University of Delaware Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how loans add up and how stressful money can be.


More about the financial aid department and how to effectively afford an education here.


I wish I had known UD was that large -I feel I could've prepared myself a little more.




What I wished to know before I came to school was the consequence of not having much finacial aid, grants, or scholarships to attend a university, especially one out of state. And how a stuendt is forced to take out loans that accumulate to debts that are hard to pay back.


I wish I knew how many resources there are to help you academically. There are writing centers, teacher's advisors, academic clubs, and tutoring available - some at no cost - that can really help you earn the A. I also learned that there is a lot more to gain than just resume building in terms of extracurricular activities. Joining Student Government and playing a club sport and intramurals was the best decision I made. Doing just a little more research in what is available could have opened more doors for more friendship and opportunity than I already have.


I wish that someone would have told me how critical it is so socialize with peers in your dorm. Of course you will meet new friends in classes and extracurricular activities, but it is a different bond with the people you live with. I did not emphasize those relationships my first semester of Freshman year and am now trying to strengthen new bonds.


I wish someone told me how important it is to get involved with the school. It is very important, and crucial that freshman get involved early, and do a lot of things on campus. This becomes very important in the job hunt down the road.


I wish that I would had known how expensive it was. I understood that paying for out of state tuition was expensive but in the past year, the tuition has raised. I do wish that I received more financial aid. I found out once I was here that scholarships through the college are mainly offered to Delaware residents. I don't feel like this school is understanding to out of state students. I wish I understood that they do not offer scholarships to students with high GPAs and I have a 3.97 so I believe I deserve a scholarship.


I wish that I had known about all the amazing things that this school offers before I went there. Even after researching so much about the school there is still new things I learn about it everyday. There are so many unique classes, programs, clubs, activities, games, etc. offered at this school and its great to be apart of it all. Unfortunately, I missed a couple events and activities I would have loved to attend because not being aware of them. But fortunately, I have 3.5 more years to enjoy all the great activities I now know about.


It is alot harder than you expect. You really need to find a balcane between having fun and school work. Its an important thing you must leaarn quickly or you will not succed in college.


I knew that the campus is fairly big, but I wish that I knew the amount of walking needed when going to your classes. Being a person with a physical disability, walking long distances can be hard when you are in hurry and the shuttle buses need time to make it to each destination. Also, at times, I feel as though it is hard to find someone with the same ethnic background during events or social gatherings, although the University of Delaware is very diverse.


I wish I had known how hard it would be to concentrate in gigantic classes. Classes here tend to be in lecture halls with stadium seating, and most are taught with PowerPoint presentations. Needless to say, it's easy to lose focus and text or fall asleep in class when you know the professor doesn't care. I also wish I had known that it is not easy to make friends right away at a large school like this. You need to make an effort and get involved, but it can and will happen.


I wish I had known that all the kids here were more interested in drinking and partying every day of the week rather than academics. I wished I'd known that people here had daddy's credit cards and didn't understand the value of a dollar and seem appalled when you tell them you have to work because you support yourself in school. I wish I'd known that I should have just talked to a senior in my major as a Freshman since the academic advisors have no idea what they're talking about. The website


There is nothing especially that I wished I had known before I arrived at UD. The faculty and admissions office prepared all incoming students are provided us with plenty of information and availibility to ask questions.


I wish I would have known about the lack of diversity prior to entering this University. I also would have liked to explored the campus more extensively before enrolling because many of the buildings are very old and rundown inside.


I wish I had taken seriously the work load and the amount of time needed to be devoted to schoolwork.


This school has a great campus and many available resources to help with your studies. Some professors are easier to approach than others but in the long run they are there to help, take advantage of that! I came out of high school not prepared to have someone to ask you if you need help, you need to put 100% into your work and become active in study programs or groups of students from your major.


I wish I had known more about the life adjustment before I began attending the University of Delaware. I went to the same school for fourteen years, lived in the same house my entire life, and had the same friends all throughout school. Suddenly I was in a new environment and I had to learn how to live a somewhat different life. I was no longer the one being a friend, I was the one trying to make friends. Most things I believed to be true were challenged, but in the end it helped me become a stronger individual.


I'm attending a satelliute campus, and I wish someone would have told me that campus offers basically classes for only English majors and Criminal Justice majors. Becaues I am a chemistry major, if i continue to attend the University of Delaware, I will be 3 seme4sters behind, even though I have been attending college full time for 4 semesters. I just wasted 2 years of my life.


I wish I had realized there are so many academic paths to take as far as choosing more than one major and slecting multiple minors.


