University of Delaware Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The University of Delaware is a great instituion as it provides a high level of excellence and academic learning. In addition, University Delaware students are well respected and have an advantage when applying for jobs and interviews becasue the University of Delaware is a prestigious and recognizable name. All in all, the University of Delaware is a great place to learn, live, and grow.


The University of Delaware is a cohort of interconnected groups and circles. The possibility to get involved and meet new people is incredible high, and through joining one extracurricular activity or group, one is immediately introduced to several other opportunities that may spark her interest. Maybe even more importantly, groups that are not exactly "alike" are also intertwined, allowing one to learn more about herself through new ideas and hobbies. This university has allowed and helped me to step outside my comfort zone through the extracurricular availabilities, thus teaching me about my dreams and goals.


The best thing about my high school was that there was a gifted and talented program of which I was a part.


One of the best aspects of my unversity is that although it is a large campus, it feels like a small college. Everyone is friendly, and there is a group or club for everyone. I feel that anyone could fit in here and feel at home.


The best thing about my school would have to be the freindly and inviting atmosphere around. All the students and faculties are nice, easy to talk to, and ontop of that the university in my mind always seems to be beaming with sunshine and cheerfulness. I really love my school, I am happy iu choose to attend the University of Delaware, because now I can not see myself anywhere else but there.


I'd say something that makes UD unique is the sense of community, and the surrounding town. A lot of colleges have college towns, and i've seen a lot of them. UD has the best college town, due to Main Street. Main Street has absolutely everything anyone could ask for. Everything on campus, no matter where you are, is only a 20 minute walk, at most. UD is very convenient for transportation.


The university has a great faculty. There are always going to be teachers that you do not like, or those that just don't click. So far, I have not come across any teacher (including graduate students) that does not have something significant to offer. Most teachers at this school are very involved and invested in their students' success. They are extremely accessible and approachable; thye frequently offer extra office hours for outside help and are always willing to provide extra advice through email, class or otherwise arranged meetings. Most are highly knowledgeable experts in their fields.


lots of support and options in activities


The campus is beautiful.


I consider the school spirit that greatest thing about the school. Everyone loves being part of the student body, including the staff and professors. We are a huge family at the University of Delaware.


The best thing about my school is the fact that you do not really need a car because every thing is in walking distance. This is good for students that can't really afford to buy cars.


There is great diversity of interests among students. Anyone can find their niche here. It is easy to get involved in something that you are very passionate about at this university.


My favorite aspect of the University of Delaware is the vast beauty and splendor of the campus, its buildings and how intergrated the professors are with their students. For Delaware or out of state residents, U of D offers not only professors who relate to, work with, and incorporate their time to help their students excel, but also a community of student run organizations that allow each student the ability to fill their years of college with the the gratifiation of learning their life passions and indulgement of activites in which they will never become bored.


University of Delaware was a large, extremely diverse school. There was something there for people of every background, with every interest. The vast number of clubs and organizations allowed for individuals of diverse cultures, backgrounds and upbringings to come together and share common interests and goals. I've met the most interesting people while networking through UD - many of whom are some of my closest friends 8 years later.


The area surrounding the school as well as the value of the education at the cost.


The best thing about the University of Delaware is the people. There are so many different personalities and ambitions on campus from the students it is truly remarkable and amazing. No matter what type of person you are you can find a club or activity that matches you and friends that can either be really like you or the exact opposite.


I think this is a great school, the best thing about it is the campus, it may be larger than I'd hope (smaller class sizes are much easier to learn in) but there are so many resources for you to find for the right help you need to succeed academically.


The University of Delaware has a large variety of students. I think its easy to find a group of friends that will share your intrest and beliefs.


There are many things about UD that would make me reconsider attending, if I could go back in time. And there ae good things. Besides how stunning the campus is during spring, or the historic foundation it's built on, I like UD for the same reason I decided to enroll-the school spirit. This goes beyond sports; everyone here, professors to staff to students LOVE this school and are so happy to be here. I often wonder why I haven't felt this way (yet) but it says a lot when everyone loves something for so many different reasons.


I've spent a few minutes trying to decide what the best aspect of my school is, and I cannot come to any decisive conclusion. I'm in love with the University of Delaware, and in my mind, every part of my experience here has been not only positive, but amazing. From the moment I slammed to car door shut on move in day of freshman year, my entire life changed, and the University of Delaware is fully responsible. I've learned more, made life-long friends, and truly grown as a person while attending this school.


The best thing about UD is the passion the professors feel for their particular fields of study, and their ability to convey that passion in their lectures and curricula.


