University of Delaware Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Alcohol is a large part of this campus. There are plenty of people who do not drink and there is plenty of activities to keep them occupied, but alcohol is promenant on this campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are so many students which can sometimes be overwhelming and make it hard to feel connected to all of your classmates.


Coming from a small, private college I find the lack of professor/ student interaction troubling. I have had emails, even questions about grades, completely ignored and when going to office hours I sometimes feel the professor is annoyed that they are required to help someone. This does not apply for all professors and probably would not be as frustrating if I had started college that way and adapted, however I feel a professor should be more pleasent since their job involves working with students.


This most frustrating thing is the parking. There is not a lot of parking available and it costs money. It is hard to keep a car there for a few hours without having to pay a few dollars. Also if you get an overnight parking pass, the parking lot allotted is far away from most places.


I am receiving two four-year academic scholarships, for which I am extrememly grateful. However, I changed my major during my sophomore year and will require a fifth year of undergraduate study. All scholarships offered by the University of Delaware are limited to a maximum of four years. Since I will not receive my scholarships for a fifth year, I cannot afford to attend UD for a fifth year. Instead, after graduating in May 2011 with original major, I will transfer to an in-state school to complete my fifth year and obtain my second major.


There are two things that I find very frustrating about my school. One is that it is very spread out. The campus is big, and it is a walking campus for the most part, so getting from class to class can be tedious at times. The bus system is organized fairly well, but sometimes if you're running late it can be a big problem. The second thing is that the classes are hard, I found the majority of my classes challenging. It is a big adjustment from high school going into lectures and having grades wholly based on exams.


The train by the dorm rooms.


No parking! Also, always having to wonder if the dining hall staff really puts laxatives in the food (ongoing rumor).


To me there isn`t any frustrating part about UD. But something I do not like is that you can get lost if you do not learn your way around campus.


I think it is frustrating that the dining halls do not offer much variety, which makes it very hard to eat healthy!!


The most frustrating thing about my school is the way it is set up. It is very hard for people to get around and even just figure things out. It snowed on campus recently, and it was horrible to walk around because nothing was plowed. The was the dining halls are set up are pretty bad as well. You can wait in line for twenty minutes, and you don't even know what you are waiting for.


First year students are randomly put into a dorm. You could get a really good dorm with air-conditioning, or a lousy one without air-conditioning, and they both would cost the same price.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Delaware also has to do with the size of it. The campus is huge and sprawling. Some classes you have to walk up to 20 minutes to get to. This causes you to have to leave incredibly early for your classes which is no fun.


All of the things I find frustrating about my school have to do with finances. A four-year university if extremeley expensive for the average person and I feel that the university is very out of touch with this fact. I'm not eligible for need-based financial aid and that leaves me with very few options through my school. I am very willing to work hard for any scholarships or at a job, but my school doesn't offer enough opportunities.


It was frustrating that my classes this semester did not have an online grading log set up. During the course of the semester I was never sure what my grade average was in any given class. I was able to see my final grades online at the end of the semester, but it would have been nice to know throughout the semester. My high school had an online log called "power school" which allowed teachers to post all test and quiz grades, which made it much nicer to keep up to date on progress.


The most frustrating thing about University of Delaware is registering for classes. Sometimes there aren't enough seats in a class for the people who need to take it. (i.e. the class is required for a major, but there aren't enough seats for everyone in the major to enroll)


I am frustrated by having to look in multiple places for an answer. For example, when I have a specific question I sometimes have to talk to multiple professors or spend a great deal of time on the school websites to get a clear answer.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Delaware is the immaturity of the students. I see a lot of people who do not take school seriously and who I know will regret that when they either cannot finish school or choose a major without giving it much thought.


The most frustrating thing about school is its alcohol policy. The punishments are unfair and damaging to a student's ability to succeed.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the office buildings are so far apart from each other, I feel like they should be close so that it is easier to navigate.


The most frustrating thing for me. walking from my dorm room to class and town. After finishing my classes it takes about 10 minutes to get back to my dorm.


The emphasis students place on parties and alcohol. I am not part of that scene and don't fully understand why that lifestyle is so reveered here. I'm here for an education- nothing else- and I wish more students here enrolled in this school for the same reasons I did.


Driving , trying not to a hit a bike or get hit by one.


For me, the most frustrating thing at my school is the fact that there is only one library, and it is at least a 15 minute walk from most parts of campus.


Parties can be a lot of fun but you need to know the right people to get in them sometimes.


The lack of effort the housing department puts into room change requests.


The advisors are not very helpful. They do not focus on the students needs.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is the scheduling process. They change the computer programs frequently, and the system for scheduling gets changed with it. Also, they have a lot of courses that are only available certain times of the year but yet they only let a small amount of people into the class at a time. This makes it difficult for people to get the courses that they need in order to graduate. I have also had a hard time getting in touch with advisors to help with scheduling.


The most frustrating thing about my school is my financial situation. I currently don't have enough money to keep attending this school. My family has tried getting private loans but we have been denied by every company we tried. When talking to financial aid they kept referring me to other people and I ultimately ended up where I started. So in order to afford school I have to look for scholarships.


Students at this school can sometimes be unfriendly or stuck up. Only some though.


The cost for in-state tuition


The most frustrating thing here for me has been finding friends who don't like to drink at all. Since its a decent sized university I understand the party aspect but I didn't think there would be this many people who do. But eventually you'll find people you just might have to do some searching.


The most frustrating thing about this school is registration and housing. When registration time comes it is a craze trying to get onto the site to get the classes you want or need. Sometimes I cant even get onto the site because there are so many people on at one time. Housing is also frustrating at times. When you dont get your first pick, trying to get into another location is difficult and takes patience.


Coming in as an undecided student, there are not many resources to find a major or career.


Too much focus on gen. ed requirements than taking classes that pertain to your area of study


Alcohol policy = VERY HARSH. Judicial affairs hands strikes out like candy. Also, PARKING. Not enough and it's EXPENSIVE.


I'd say the most frustrating thing is competing against all the other students here for attention from the faculty and staff.


They claim to have this huge commitment to the environment but really there is so much more they could be doing. Also, the dining halls aren't very good. They have very limited option for vegetarians and almost nothing for vaegans. It is frustrating because if you live on campus, you MUST have a dining plan... Unfortunately, dining plans are really expensive--about $3500 for the year. Also, there is very little support for theater for undergraduates. For a school with such an amazing graduate acting program, you would think they would support their undegrads more.


I think that the most frustrating part of school is the finiancial aid aspect. It is very difficult to get financial aid and to speak to someone who is knowledgeable on how to get it and what you need to do in order to maintain it. They do not give you a enough time in order to figure out the situation. They are very quick to send you cancelation dates on enrollement but not very active in helping understand your situation.


The most frustrating thing is playing a varsity sport because it takes so much of your time others things you might want to do are limited.


It's big, the dorms don't have central air, the dining halls are GROSS, it's super expensive for a poor education, and the advising stinks!!!!


The most frustrating thing about my school would definitely have to be the lack of diversity of campus. Many of the students are from middle-class and well-to-do families. Personaly, I love traveling, meeting new kinds of people, and experiencing new things. The lack of diversity on my campus does not let me fulfill these desires. The University of Delaware reminds me a lot of my home town, which is comforting in a way, but gets old quickly sometimes.


Sometimes the classes are really big lectures.

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