I wish I better understood the opportunity of being given an education. It certainly is not cheap, or to waste.


Before attending college I wish I knew what the stress level would be like. Being in college especially the University of Delaware caused an enormous amount of stress. I felt everyday I had no time to do anything i spent many nights awake until 3 or 4 in the morning doing homework or studying for an exam. If i knew college was going to be so stressful I definitely would have found a better way to mange my time


Before entering the University of Delaware, I was undecided as to what major I should chose. I wish I had known prior to enrolling that many of the majors I was interested in, such as nursing and elementary education, had tight schedules in order to graduate in four years. Due to the inflexibility of the requirements for some majors, there are limitations on what classes a student can take. My wish would have been to be aware of these restricitions before I was in college.


I wish I knew that people left for the weekend and went home. My first semester was very lonely because I was not prepared for that. People went to college with their high school friends and seemed to be very insular in terms of thinking about making new friends. I did join a sorority and instantly had a bunch of friends so that was a good experience for me and made all the difference in terms of having a social life.


Coming to the Unversity of Delaware after attending Quinnipiac University. It was a lot tougher for me to get ajusted to the new campus and the harder courses in Delaware.


The workload is sometimes overwhelming. You have to constintly keep doing your work.


I transfered to University of DE from a community college. I wished that I was better prepared in test taking. It was an adjustment coming from a community college. I am a first generation college student in my family. I am still learning how to be a sucessful college student.


I wish that I had known the way to get around campus.


I wish I had known that the vast majority of students at UD are partiers. My freshman year, my roommate would stumble in drunk and high all the time. The atmosphere at UD makes it hard to study. It also make me think rather distastefully about recommending it to any one.


I wish i knew more about the transportation around campus. Being a student that needs to fly, it was inconvienent not knowing how to get to the airport and having a cheap way of getting to a nearby airport. I wish they described or researched more about how one could get to the airport easily.


The school is much more demanding than I had anticipated.


I wish I had known it rains alot in Delaware because I forgot an umbrella and had to buy one to walk to classes. Other than that, this school is everything I hoped for.


that more of the classes are 100+ than i was expecting.


its diversty rate was down


I wish I would have known how easy it was to make friends here. I was worried that making friends would be a slow process, but at University of Delaware, I had best friends within the first week.


Rape statistics


Which courses were necessary, which were really just a waste of time. The type of students that go here - what people do in their free time. What the dining hall food was really like (terrible). That certain teachers / classes are just ones you have to deal with until you're done the semester. the demands of certain clubs


Being able to navigate through red tape is a huge part of success here.


I wish I had known how horrible the parking situation is at UD. Everything depends on how many credits you have. Underclassmen are royally screwed over if they plan to have their car on campus, and the buses are unreliable. 6 of them will come all at once and then you may not see one for over a half hour. Also, each bus travels a different route, so you may have to take 3 buses to get where you need to be.


Nothing. I walked in knowing very little and that was fine with me, because getting there was an incredible experience. College is about learning anyway, right? It's a wonderful place.


I wish I had known to make as many friends as possible instead of sticking to one group. I also wish I had known whether AP tests would actually help me or not.


I wish that I had known how independent I had to become in order to succeed. When it came to receiving finanical aid, paying bills, and getting other things that I need, I was rthe one responsible for ensuring that it get done. It is a huge transition from high school to college and you mature and gain independency very quickly.




I wish I knew how much it was going to affect me and my family finacally.


At the University of Delaware, there is a winter term that often frustrates students about what to do. More times than none, students chose to study abroad during this 2 month period yet it creates a large whole in parents' pocket. Students often chose to stay on campus and take a class or two yet are charged a great amount of money just for six credits inorder to help with graduating on time. Some students chose to be home for 2 months, yet it seems like a very long time...almost like a waste of time.


Before I decided to attend the University of Delaware, I wish I had known the extent at which social life is valued on this campus. Although the majority of students here strive to do well in their studies and hope to make a name for themselves one day, academics are not taken as seriously as I expected them to be. If you do not "go out" on the weekends you are looked down upon as being a nerd or reject, by many. Although I am very social myself, I can imagine that some students feel uncomfortable because of this.


I wish I had known how difficult it was to obtain financial aid. The University of Delaware puts alot of emphasis on 'financial need' in terms of who looks like they have need on paper as opposed to individual situations. It is difficult to get financial aid or scholarship from the school as a whole; most scholarship comes from outside aid.


that is was not a very hands on learning experience. you are expected to test well and memorize well to suceed.


I wish I had known how hard some of the classes are. I wish I knew more about the proffessors. I also wished I knew that the science related classes are around as big as 200.

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