University of Dubuque Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Dubuque provides its students with a rounded, liberal education, equips its students with all that they need to succeed and is a positive environment which fosters individual growth and development.


A friendly and diverse community focussed on the discovery of vocation and service.


This school is a friendly, open-minded enviornment that works to make sure you attain an education to benefit your future.


It was a small school with small class sizes but with lots of professors who really cared about what they do and how their students do.


My school is a very career-oriented school with professors who care about students and want to see them graduate and get great jobs after college.




The school is very conservative and religious with little interest in teaching other views other than what they feel are religiously accepted and will please their alumni who give them money.


A comfortable learning enviroment, with helpfull people everywhere.


The University of Dubuque is a richly diverse, friendly, academically engaging campus where students from from all over the world come to expereince the beauty of a small Mid -Western town set on the banks of the beautiful Mississippi while earning a degree from a respected university with a emphasis on Presbyterian tradition and moral character.


Has everything you could expect and so much more!