University of Evansville Top Questions

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My school is unique because of the close-knit community that is present. Since we are a very small school their is a large amount of school spirit and you are able to get to know all your professors and fellow classmates. It truly is a personal college.


My school is very based on tradition. My school is an Oasis school. We follow the tradition that was set when the school was first built.


My school, Hofstra University, has a multitude of diffrerent majors and minors to choose from, there are hundreds of clubs and groups supported by the school, and is located in Long Island, next door to New York City, which is an area teeming with opportunities for internships. There are 12,000 students attending my college, so there is a never ending diversity, amazing teachers, and it has a rugby team, which I am a member of and proud of. The school is like its own little city and it has a beautiful look and feel to its campus.


The tightness and closeness of students and faculty is very unique to the University of Evansville. Because it is a smaller school, students get more one on one attention from professors and, therefore, I believe, excel more in the classroom. Being a year out of school, I still keep up my relationships with my classmates and professors on a regular basis.


UE has a small campus and student body. It is a very close-knit family. It is located fairly close to restaurants and shopping locations, yet far enough away that you don't feel as though you are in the heart of a large city.


My professors have risen beyond whatever hopes I had of them. When I first came to the campus, it was only my second choice. I was there for a scholarship, and what impressed me the most was all of the professor's friendliness, enthusiasm, and willingness to give us the best time possible. Although the city had been hit by an ice storm which knocked a tree into one professor's house, he still made the effort to attend the scholarship and get to know each of us. Because of their kindness, it swayed me to attend my school.


The atmosphere. My professors really cared about me when I was ill with mono or when I was too stressed my sophomore year. They allowed me to make up missed work and stuck by me like old friends.


Location, the friendliness of everyone, getting to know everyone - it is just overall great!


The amount of time that the professors devote to aiding their students and the degree of openess and honesty they exhibit to each student. I thrived under the guidance of my professors who were willing to meet with me and help me in my research enquiries. In addition, they suggested out of school experiences which made me more competitive in my academic field.


The University of Evansville is very open to cultures around the world and pushes its students into international carreers. It opens doors to study abroad and students from all over the world. UE even offers its own campus in England. The faculty here is very open and friendly and will help you with anything you need; from independent study to study abroad.


UE has a strong theater program, but it is not a theater school. It has successfully combined your average liberal arts school degrees with business and science degrees yielding a very diverse campus. It is a small, private school so it offers small class sizes, and it offers a lot of financial aid. However keeping that financial aid is easier said than done as the school uses every chance they can to take it back.