University of Dubuque Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The students are not very friendly and it is a very competitive environment. It is hard to make true friends.


The food choice.s in the cafiteris, its like highschool all over agian. Plus i love cooking so it was really hard to have a home cooked meal livng in the dorms.


npthing i ;pve it


The worst thing about the University of Dubuque is the fact that I was promised a lot more money then what I had gotten by the ex-volleyball coach. And it's not like I can have my parents pay for it. They have decent jobs but I have three siblings (all being younger then me) and they will let anyone live in our house to feel safe. So in the summer I work three jobs and I still don't have enough money. I just wish I could recieve more money from the school.


That it is a dry campus. This means no alcohol what-so-ever on campus or at any campus-related events.


The rules are the worst thing about the University of Dubuque. The people are friendly, but many members of the stafe don't understand that the students are also adults and can take care of themselves. This school would be great for someone who has been protected by parents their whole life.


Student Life Staff (RD's, Student Life Dean, etc.) they have unrealistic views


The worst thing about my school is the football players. They come here from a long ways and never go to class. They dont care about their education they just are here to play football.


There's nothing really bad at our school, but the worst thing might be the lack of parking. It's a rapidly growing school and the college is in the middle of a residential area, with little to no room for expansion.