University of Dubuque Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


They care about each and every student and they want to do what ever necessary to see us succeed.


The University of Dubuque has amazing facilities. Is a student looking for a book or movie? He/she can visit the campus library! If students feel like working out, they always have the option of going to the recreation center. People in charge of these facilities keep flexible, open hours and are more than willing to accomodate students.


I enjoy how friendly and helpful the professors are. They are always there and willing to help and will go the extra mile to get you where you want to be. It feels like home.


The small class sizes, and the one on one time with professors if you need it.


I consider the best thing about UD is the student to faculty relationships. Everyone gets along and the faculty will help students when they need it to make sure they succeed.


It is small and for my career in aviation it helps in allowing the aircraft to avaiable to fly when i want.


The Aviation program, small class sizes


The best thing about my school is the sincerity of the teachers. They listen and understand that each individual is their own person and that some things happen that one can't control, and each individiual is judge upon themselves and not others around them. I love it!


I like the small class sizes. This made it possible for the prfessors to spend a lot of one on one time with me and i feel this really helped my progression through the course here.


I think the best thing about UD is the fact that there are very small class sizes which allow for more one on one time with the teacher. If I am having trouble understanding a concept or something that is being taught, I can ask the teacher right away and I will get a direct answer right away. Another reason is that my teachers know me by my name and I know them by their name. It makes school much more personal.