The best thing about the University of Delaware is that it is very diverse and that there is always something happening around campus to get everyone involved and make new people. I like this the best becuase I know that getting involved on campus can help me out in the real world and by meeting people from different places and from different backgrounds this could help me with my career.


The best thing about the University of Delaware is that it has a wide variety of majors, many which are among the best in the country!


The large size creates a network for students with available resources outside the school for careers and internships but also inside the school with highly qualified professors. However, although the size is large, there is still a feeling of belonging among students; everyone finds their niche. You will never feel lost at the University of Delaware; the friendliness and helpfulness of students and professors is abundant.


The best thing about UDEL is the terrific people I've met and friends I've made. The classes have been good, but campus life has been exceptional.


Academics, Sports,


I love the comfort I feel at this school. All of my professors have always gone above and beyond for me in every subject, and I like that feeling.


I would say that it's pretty easy to fit in socially here. I think that many people who go here are looking to meet new people and have a good time, which is nice. The size of the school also makes it easier to build a varied and larger support system. Most of the professors are also open to talk to students and are concerned for their well-being. Particularly in the higher level classes, professors are able to get to know students and have a more open line of communication.


very good library


The best thing about my school, hands down, is the opportunities that it offers to study abroad. I went to Madrid over the summer and had some of the most incredible experiences of my life. I will return to Granada in February. There are tons and tons of programs to choose from, to countries all over the world. Possibilities truly are endless in our study abroad department.


The best thing about Delaware is how much i feel i'm getting out of my education by attending here. I feel like I'm learning more than i ever thought i would and that feeling is very rewarding and worth the time and effort that i put in to attend and achieve here.


I love the generous amount of activities available.


Friends. You make life long friends


The amount of programs and variety of classes they offer. There is something for everyone here, and with their "Group Requirements", which require you to take classes sometimes outside of your major, the study body here is well-rounded in all fields.


The professors are extremely nice and understanding. Often they are willing to work with the students to make sure they succeed, sometimes bending-over backwards to make sure that the course is fair to all students.


How welcoming everyone is when you get there. No one looks at the freshman like high schoolers did. Age is not of any difference - whether youre 18 or 22 youre treated the same.


Its not too big not too small


What I like most about the University of Delaware is the way it caters to the individual student, in that it has allowed me to change my degree to best fit my career aspirations. It has allowed me to take a double major in triple languages and sport management along with a minor in business, and I will still get out in four years.


the campus is absolutely beautiful, the coursework is worthwhile and challenging and there is always something to do!


It's a socially good campus, because it is big but not too big.


The best thing about my school is most of the professors are knowledgeable and helpful. They show a genuine interest in the students and their success at the University of Delaware. They make themselves available and are flexible with our schedules.


Great staff, and a beautiful campus. Also, a staggering amount of good looking girls.


The best thing about my school is that there are so many ways to get involved. I just joined a sorority and it has completely changed my college experience. There are always things to do whether its doing communitteeservice, supporting another club or greek organization, or usingcompetitive spirit to win a dance competition or whatever it may be. Accademically, I have learned so much from my Communications teachers. They have definitely prepared me for the future in obtaining a career. I love my major and could not imagine doing anything else!


University of Delaware is the perfect balance of academics and social life. You can definitely get a lot out of your classes. Most professors are really willing to help out students in any way possible. On the the social side there is ALWAYS something going on at UD, whether it be on campus or off campus.


Great social life.


The best thing about the institution is how it, and everyone there allows you to be whoever you'd like to be academically. They have fantastic resources and faculty for the highly motivated students who ios interested in research, graduate school or extra work outside of their normal class hours. They also allow the less scholastically indicated to find themselves in other ways without creating a feeling of academic competition at every turn. There are actually very few schools in the country that can offer both of these worlds at one institution.


The opportunities the university offers are endless. For my major was have a ton of hands-on experience and they are always sending e-mails for internships and jobs. Also, they offer all the help you need to succeed here. There is a writing center, math center, and an academicc enrichment center that provides free group study sessions.


The social scene because it is fun and interesting.


The number of people. It's a larger school, but its great because I'm always meeting new people but I also have a bunch of groups of friends so its great!


The University of Delaware offers a wide variety of majors and academic programs. Most to all students find a major they are interested in and enjoy their major choice. The Universities size is very convienient as it is not small but not too large that you feel forgotten. Some classrooms are rather large, but they are made up for by the professors who really seem to take students seriously. Professors are very accessible and generally seem concerned with the well being of their students. Delaware is a great school with a good reputation.

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