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What are the academics like at University of Evansville?


Being a small school, if your professor does not know your name, then you have never been to class. After the first week or two of classes, your professors normally know you by name. They will talk to you outside of class and ask you how you are doing with everything. If you are involved on campus (whether in athletics, theatre, greek life) the professors normally know. Being a private school, the expectations are usually higher so students study based on their major. If you are a science based major, you are normally studying a lot more than a business or education based major. Class participation tends to be a big factor in a lot of classes. Students at UE are very competitive especially with the continuing education programs we have (Nursing Program, Physical Therapy Program). These programs are designed to be competitive and only take the best students possible. There are only 40 spots available - and although there isn't a huge student body (roughly 2,500 students), a lot of the population comes to UE for these programs specifically. The education received at UE is intended to help you get the best job possible in your field and help you be ready to start a career. There are so many services and help from the staff that it is very easy when you graduate to have a job/career already set up.