University of Dubuque Top Questions

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It is a very diverse liberal arts university that gives its students the opportunity to learn what vocation truly is and discover their own vocation.


There are students from all over the world that attend here so there is good cultural diversity. Also, the school denies hardly anyone so it is a good school for kids who are looking for a second chance. The professors are helpful and really care about each student's sucess.


It is very diverse and student and falculty get very involve around campus and events. Also UD have a lot of tutors and academic success center the help students succeed. Finally they have a wide variety of job placements after college, as well as chances for students to attend graduate school.


There is alot of focus on "world views" while attending this school. The campus is beautiful, people are so friendly and helpful. It truly is a caring and compassionate enviornment. Most of the facilities are new as well for help with the latest technology.


small, close faculty, friendly, excellent aviation program that competes with embry-riddle and univesity of north dakota.