for what you have in life. I realized that books and academics are good to keep up on but there is so much more to life than the textbooks that I need a balance between the two worlds of academics and real life than always doing school work. College has been valuable to attend not only because of the people I meet and the lessons I'm learning but because I am a more worldly person and aware of the problems that need to be dealt and assisted in this world. Living in the U.S. and then going on a study abroad trip to Argentina and seeing villas-- shanty towns where it was lucky to see 4 tin sheets rather than a bed sheet for a house-- you realize how lucky we are and the real opportunities we have in this world.


I have most importantly gained indepence, though I was not prepared went entering college, I feel I have a better chance of surviving in the "real world" now that I have almost completed a 4 year degree. I have gained a lot of knowledge in the health care field and hope to continue my education to further help the community in also having healthy knowledge. I am the first child in my family to attend college, and i have a great sense of accomplishment being able to graduate from such a well known university.


Since I started college I have taken many science classes such as Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology. These classes have opened my eyes to the very smallest of creatures and the most intricate of functions never known to me before. Everywhere I look, I am in constant awe as I stare at the invisible world around me. Never before had I realized how perfectly humans, animals, insects, air, water, and microbes all work in harmony. Is this just a coincidence that all of life magically works together as depicted in my textbooks? Or is this the work of God? My greatest college experience has to be my new found connection with the Earth. I no longer feel like a girl randomly born in the middle of Texas whose only goal is to live out life. Now I feel as if each second given to me was somehow perfectly mapped out by unseen forces and each happiness or sadness bestowed on me is part of something much greater than my little city. It has been valuable for me to attend college because now I also feel valuable.

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